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    The Magic of Ten.

    Discussion in '10th Anniversary Contest' started by Cave Troll, Jun 19, 2016.

    The Magic Of Ten (1209)

    What’s in a ten? Constantly bombarded with it every which way we go. Off to the store for a few things.

    “That’ll be ten bucks.” The cashier says mundanely as you pay and leave.

    Every time you need to borrow someone for their time, they reply.

    “Give me ten minutes, will ya.”

    You listen to ten seconds of a song before you decide whether it is worth the listen or not. Give a book ten pages before you know if you want to read it all the way through or abandon it for another. Going under for surgery or launching a space craft you count down from ten. Ten decades in a life time, though each decade feels like a mini lifetime and you older. Ten fingers and ten toes for those who take care of their person until their number is pulled. Ten minutes early, or ten minutes late to work.

    Well whatever it is, this multiple of two and five holds a lot more significance than we will admit. Companies, organizations, and schools have ten year anniversaries and reunions. Chilling that we do not really notice that something so mundane as an even number effects us in many ways, until you stop and think about it.

    There just is no escape from this magic number. Western religion has ten commandments. Ten circles of hell.

    Ten, ten, ten, everywhere you look. 10 miles to go, tenth street, ten parking spaces in the parking lot. Ah the maddening and magic that is ten.

    Ten for a dollar, ten count in the package, ten ounces in the can. And then their are the multiples of ten. Two times ten in a pack of cigarettes, and ten times twenty in a carton. Ten times ten in a box of disposable gloves. Although many more things come in multiples of ten, lest we really have a need for ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred, or a thousand of a particular item.

    We simply love ten. Top ten lists of songs, facts, what have you. It just feels like ten is the perfect amount for everything. Not too many, and not to few, but just the even number to get the job done.

    Now to the misleading ten: October. Who had the bright idea to name the best month of the year an eight. Clearly the tenth month should be Decatober, and yet the twelfth month is the tenth at December. Why? I don’t know, do you? Confusing an confounded as it is, our Julian Calender is just as confused as we all are.

    Speaking on the subject of calenders, why do we schedule things at ten o’clock on the tenth day of the month? Coincidence or by design. Meetings, at ten in the morning, appointments at ten, get up it’s ten o’clock you’re going to waste the day. Ten days until your package arrives. Thirty day subscriptions to many things that we find of entertainment. Let it lapse and you will have to renew after a ten day waiting period for some.

    On to the macro scale for a moment or ten. Ten years to life for a crime. Ten years to celebrate your age as a youth. Every ten years of good fortune is greeted with a party of good will for the next ten to follow it. Which is inevitably supplied with ample ten dollar pizzas, liquor, and ten thousand photocopies of the weird drunk guys ass to litter the whole party for a laugh.

    The smaller scale if you like. Ten seconds, amount of time it takes one to lose their virginity. To be followed up later on with a ten minute average performance to satisfy your female counter part. Or dissatisfy her. Though these are but the averages of the male counterpart in the bedroom arena. If she happens to be the domineering sort, you may receive ten lashes for your poor performance.

    We always have ten minutes to accrue to some task of toil or enjoyment. They say that ten minutes of practice a day, and you will be well versed and rounded at that which you are studying. Take a ten minute walk around the park to clear your mind.

    Health care has its fair share of ten as a requirement. Show up ten minutes early to your appointment to fill out paperwork. Ten shots in your mouth for a ten minute procedure. After a ten minute wait for half your face to go numb of course.

    Count down from ten when going under anesthesia. Then ten hands will be inside you trying to fix you. As they spend ten hours solving your afflictions, after making a ten centimeter incision in your abdomen with a #10 scalpel.

    Tipping is another one that revolves around this infernally loved number. When dining one is expected to add ten percent to the cost of your meal for the server. Slip the guy who valeted your car a ten dollar bill, or the host at a restaurant to expedite your wait time. Though it will take more than ten bucks to bribe an official, yet works just fine when you need the compliance of a ten year old child.

    So know this as you go about your ten hour days, making a mere ten dollars an hour. That you are invaluable to your company and are invited to the ten year party for your service to them, as you only have ten years left until retirement. And once those ten years have past, what will you do with the next ten. Buy a ten thousand dollar car, or a boat? Perhaps play a leisurely game of golf on the tenth of every month at ten in the morning. Who really knows what the first ten years of your retirement will be spent doing.

    And What of the final ten years? Will you be spending them in a retirement home trying to remember what happened ten minutes ago, or ten days ago. As you take your mix of ten pills and vitamins every morning at ten with tea or coffee. At the end of your final ten years will you be ready to pass on? Only perhaps you will forget them and death, at the end of your final decade. To be buried in the tenth plot near an oak tree off of tenth avenue. There for many decades you will decompose in a pine box, until you have become one with the earth from whence you came.

    If only I was granted to power to give ten back to you. Be it ten seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or years. To redeem a mistake. To be on time. To spend more time with loved ones, or simply with something you enjoy. To give you ten more bucks in your wallet for a rainy day. Take back those ten awful shots to your face that went numb ten minutes later for that ten minute procedure. What ever it is I wish I had the power to give or take ten of what you need or want to make your life a little bit better.
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