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    The Name Game

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Lea`Brooks, Oct 22, 2016.

    A recent thread inspired me to start this game, so hopefully it isn't a total bust. :p

    The rules are simple: I will say a name, any name, and the next poster has to create and describe a character based on that name. They will then say a new name, and the next poster will create the character, say a new name, so on and so forth.

    So for example, if I say the name "Daniel -- goes by Danny," the next poster will have to create a character who they think fits the name.

    I encourage you to go into as much detail as possible. Whatever comes to mind. My hope is this game will help with future character development and make creating characters a little easier for people.

    Since it's my game, I'll start. :p

    Name: James

    For some reason, I picture a female. She's about mid twenties, with blonde hair cut into a short bob, parted on the side and hanging slightly in her face. She has a round face, a pixie-like nose, and resting bitch face. Her style is what I would consider "edgy." She wears a lot of black, leather, and chic ankle boots with buckles.

    She's a quiet woman, introverted, but also has this aura of authority. She's an artist, who sells her paintings and pottery. She often rubs her face while doing both, accidentally leaving smudges of clay or paint on her face. She's interested in photography too but it's mostly just a hobby, not her career.

    She is single and not dating. It's not that she isn't interested in the idea. She just focuses on other things. Should she meet a man while out and about, she'd be more than happy to pursue the relationship.

    Her friends are quite opposite of her -- bubbly hippie types with long flowing hair and gentle personalities. They are also artists and regularly partner up to show art exhibits together.

    She lives alone in a quiet town in the northeast. It's a small townhouse, rented, with a dark red brick exterior but a soft and warm interior. She has a tiny backyard with a brick patio, enclosed by a tall wooden fence. She often enjoys a beer from the local microbrewery on her wrought iron patio chairs.

    Next name: Andrew - goes by Drew
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    Drew is an associate for a massive law firm who's expecting to be promoted to Junior Partner within the year. He comes into work every day in his workout clothes and spends about an hour on the office's basketball court before showering and changing into his work suit. He loves working with numbers, figures, and details at work, seeing how much he can squeeze out of the people who threaten his clients, but he refuses to play fantasy sports with his friends because he prefers to leave work at work whenever possible.

    Drew went into legal work more for the money than anything else, and he'd never been interested in "greater good" or "spirit of the law" arguments in law school. However, ever since meeting clients and working with them face-to-face, he's started sabotaging the occasional client that he feels a) is in the wrong, regardless of what the letter of the law says, and b) that he can torpedo in a way that would benefit the firm and look like the client's fault, lest he be fired and not be in the position to make these judgements as effectively in his next job.

    Drew is not currently seeing anyone. The last guy he dated set Drew's car on fire, and Drew is not looking for a rebound until he can trust himself not to pre-emptively spy on every aspect of the next guy's life at every second of every day.

    Drew's friends worry that his lack of interest in dating, the extensive hours he puts in above and beyond the other associates, and the fact that the only form of recreation he talks about a lot is at the office gym – rather than at home or out and about – might be the first warning signs of depression and potential future burn-out.

    Next name: Caitlyn Rainn
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    Sep 4, 2016
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    Caitlyn Rainn is a high school girl, one of the popular crowd. “Rainn” is a name that she has made up for herself, but she wears it proudly. She insists that everyone call her by the full name, even her parents, although they know that her middle name really is Alice. She titles all of her school work with “Caitlyn Rainn,” dotting the i's with stars. She loves bubble gum, and blows bubbles at the teachers when they're not looking. It makes for a good laugh from the other students.

    Caitlyn Rainn lives in a run-down neighborhood, not allowing her friends to visit, as she is ashamed of her living situation. She has an older brother, and two younger sisters. Their home is very loud, and though she claims to hate the house, Caitlyn secretly loves her home and her wild family. Her parents are old hippies, and cling to their love of rock and roll and an occasional joint.

    Caitlyn works hard at maintaining her image at school. She has a job at a pizza restaurant that involves long hours, and baby sits when time allows. Her income is spent on whatever the popular crowd at her high school is currently wearing.

    She has a boyfriend that goes by Diff, a tough looking character, that hangs around her locker, and walks her to class. He is very possessive, and looks for a fight if another boy seems interested in Caitlyn.

