Who sounded like the best leader?

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    The Order: Head of House Debate

    Discussion in 'Debate Room' started by GuardianWynn, Aug 25, 2016.

    Disclaimer! I am no expert on real world politics! But given the state of USA currently, I have found the situation interesting. And in my series I have a powerful house that names a leader. I am curious what you guys think about a potential new leader, or the previous old leaders.

    @CrusherBrooks @Nicoel tagging people to whom I have been discussing this with privately.

    So, this is not a serious discussion or even novel help. THis is purely meant for you to share your own poltical views in context to the below situation. I love seeing new logic. So if someone loves one candidate for a reason I havent seen. I want to see that. :D Plus thought it would be fun.

    Okay. Some background context.

    In my world. The Tarvoss Family is a group of assassins, or mercanires(So many people feel so strongly about which is valid lol.) living in current day China.

    They are very famous, being a national treasure of China. They have been this way ever since world war 3 some 150+ years before this point in which they did a suprisingly high amount of damage.

    The family is fairly large, with nearly a hundred members that live at the Tarvoss Estate. The Tarvoss name is so famous, that any member not willing to become a fighter is urged to change their name to avoid risking the assumption of being a fighter.

    Though, given that they(again highly pressure) any family memeber to return home to raise their children. Most Tarvoss children become fighters well befor they can read lol. Or read well. lol.

    The head of house role is intended to be a general leader in every sense of the phrase. From general orders, to deligating family positions and making deals with government or public.

    There have obviously been many leaders. But I am going to focus on 2-4. 2 actual leaders and 2 that are in line to become leaders. I want to know who you think would be the best! Or who was the best.

    Because a friend thinks it is important. I wish to address that the head of family position is generally passed down by the previous head's choice, but the head position can be challenged, but such a thing is rare. Also, since I am going to cover 4 people, I will rate there relationship to each other(I don't think it matters but some people disagree.)

    Liam's father is nameless, but obviously the position is named.

    Liam I am using as the base to compare to.

    Ray is Liam's eldest living son.

    Stacy is Liam's neice or brothers daughter. Also Stacy is 30 years younger than Ray.

    I guess, lets start at the beginning.

    1. Liam's father.

    He was... hard to describe. He had a very long term way of thinking. He was not one to act rashly in anything. His logic was sort of "A good decision is worth the time it takes to have."

    The happiness of his family was his only concern. Not to say he was soft. He understood that a happy balanced person needed to overcome obsticles. So, his goal was to give you what you needed. Whether or not that was support or an ass kicking.

    His value towards family was extreme. As, he would not bend on matters such as celebrations with a family.

    Most iconic moment of which, in which his grandson was going to celebrate his fifth birthday. An client wanted to consult with him on that day and he would not.

    The client was insulted and went else where. Which was a big financial loss. Not the only time this happened. Simply put, any of his families fifth and sixteenth(these two birthdays are special to him) birthdays are inmeasurable in their worth and he would not trade them for any amount of money.

    So, overal, as expected, he ddin't improve the reputatio or the bank account of the Tarvoss by much if at all. But, his dedication to family had its own rewards. Few if any Tarvoss memebers were sad under his rule.

    2. Liam.

    In many ways, the contrast to his father. A genius planner by trade. A solid warrior in his own right. Someone who very much beleives. "The fastest way is by definition the best."

    To the point that he doesn't really value life that much. Heck, way he sees it, he is in the business of trading life away. If trading his own family's life is good for business, why not?

    Yet, obviously this is not common. I mean, kill your workers, who works? The point being, that he sees it in terms of numbers. If you are worth more to him dead, you likely are going to be given extra precations sent your way.

    Given that math, he did support his family, bur was much more, support those that will return the value the best in thinking.

    Yet, while he may sound like an asshole(Okay, I am biased. And letting his own family members die is obviously like the harshest thing he could ever consider doing.) his value to the family was obvious on paper. Having increased the reputation and worth of the Tarvoss Family by an extreme amount in not only a small amount of time, but consistantly raising the bar throughout his run.

    3. Ray. This is where it gets tricky. I han't decided the next leader yet, but Ray is a possible choice.

    He is a fifty year old sniper. He has a wife and chilfren. His patients is boundless! Part of the sniper's job but not solely to that. The best part of his patients is when he spared the life of his daughter's murderer. Sort of. See, he didn't actually spare him in the sense of forgiveness. Rather, briefly after the event. He had the killer in his cross hairs, he shot him in the shoulder as opposed to the head. Simply because, well. Tactical. Deadmen don't talk.

    If Ray has a drawback it is always sort of been the soldier mentality. Granted on the battlefield he is smart leader, and he has always had a good eye, that eye has been, mission specific, or how to win. Not if he should fight. He has always let his father decide such things.

    4. Stacy.

    Being 20, easily her age is her drawback. Alogn with the fact that she isn't much of a fighter. She knows how to fight and underestimating her is a mistake a few deadmen have made, but she much prefers not to fight. Or rather, not to fight personally.

    She is a deep thinker, the kind of person tht would watch a movie and debate in her mind for hours about its meaning in different cultural contexts.

    Since her mind is in the clouds in this aspect, her battle tactical mind is much lower. But if ya ask me, a person who knows when to fight is a lot better than someone who knows, how to fight.

    So, who do you think would be the best leader of Ray or Stacy?

    Who do you think was the best leader of the past?

    Who do you think the best leader of the past or future would have been?

    Why? Discuss!

    <Drops Mic>
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