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    The Making of.....Nothing. Critque Thread.

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Steak-Ums, Oct 18, 2007.

    Is it okay to have a thread dedicated to crits for your story if you have a problem with people posting on your story thread? I perfer a neat little area, where I can edit my work and such without having to search for it...

    If this isn't okay, just delete it, and notify me, and if it is, well this is where crits go for the work that can be found here:

    Writing Forums
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    We'd really prefer that the critiques remain in the thread that the writing is posted in, and that after critiques begin coming in, any revisions be posted at the end of the thread. Formatting revisions, like inserting blank lines between paragraphs, or making minor editing fixes not pointed out by reviewers, is the exception.

    The reason is that it is helpful to other people reading the reviews to see the work that the reviewers are commenting on. Reviews are for everyone's benefit, not only the author's.

    Also, this makes it easy to see how a piece improves (hopefully) after reviews and revisions, and readers can decide for themselves whether the suggested changes had a positine impact.

    I am unable to follow your link, but I have found the work itself.

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