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    The point of it all

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by emille, Mar 16, 2008.

    Whenever I try to sit down and write a piece of fiction I am struck by the futility of it, I feel that whatever I am trying to get across is worthless and it is useless to try and write it. I feel the same whenever I read a work of fiction, I can enjoy it and recognise whether or not it is a good piece of literature but I always wonder about the point of it's existence. I feel that whatever I can write has already been writen before and can guess the outcome of a lot of books that I read.

    I have until now always enjoyed reading and the existence of books and have always thought I would progress into writing but I am wondering whether failing to see the point of it all is a sign that it's not for me.

    Is this a type of writer's block that I need to work through and find my inspiration or is writing not for me?
    Any thoughts are welcome!
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    When you sit down to write a piece of fiction, the first draft will need work and refinement--probably more than one revision. And while it is true that whatever you write will not be 100% totally 'new' when compared to the vast amount of fiction out there, you can make it unique...a story with your characters, a different setting and plot and conflict. A new angle taken with a common (or even less common) theme or idea.

    If you're writing a mystery...get the first draft down. Once you have the basic plot, characters, events, clues and resolution, you can go back and refine the work. Make it more of a mystery...add a few clues, shade or hide a few. Put questions and turns in the narrative to keep the reader guessing and hypothesizing. Write parallel plot lines to add depth, tension, and additional dimensions to the story.

    I'd say don't give up trying your hand at writing fiction, believing it's futile, until you've given it a full chance and effort. While it does happen on rare occasion, the vast majority of writers take some time to develop and refine their storytelling skills.

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    It depends how you're going about it.

    If you just sit down without much idea of where you want your story to go, then you will most likely find it difficult and you'll be sitting there for ages trying to think of something and it will seem pointless and not worth it.

    But if you take the time to go through what you want your story to be about, who are your characters, where are they going, how are they getting there, then you'll find that you can't wait to actually get down to some proper writing and get all your ideas onto paper.

    It can take a long time to plan everything out though, and some people do prefer the method of just sitting down and letting the ideas come out and direct you rather than you directing them, but you just need to find the balance, and remember that although writing can be grueling at times it is also supposed to be fun and creative, so if you're not enjoying it and you're finding it 'worthless', try taking a little bit of time off and really thinking about what you want your story to be.

    Yes, it does seem like pretty much everything has already been written, but next time someone comes up with something original and ground breaking you'll think 'of course, why didn't i think of that.' So don't give up, it might be you that has that brilliant idea ;)
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    i also wondered about this and found that if i stopped writing i would have no way of expressing the things which would be inappropriate to say in real life. i suggest you see the thread inn the general writing section, Why Do You Write http://writingforums.org/showthread.php?t=4054, and see what you come up with.
    i posted here to get some help and a lot of people had the same problem. the best advice i got was just write, no matter how you feel about it, just write the damned story until it's over.

    its rare for any writer to have a published first draft so bear in mind that the vast majority of writers always have a first draft.

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