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    The War of Hells Gate (Cyberpunk Roleplay)

    Discussion in 'Role Play' started by Pfvex, Aug 15, 2016.

    The Three Stories

    There are three factions to this story. Police, Terrorists and Civilians all living their lives in the city of Hells Gate. A Cyberpunk futuristic dystopia or utopia depending on whoever you ask some even oblivious to the fact about the dark things happening around them high on drugs or alcohol in the many bars around the city. The three factions want to live their lives and they'll all you tell you different things on what they want. There are many races due to cybernetics and that so you could be anything you wanted but MAGIC DOES NOT exist. Cybernetics are uncommon but possible to acquire.

    The rightous the bold and the brave the ones that keep civilians and defeat the people that want to help the utopia that they live in. They will fight for what's right and do anything they can. Normally strong in numbers and have good technology that is police grade that allows them to hunt the ones that want to harm the peace. They are the protectors of all that's good in the city.

    They serve protect and kill and will not hesitate to put a bullet in your brain if you even if you let them. Heh worthless peaces of scum they live in a blind world of utopia while people starve and hurt and will beat you for even stepping out of curfew. They are in the pockets of the buisnesses and are more of a personal army to the highest bidder.
    They're judge jury and execution.

    As long as they protect me i'm fine to continue my life. I have my job to do stay in the laws and do everything they tell me as long as they have a good reason to. They're the protectors from the bigger evils out there that want to hurt us anytime.

    So Terrorists well that's a terrible name for revolutionists. We know the information is out there. The rich is getting richer the poor getting poorer and sicker we're the modern day robin hoods. Yeah a few innocents die left and right but that's the price the companies have to pay for what they've done to us. Most of us are here for a reason. We don't care you reasons as long as you're willing to fight for us that's fine just be prepared to dirty your hands.
    We're the true heroes.

    This terrorists are killing innocents and harming the peace of this world. They always want to hurt everyone and make sure they prove a point. Whats the point of murdering innocents. We get it you want to get back at the rich so what they're not going to stop and your people aren't going to get better when you plant bombs in the most populated buildings just to do the most damage. This is a Utopia most of the poor have ways to live in many ways and rehabilitation programs but they just choose to live on drugs.
    They're a threat.

    They're going to kill us if we're not careful but I can't help but be swayed sometimes to their mantra. They're not nice people I couldn't even kill one person i wouldn't even try but trying to help the people in the slums is an amicable thing to do... I just wish they didn't blow innocents like me up.

    We're just the people that live our daily lives working and doing our jobs whether it's bartenders, fishermen hell even strippers if you really are into that. But we're the innoecnts. We don't work for either side we just follow the rules and laws as much as we want to to get by and not get whacked by police but we have to follow them just to make sure that we don't get killed by the terrorists that are lurking around in the shadows.

    Civilians are there to be protected and served they follow the law we protect them. They break the law we break them make sure they don't do it again. OF course we don't kill civilians and if they're law abiding we let them live their peaceful lives. As long as they aren't planning an attack.

    I know some are probably families kids workers and hell even friends but you came here for a purpose. You wanted to prove a point to the big companies out there and the damned police. So a few innocents won't hurt you if you want to get by. They're just inconviences anyway they should probably just take drugs to get their mind off the pain that's going happen. But again they are innocents we aren't savages... we'll find a way to compensate their families in one way or another as apologies.


    Name: Commandeer Arien Tami
    Personality: Strict and has a very strong death glare for people that fail but has a massive motherly nature out side of work as her strictness comes from her stress of caring for civilians.
    At work- Wears heavy armour that doesn't seem to wiegh down her that's the national police colours red and blue. She has a scar over her nose and light toned skin. Her eyes are coloured blue with very short brown hair that is normally coverred by a helmet.
    Out of work- Normally wears casual clothing like jeans and t-shirt normally likes to relax and not be bothered by work.
    Biography: Confidential.

    Name: Mayor Phillipe Jackson.
    Age: 51
    Personality: A speaker with dolcet tones that seems to draw people in with his promises and happiness. He is always happy even when stressed but will always seem to struggle and panic but keep his trademark smile. Some people think that he's using cybernetics to cheat the election.
    Appearance: A balding smiling man with grey hair. He normally wears smart suits and is rather wrinkled.
    He is normally surrounded by a huge group of bodyguards so that anyone that gets close to him that's not authorised will be hurt.
    Biography: 4 time mayoral canditate winner, Promises to make hells gate into heavens gate a place of peace and happiness. He has a family of four with his with Amelia. The rest is hidden in secrecy or he tries to make sure that is.

    Name: Rai Vermillion.
    Age: 23
    Personality: Always trying to pump everyone up always a motivational speaker, loves music gaming and killing and playing with her victims.
    Appearance: Blue hair with blonde streaks as her natural hair coulour that came from their parents. She has many scars and cuts from where she's been shot but still going. Her eyes are heterochromatic with a bright blue glowing eye and a glowing yellow one to both if looked closely are cybernetically enhanced. She normally wears a wide variety of clothing and even costumes mostly mixed match or ripped though where she isn't careful.
    Biography: A criminal through and through but that was because she was brought up in the slums of her home. She lost her sister Crystal, and her father and mother Luke and Nadia to police and want to get back at them. She has a huge list of criminal feets and not afraid to show them at all. Terrorism, murder theft you name it she's probably got it on her list she created the terrorists sec called Hellish Rondo. The rest you'd have to ask her.

