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    The urge to start again.

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Kitkatz, Sep 22, 2012.

    I started writing my first novel two years ago. And it felt like it was going so well.
    But life got so busy, I spent less and less time with my story.
    I have recently moved into a new home, an ideal little farm cottage with a beautiful deck with an even more wonderful view.
    I was so excited to finally have the perfect peaceful environment to start writing again.
    But here I am, sitting here, re-reading my notes and finding myself detached from what I have already written.
    I feel like I need to start again, this time, without my structured planning and ideas that I stuck to last time.
    I can't help but feel that would be betraying all of my previous work.
    But if you feel the urge, that insatiable inspiration to write. You go with it. Right?
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    I do. And even if the early draft isn't really doing it for you anymore, I don't think that means the story is lost. For some of us, it takes years and years to complete a novel, for various reasons. For me, it's life getting busy such as when I had a baby. Or when a new, highly anticipated video game comes out, such as Skyrim. Or a move. You get the idea.

    I still write during these times of course, but it may be just silly things that won't go anywhere and just me writing for the sake of enjoying it.

    Maybe just start writing instead of trying to adhere to whatever notes you already have. If you have an idea for a scene, write it. The rest usually follows. Or you can just re-read what you've already wrote to get back into the story and revise as you go. I don't wait until whatever I'm writing is fully complete before I start the revision process.
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    I think you have to write what is meaningful to you now. You may eventually reconnect with your old work, or you may come up with a new inspiration to breathe new life into it. Even if you never go back, the time and effort wasn't wasted. You learned from it, and you will do things differently with your current writing in part based on your previous experience with the old story. Maybe you have learned that too much structure is stifling for you? Maybe the fact that you weren't able to go beyond structured planning means that even back then you were doubting or avoiding something, and allowed yourself to be distracted. Who knows, but if you feel the urge to write, write. Something good is sure to come from it whether your idea is brand spanking new or a well-worn old friend.

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