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    The Walls of Visantium

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    "My father is dead, and my remaining brothers shelter themselves inside the walls of Visantium. It is time."

    When the law for imperial succession was set, many were confused by it's wording, "my surviving legitimate child shall inherit my throne". Some thought that Viserian would execute his own children when the time came, leaving only his preferred child left to take don his signet ring.

    However, the truth became apparent when twins were born of his first consort. He immediately separated them, and over the years, made sure they were forced to compete. A pattern that continued with the rest of his children. Of his legitimate sixteen children, five survived to the point where he died, three daughters and two sons. The later were visiting Visantium, that serves as the gateway to the west, sparing them the wrath of their eldest sister, Allisaine.

    Much like her father, the woman was a mage, and had much greater foresight than her siblings. Her sisters found their residences within the palace under siege, and then quickly slaughtered along with any that sided with them. Now, to consolidate power, her eyes turn to Visantium, and she seeks to bring her allies with her.

    You are one of her allies, serving within The Iron Hand, the empire's force for ensuring that no rebellion takes place, and those that do are quickly crushed.

    Character sheet:

    Summary - The most populous species of the empire, elves are considered the baseline by which the other species are measured. Long lived, quick of flesh and wit, with a high potential for magic, they often dominate whatever area they manage to survive, and inevitably thrive in.

    Their culture is highly militarist and, due to overpopulation, competitive, with noble birth meaning little apart from having more to lose if they fail. The lower classes however tend to live in slums within cities, or farms elsewhere.

    The average elf stands somewhere between six and eight feet tall, with builds ranging from broad to gangly depending on how well fed they are. Their skin is typically tanned due to location of their homeland.
    Summary - In the far north, where summer is a whole day and winter is night, the hardy orcs grow. A strange mixture of flesh and plant, they are often seen as connected more deeply to nature than the others that walk the world, yet that does not stop tales of their fury or savagery.

    Living in nomadic groups of anywhere between thirty and three thousand members, their diet consists almost exclusively of meat and small amounts of rock salt, though they can eat plants, and often use them for flavouring in cooking.

    Male orcs stand at a height of roughly eight feet, with green hides and bark like protrusions on their heads. Females typically stand a foot shorter, with their hides seeming much more barklike.
    Summary - Before joining the empire, the humans on the eastern half of the continent were considered a primitive people, living in a scattered series of mud huts. When inducted into the empire, that viewpoint changed, with their adaptability being seen as a key attribute.

    While many within the empire see them as somewhat inferior to elves, others find them useful in war, noting that they are prone to suicidal loyalty, which often results in them being bodyguards of many high ranking members of society.

    Most of the humans have integrated into elven cities and agricultural centres, however some still live in smaller areas that their ancestors once inhabited, maintaining their shamanistic traditions.
    Summary - Small, volatile, and somewhat brilliant. While these are the stereotypical view of kobolds, it could be said to hold some truth. Living in the darker corners of the underground, these small, scaly creatures were the enemies of dwarfs for perceived millenia. When the empire seeking to conquer the mountains, the kobolds saw a strong ally, and volunteered.

    Intelligent and full of guile, kobolds are known for the building of traps, and clever implements that allowed them to wage war upon the physically stronger dwarfs.

    Kobolds are still a rather new addition to the empire, and their tendency to live underground has not allowed many to see them, resulting in them being considered exotic.

    The curious creatures are small, standing at a height of three feet, and being small and spindly. Their hides range from dark grey to ivory white, and are typically leathery to the point of being perceived as scaley. To compensate, however, they specialise in black powder weaponry, a secret they are yet to share with the empire.
    Summary - With fine fingers, it is said that dwarves are excellent craftsman. With their short size, it is said they are easy for other species to ignore. With both, they are skilled thieves, or so the logic goes, resulting in a general sense of distrust. Some embrace their reputation, others strive against it.

    As a whole, the dwarfs are the most mistreated population within the empire, having the least legal protection, and what is there is rarely enforced. Much of their population lives within the cities of the empire, forced out of their holds by the kobolds occupation, however, some have taken to living in nomadic caravans, forming something of a merchant class within the empire, though one that is despised.

    Players can either have training in five skills, though each school of magic counts as two.
    Arbormancer - Control of plants. Often shunned due to the influential control over an orcs physical movements, without their conscent.

    Calimancer - Control of the temperature, able to move heat energy from one spot to another, allowing them to burn and freeze enemies

    Kinimancy - Allows the user to generate large amounts of force at range.

    Magimancy - Allows you to block magic within a certain area

    Thaumaturgy - Control and generation of electricity

    Terramancy - Control of the Earth and metal.

    Viscramancy - Control of flesh. Useful for healing, though often leaving scars, and for making enemies tear themselves apart.
    Advanced (weapon of choice) Training - Lets you use a weapon with better skill than most. Can take more than one of this skill to use multiple weapons, or

    Armour Training - Lets you move in armour for long periods without threat of exhaustion

    Parkour - Increased agility for traversing rough terrain

    Survivalism - Techniques to help you find food and water in the wild.

    Alchemy - Lets you use black powder weaponry including flintlock rifles and ceramic grenades (Kobolds only)

    Thievery - Stealth, pickpocketing, and lockpicking.

    Other skills you can think of.
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    The smell of ash and sulphur filled the air as the small reptile climbed inside the cannon. Between its claws were a large brush, and it quickly began sweeping the soot from within the charred iron, before the next ball was loaded. The walls of the city ranged from being four and sixteen metres thick. The thinner walls were protected by water, facing towards the bay with two dozen ballistas ready to sink any ship that came within range. The thicker walls guarded against the land, with a trench having been added to keep any siege towers away. And so, the bombardment had started.

    Siege Master Vrack had always been hands-on, despite his position, and once he was done cleaning the cannon, he ordered it fire on the walls again. They had decided to concentrate their fire onto only three sections of the wall, wanting to break through with some speed. They had been here for a month now and were almost through, and the other kobolds seemed to be clicking happily at the fact. That, and the main force seemed to be arriving now.

    At the front was the orc detachment, followed by the elves, then the humans, and the kobolds who would replace Vrack's crew, along with a small set of dwarfs, and the camp was quickly set.


    The head of The Hand was an old elf, 700 years of experience. Her hair was grey, milky eyes covered by a blindfold that was stitched with gold. The vivid thread forming a stylised eye in place of her own left one. She gave a slight cough before she began to speak, her voice holding a watery quality, rippling through the tent.

    "Though we normally operate in familiar territory, that is no longer the case. Her Highness's brothers are Imperial Citizens. Where citizens tread, so to does our Empire. Where the Empire is, we watch for rebellion, and the fact that these two have not already submitted means they are rebelling. Therefore, it is our job to apprehend them. The Empresses wishes them alive. Wants to put on a grand show of the trial before ending them. I am not one for theatrics, and do not care if they end up", she licked her thin lips, parsing her words, "accidentally dying. The battlefield is a dangerous place after all, and mistakes do happen. " She pulled herself up from her old chair, walking forwards with a cane.

    "The lot of you are to scout the area around the walls. Find anyways in and anyways out. The leader of the dwarven contingency apparently has contacts within the city that might be useful, and the kobolds have been here long enough to get a good scope of the place. On top of that, they captured some merchants that were apparently leaving the city before the siege started who might be able to give you a layout of the city before heading in. I am unsure if you will have time to do it all before night comes. We have time, considering our arcanists are making sure they can't use magic of their own."

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