    The city-

    The city is broken into three districts the poor district aka the outskirtswhere the slums and illness rain supreme and are the hide out for Hellish Rondo. They know the backstreets and the way into the more richer part of the city. This is also where the red district is and where illegal cybernetic enhancements are got.

    The middle of the city is the richest part with huge high rise buildings with pent houses and parties all night to flaunt off the money of course. The police headquaters is here and many respectable work places are here to.

    The third part is trapped in the middle where the working class live. Shops basic modern amenities hospitals you name it it's probably there for you to find as well as the seedier bars and other things like simple restraunts. (more likely civilians)

    The rules.
    • Gm Rule is final I will be accepting or not accepting character sheets if I deem overpowered or rediculous. You can't just have 500 cybernetic enhancements that'd be rediculous.
    • No godmodding. I know it's a simple and obvious rule but it happens way to much.
    • Please try and welcome everyone into the rp. If they're new they may be just as nervous as me make sure they feel welcome but if you're in the middle of something obviously don't force yourself to pander to them i'll make sure they're entered into the world in some way.
    • If you can't post for a while that's fine. I won't be online all the time work and time constraints will make it hard for me at times to post to. Just please don't let the posts run ahead so people can get left behind.
    • And I will be expecting a little bit of creativity with characters have fun with them go a bit wild just not to wild and make sure they fit into the world.

    Character Sheet.
    Now for the fun part! Your character is what makes you you well your character you. You should be creative with it but make sure you remember the rules! Now then shall we begin?

    Appearance (Includes what the race of the person is due to cybernetics):
    Cybernetics: Will ALLOW ONE PER PERSON YOU CAN BUY MORE. (Depends on the race though and race cybernetics don't neccessarily count for this one. I'll decide on it when I get the sheet.)
    Skills: It should be explained in the biography how you have these skills but I'll allow five each character.
    Team: Valor mystic or instict? just kidding there but what are you? Are you a civilian a terrorist or a police man or women.

    Police 5 open

    Civilian 5 open

    Terrrorist 5 open
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    (I think ur RP needs to be approved before u make a discussion thread. If it automatically makes it, then ignore this, but if not, just a heads up)
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    (Ahh fair enough :D)
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    The annual police ball where many police and rich civilians party the night away in the richer district of the city is happening tomorrow night. This esteemed event was going to be visited by the high ranking police officers of a few branches in the city and even rumours the commander is going to be there. This made it a ecstatic event for the rich and famous and heavily defended but also a great target for a few less undesirables that want to get rid of these rich bastards that plagued their city. The rich section had many people gathered around shops buying clothing and new suits while the guards security was building up around the slum area. The police ball was being held in one of the biggest buildings in the rich sector this is known as the hall of fame where photos of many pictures of famous mayors police chiefs and famous people were held similar to the walk of fame in hollywood but in a building.

    The Police
    Everyone had been called for a briefing in one of the most defended buildings known as the IC. The Internment Center. It was more a massive fort and was designed to look like one just outside the center of the city next to the town hall and many businesses that surround it. The commander had called many of the higher ranking people of the police and even one more person that isn't exactly police but she knew of him. She had to use him to make sure the 20th anniversary went smoothly she new the terrorists would attack this day and would do anything in their power to kill a lot of people for their sick way of justice. "I just hope he comes... I need his help."

    The Civilians
    Many people know about the police ball and dream about getting into the famed event even though it was for the city's and sometimes the world's elite. The city seemed a lot different a lot more excitement and fear was spreading around the city as people were worried about the increased number of terrorist attacks that would happen during the event and also rumours of the truth thief to were spreading thinking he would find a way to sneak in to. The police presence did make things a lot calmer for normal people though except for people that were out of a curfew or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. However most of the day went into the normality where they just lived and continued their lives.

    The Terrorists.
    "ALRIGHT GUYS BIG DAY! Come on everyone lets get up and ready as we're going to prepare our plan of attack for tomorrow!" Rai yelled loudly. They had made a small underground base in a warehouse that was abandoned many years ago. "This has to be the rehearsal day so we can prepared to attack the city so we can plant some bombs in preparation to!" She laughed excitedly running out of the room where most people sleep. She would be waiting in a small briefing room with boxes as chairs as it seemed pretty tidy for once considering normally there was pizza or trash boxes around to as she had set up a really outdated projector waiting for everyone to get in to the room.
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    Ras had been laid back in a chair somewhere close to Rai the whole night, almost like he was sleeping even though he didn't need to. Now that she was up and rousing everyone he got up as well, making his way into the briefing room and leaning against the back wall, arms folded as he watched Rai while she waited for everyone else. His face didn't show any emotion, wasn't even capable, but if it could it'd probably be showing a slight smile right now...He sometimes wondered if she could sense when he looked at her like that, despite the cold blankness of his face.

    hmm, for now he'd just keep eyeing her till the briefing started.

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