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    The philosophy of writing

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Ippo, Nov 8, 2015.

    All right, to starts things off, I originally meant for this thread to go to 'insights and inspirations' category but since "you don't have enough privileges to post here" I went for this board.

    I think all of us, as writers and as readers, at some point, come across small insights and ideas or reflections of the reality of writing that gives us a conclusion on the nature of writing and the world itself. Real art either goes deep or comes from deep within and is thus connected to life in an intimate way. Writing is no exception.
    This thread is intended to be a melting pot of such insights and ideas - here we can share these insights as well as gain a fresh perspective.

    To me writing is demanding - it literally demands "something". Writing means that there is a dialogue between the writer and the world. The essential is life and the world is the setting in which all life happens. Through the world we experience life. Overcoming the world as a 'middleman' and being directly in touch with life is what we call transcendence. Wording such experience is what makes stories unique.
    Sometimes we might read other people's works and feel humbled. Most of the times that is due to literary talent, the ability to convert a simple sentence into a lyrical concert of words. However, what really leaves us speechless is when an author manages to capture something so deep that we, startled by the words, just silently agree: "Yes, that's it!"
    Those authors seem to be so sharp but, well, how could we ever attain such a level? Right? Of course I epect you to say "wrong!," but the reason is not "because I, deep down, believe that my repetitive creation of works will raise my level of skill" but, dot dot dot ;).
    Those people are of course very intelligent humans, but that is not only due to a natural resourcefulness (good genes, born with it, natural talent, etc.).
    This exact same resourcefulness is available to everyone else. What is lacking is the exchange between you and life. It means to openly perceive and to give in a sincere way. That is what our characters - if well crafted - do. They are faced with life and then have a sincere (inner and/or outer) reaction that shows us: This is life (thank you, Mr.McKee, for shining so much light on the topic of writing)
    What we need to do is seek dialogue with what is around is, reflection on that which is and action to experience beyond "oh well, I know how things are" because you do not know how things are, you are just so full of information that all vivid intelligence and pure imagination has been suffocated by your own mind.
    Any practicality at the end of my "theorem"? Let's try "mean what you believe in" and "challenge yourself daily (but not to the point of burnout, yes?)".
    If you challenge your mental image of yourself and the world and if you tickle your brain's "muscle" you will most certainly achieve what is truest to your own nature in writing. And in the end that is what we long for, isn't it?

    Writing is vividly vibrating just as life. Let's try to be fair and make writing as much of an adventure or as much of a sincerely heartfelt drama as the stories we craft. After all the excessful amounts of (sorry to say that) trashy wannabe literature that took over the web there needs to be something refreshing. Let's do the do. Let's make readers want to read again.

    Wow I lost control of what I was aiming for in the first place. It grew outta my hands but it feels good to have shared my mind with you guys. Hope it wasn't too long or boring.

    Now it's you. Be it long or short, enlighten us with your insight :D

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