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    The Future of Contest Awards

    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Writing Forums Staff, Nov 18, 2020.

    Writing Contestants, Readers, and Voters,

    The Writing Forums Staff has a few announcements to make regarding the writing contests going forward. @Komposten will be retiring from the admin position here at the forum, leaving us with no admin for a period of time. Some of you may remember when the previous admin left, there were gaps and problems with the contest wins. We are working to contact the owner to resolve this situation but so far have had no response, so the staff have come up with a mitigation plan to prevent as many issues as possible.

    The contests will all still proceed as normal, but after this month we will no longer be able to award medals to contest winners. We understand that this does come as a bit of a let down when winning the contests, as you won't get that satisfaction of the ever-growing stack of shinies collecting further, but have no fear, you will still be recognized! We are opening a Hall of Fame thread in each respective contest going forward from December on. This will credit the winner and serve a dual purpose of keeping track of the medals we are behind on. In the event of a new admin taking up the responsibility, these medals can be awarded officially at that later time.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but in an effort to stay transparent in the situation going forward we wanted to be up front with all of you on what's happening as to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts. As always, we look forward to seeing the excellent work you come up with in future competitions. Good luck and happy writing!
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    OK with me. If I ever enter a contest, and win, I'll be fine without a medal.

    Maybe this would be the the place to mention that I contributed what to me is a fair amount of money to the server costs. I won't do so again until the alleged owner of the forum decides to take an interest in what goes on here and has the courtesy to respond to the folks who are actually running his business for him without compensation. He claims to be unemployed, so it isn't like he doesn't have the time.
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    Just to let people know this is hopefully sorted... the observant will have noticed that my name has turned a fetching shade of red, which doesn't match my antlers as well as moderator orange :D I now have access to create and award medals, and i will be looking after this going forward (please be patient with any delay on nov 30th as it'll be my first time )

    One change is that to keep things simple we will no longer be awarding bronze for the first win, silver for the second, and gold thereafter... this wasn't a well understood system in any case since the natural but wrong assumption is that bronze is for third place, silver for second place etc. Going forward we will be awarding gold for every win.

    It is important to be clear that I am a moderator who's been given admin access to ensure the smooth running of the forum, I am not 'in charge' of the moderator team like Wreybies was, - we are still a team of five with equal voice, so please don't appeal moderator decisions to me
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