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    The Minority Thread

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bjørnar Munkerud, Feb 14, 2014.

    I'm a person, and like all people I get labelled constantly, sometimes correctly, sometimes not. This thread is to be open about and celebrate our uniquenesses.

    This thread is not here for us to brag. Being different is equal parts a blessing and a curse. By showing eachother the widths and depths of the hunan contition, I believe we can teach eachother a lot. In this way, I actually like labels quite a lot. I've found that the more knowledge you have, the better off we are.

    Despite the thread's title, you don't have to be a "minority" in a specific field to mention something, it just has to be interesting (whatever that means). If you find something worth mentioning, it probably fits, but keep the verboseness to an absolute minimum; this thread is not here for us to discuss or deliberate, but to learn from those simple labels that get thrown around so much. Feel free to picture in your own minds who these people are, but don't let it hurt your view of them or delve into harmful sterotypes.

    We're people. We're different. We're equal. Deal with it. Here I go:

    I'm a man, yet my role model is a woman. I'm Norwegian, and I've never been outside Europe. My mother tongue is Norwegian (of the Bokmål variety), but my "thinking language" (the language I talk to myself in, etc.) is English, mostly British-based both in terms of speech and in writing.

    I'm single and bisexual, and I've never kissed or had sex in my life, and though that hasn't been too bad at all, I'd love to find someone someday. I'm an atheist, and I value logic and all that comes with it, such as truth, science, kindness, cooperation, respect, justice, equality and more.

    I wear glasses, and I'm white and have short blond hair and blue eyes. I have a hare lip (though corrected through surgery at a young age). I have two other small scars, one on my right upper arm and the other between my left thumb and index finger. I'm right-handed. I have a driver's licence, but no car.

    I live in Oslo, Norway's capital and largest city, by a hospital in a small flat on the third floor by myself. I'm the youngest of three siblings and I enjoy music, podcasts, games, philosophy and comedy; and geography and linguistics are my greatest interests/hobbies. I studied at university for a year to become an English and Spanish teacher, something I may go back to in the future. I published my first work, "Raving Lunacy", a poetry collection, on Amazon.com last December, and I'm now working on a science fantasy novel. My name reportedly means "Bear Warrior Monk Hill".

    NOTE: Feel free to structure your information differently than I did.
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    I am asexual aromatic, I have never understood why words like "attractive" or "good-looking" are considered compliments, and I try to emphasize both parts of my orientation because I don't like it when people use one half to make assumptions about the other.

    I am a Christian, I believe that I owe it to God to use my brain to it's fullest after He spent 13.7 billion years making sure that it would work, I believe that His world is more beautiful - not less - when I learn more about how He made it, I believe that the Gospel was created for the good of the people rather than the inverse, and I believe that God will judge people according to themselves rather than according to the church that they were born into.

    The novelist that first got me into the crime genre was James Patterson, I used to think he was a good writer, but then I discovered every other crime author in the world, [sarcasm] and I have been clean - but never cured - since 2009 [/sarcasm].

    My ego is extremely paranoid about giving any personal details more specific and identifiable than these, as obviously I am so important that I must worry about everybody wanting to hunt me down in real life. :D
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