    Caitlyn Rainn has large dreams. She has a talent for singing, and is the first chair flute player in the school band. She has won ribbons in several school competitions. She knows she should be saving her earnings from her job for college so she can pursue her dreams, but for now, she is living in the moment. High school seems more important. For now anyway. In truth, her future will probably be a quickie marriage to Diff, two or three babies in quick succession, and a lot of tears.

    next name: Marco
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    Marco is a shy, quiet boy currently enrolled in college, majoring in Photography and minoring in Business. He has Italian roots, caramel skin and short, wavy black hair that he proudly takes care of, but when particularly frustrated with an assignment, he messes it up, not caring in the slightest. He has trouble with essay-writing; but loves creative writing, is always working on two or three short stories at a time, and sometimes this eats up his work time.

    When he needs a break, he'll go to the coffee shop downtown, buy a mocha, and drink it on a park bench. He always carries a small bottle of maple syrup on him, just in case he needs to sweeten up his coffee a bit (the shop is notorious for their strong, bitter blends...), but he's allergic to honey, so he goes with the next best thing.

    He's currently watching a girl by the name of Lana, who has long, auburn hair and loves wearing a pastel-colored scarf. (he loves scarves, secretly, too.) He's having trouble working up the courage to get to know her, though.

    He wears long-sleeved plain tees and dark pants, for the most part, with tennis shoes.

    He loves his work, and has won a few prizes, both for his photos and writing. Most of those aren't paid, but he keeps the ribbons proudly displayed in his dorm nonetheless.

    His roommate is an outgoing red-headed boy called Jesse, who has constantly mussed hair and freckles all over his body. He majors in Chemistry, and has (more than once) pranked Marco with mini-explosions and small fires. He's a bit of a loose cannon. He's currently dating a guy by the name of Scott.

    Marco hopes to one day be recognized for his art, and to finally ask out Lana.

    Next name: Isabel, goes by Issa.
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    Issa (only her mom calls her Isabel) is quirky, not afraid to be out there and not only with her vibrant personality. Her language is a mix of curse words that would make a nun cross herself, eloquent prose- should she choose so (lol), and of course sarcasm... Lots of sarcasm. Issa may not be the life of the party, she is no wallflower either but this doesn't mean that she feels the need to fill the silence with inane chatter if she has nothing to talk about. Issa has never been one for perfection. In fact, she prefers imperfection as her philosophy is that one cannot grow without or enjoy their life without it. This in turn affects her general day-to-day. Issa believes in living happily, or to choosing to be happy. However, she does have a temper when crossed. On the other hand when Issa is wrong or that she feels that she has wronged someone, she is straight forward and to-the-point in her apology. She believes that if one is at fault you should correct your mistake asap, make amends, and keep moving forward.

    When school was out be it for summer, spring break, or Christmas, Issa would stay with her grandma in Portland, Maine. The times she stayed with her grandma over the winter break were her favorite though, with the all the lights gently glowing against the snow creating an almost magical effect, the cold air that turned one's nose and cheeks pink lickety-split (she and her grandmother teased each other mercilessly over this), and the scent of the frigid ocean air clashing with the smell trees and chimney smoke.

    Issa best memories consist of two (one for Issa and one her grandma) over-sized chairs in the parlor. The transitional-styled chairs positioned opposite of one another, were angled slightly towards the fireplace. In the evenings both she and her grandma would get a fire going in the fireplace and then they'd snuggle up in their respective chairs with each lady's own favorite throw. Grandma's was a cream colored thick'n'thin knitted blanket and Issa's favorite was a charcoal-colored cable knit on one side with faux chinchilla fur on the other.

    The love Issa bears for all things Fantasy comes from the many evenings spent like this where they they enjoy the warmth of their throws, the sound and smell of a fire cackling merrily, and a good fantasy novel in hand. During these times, they'd argue over the "worlds" they had "visited," recommend the other certain books or in some cases, stacks of books, and poke fun at each the other's favorites.

    Issa's enjoyment of whimsy and uniqueness makes itself visible from her waist length hair dyed in an array of purples ranging from deep plums to soft silvery lilacs. When Issa turned eighteen she got a Japanese inspired tattoo of a blood red camellia as a nod all things fantasy, as for her it is a symbol of otherness (in Japanese culture represents the divine) on the front of her right shoulder. As far as piercings go, Issa has a total of five. Three piercings in her right ear, one in her left ear, and a nose ring. Her mode of dress tends to be fantasy wear meets daily apparel. A blend of reality and imagination.

