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    Dec 7, 2006
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    The Stevia Conspiracy Changed All That!

    Discussion in '"I never believed in hell"' started by PoetWarrior, Dec 27, 2006.

    I never used to believe in hell, and then I witnessed Stevia easily turn water into both miracle water, and natural gas as well. That's right. Merely by dropping a white powder once hunted down by the FDA in water and blending, the water safely suRgES EXPLODES INTO WHITE BUBBLY SOUP that seperates into better water underneath toxic foam. And just by blending water into SOUP and then removing the toxins that rise to the top I've been able to make water that some are starting to call a miracle for the human body.
    A friend of mine named Cal, who is a well known and fairly famous professional fighter, lost over 20 lbs in less than 30 days that he hadn't been able to lose for years. And says he feels better physically than he has in years just from using Stevia to defend his water. And this is just another example of the true miracle that Stevia is for water. And the more I think about the efforts of big business and the government to keep Stevia down and away from the public eye, the more I think there may in fact be a place for people who put profit over the health, safety, and welfare of planet earth. I believe that Stevia represents a near miracle in the fact it can detoxify water, and is a potential source of free and healthy energy. And the fact that has been withheld from humanity up until I luckily realized what it was when Stevia caused water to safely explode inside the blender.

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