    Issa's favorite tea is Dragon's Breath (cinnamon and cardamon with honey).
    Hobbies: Reading (all things fantasy!), jewelry crafting (prefers to work with raw stones and and old looking metals in her designs which range from simple to complex), and teas (inspired by her interest in and education in Herbology).

    Issa's took her love of fantasy it used it as the inspiration for her store and home, called The Dragon's Cottage (yes there is even a large plaque with glasses-wearing dragon curled around a book) that sells books, jewelry, tea.The outside is a storybook inspired two-story stone cottage surrounded by mature maples with an exaggerated chimney and a steamed roof, and a huge eight-foot hobbit door, which opens with melodic jingle courtesy of the chimes that dangle on from the dragon-tail door knob on the interior. When you walk into The Dragon’s Cottage, it is like stepping into an alternate world. Roughly-hewn and petrified wood abounds on the, ceiling beams, and Celtic-knot carved doorways. The nature inspired book cases and waist-high display cases contrast with the stone flooring and white plastered walls. Weathered leather couches and velvet covered chairs beckon one snuggle up a comfy throw, a book, and cup of tea. The hammered-iron pendents create a cozy feel with their soft natural lighting and the always a pinewood-based fire burning merrily in the fireplace lends itself the atmosphere a different place in another world.

    Ok... I tuckered myself out... :)

    Name: Rym
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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    Hello there! :) I am Rym, a clumsy Imp that works in administrations here in Hell. Because I am a clumsy fool my office mates started
    calling me: Rymjob. It flusters me so much that my clumsiness in the workplace has earned me the rather disgusting nickname interchangeable
    with the act of eating an ass. Yuck!

    Well a bit about my lovely (eye roll) job. Hell is as a well oiled machine as the bureaucratic nightmare of the US government. I am still waiting
    on forms that were filed over ten milinea ago. For Christ's sake how long does it take to stamp a form Lyrri?! Sometimes I think it would be
    more productive to through my Imp ass into the lake of fire, just to escape this mess of a dead end job. Last Tuesday my computer (which is
    severely outdated by the way) goes on the fritz. So I call up tech support. Biggest mistake of my life, somebody kill me yester century. So the
    Lesser Demon tech support asks me in that high and mighty condescending question, ya know: "What seems to be the problem?" How the hell
    should I know, that's why I called you jerkoff! "I don't know." I say as calmly and politely as inhumanly possible, while wanting to come through
    the receiver and bitch slap the jerk with my ancient ass keyboard. "Well is the device plugged in and turned on?" No, it is on bloody vacation in
    sunny Heaven sipping Maitias and ogling Angels in string bikinis! "Yes it is plugged in and on. Do you think I would have called if that was the
    issue?" "Well what is it doing, also sir can please not use that tone of voice. No need to be impolite." Really? only the 500th time the damn thing
    has gone all wacky. "What tone? I swear your division shouldn't be located at the polar opposite of where you could just come in and fix the
    bloody thing. Not that it makes any sense that we are still using Windows 90 fucking 8!" "Sir, calm down. I am sure it is something minor." Oh
    it is something minor, he says. Long story short I got fired after the big boss found out that I violently shoved a snugly teddy bear up the tech support
    guys ass.

    Yeah did I mention cutesy things can harm citizens in Hell? Well not the damned, but Demons, Succubi (Succubisis?), Goblins, and us lowly Imps.
    So back to being unemployed...
    I managed to join the underground criminal element, and became a Hitman. I know what your thinking, a clumsy Imp wearing thick framed glasses,
    and a special suit and gloves to protect me while handling cutesy things. Apparently I have a knack as a long range MLP sniper. That is the caliber of
    the rifle not my fandom. Since we can't be killed, this is the next best thing. Extorting targets with the looming fear of being pelted by a high velocity
    Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie. (Shudders)

    So yeah that is the rundown on my life. Still called Rymjob by my new boss, but it is not as bad as being violently beaten by a gang of Demons wielding
    all manner of sugary sweet nastiness. At least I don't have to make calls to tech support, cause I don't flog a desk or computer anymore.

    Name: Ptzinyra (zin-I-rah)
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