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    The war of hells gate Discussion

    Discussion in 'Role Play Discussion' started by Pfvex, Aug 22, 2016.

    The Three Stories

    There are three factions to this story. Police, Terrorists and Civilians all living their lives in the city of Hells Gate. A Cyberpunk futuristic dystopia or utopia depending on whoever you ask some even oblivious to the fact about the dark things happening around them high on drugs or alcohol in the many bars around the city. The three factions want to live their lives and they'll all you tell you different things on what they want. There are many races due to cybernetics and that so you could be anything you wanted but MAGIC DOES NOT exist. Cybernetics are uncommon but possible to acquire.

    The rightous the bold and the brave the ones that keep civilians and defeat the people that want to help the utopia that they live in. They will fight for what's right and do anything they can. Normally strong in numbers and have good technology that is police grade that allows them to hunt the ones that want to harm the peace. They are the protectors of all that's good in the city.

    They serve protect and kill and will not hesitate to put a bullet in your brain if you even if you let them. Heh worthless peaces of scum they live in a blind world of utopia while people starve and hurt and will beat you for even stepping out of curfew. They are in the pockets of the buisnesses and are more of a personal army to the highest bidder.
    They're judge jury and execution.

    As long as they protect me i'm fine to continue my life. I have my job to do stay in the laws and do everything they tell me as long as they have a good reason to. They're the protectors from the bigger evils out there that want to hurt us anytime.

    So Terrorists well that's a terrible name for revolutionists. We know the information is out there. The rich is getting richer the poor getting poorer and sicker we're the modern day robin hoods. Yeah a few innocents die left and right but that's the price the companies have to pay for what they've done to us. Most of us are here for a reason. We don't care you reasons as long as you're willing to fight for us that's fine just be prepared to dirty your hands.
    We're the true heroes.

    This terrorists are killing innocents and harming the peace of this world. They always want to hurt everyone and make sure they prove a point. Whats the point of murdering innocents. We get it you want to get back at the rich so what they're not going to stop and your people aren't going to get better when you plant bombs in the most populated buildings just to do the most damage. This is a Utopia most of the poor have ways to live in many ways and rehabilitation programs but they just choose to live on drugs.
    They're a threat.

    They're going to kill us if we're not careful but I can't help but be swayed sometimes to their mantra. They're not nice people I couldn't even kill one person i wouldn't even try but trying to help the people in the slums is an amicable thing to do... I just wish they didn't blow innocents like me up.

    We're just the people that live our daily lives working and doing our jobs whether it's bartenders, fishermen hell even strippers if you really are into that. But we're the innoecnts. We don't work for either side we just follow the rules and laws as much as we want to to get by and not get whacked by police but we have to follow them just to make sure that we don't get killed by the terrorists that are lurking around in the shadows.

    Civilians are there to be protected and served they follow the law we protect them. They break the law we break them make sure they don't do it again. OF course we don't kill civilians and if they're law abiding we let them live their peaceful lives. As long as they aren't planning an attack.

    I know some are probably families kids workers and hell even friends but you came here for a purpose. You wanted to prove a point to the big companies out there and the damned police. So a few innocents won't hurt you if you want to get by. They're just inconviences anyway they should probably just take drugs to get their mind off the pain that's going happen. But again they are innocents we aren't savages... we'll find a way to compensate their families in one way or another as apologies.


    Name: Commandeer Arien Tami
    Personality: Strict and has a very strong death glare for people that fail but has a massive motherly nature out side of work as her strictness comes from her stress of caring for civilians.
    At work- Wears heavy armour that doesn't seem to wiegh down her that's the national police colours red and blue. She has a scar over her nose and light toned skin. Her eyes are coloured blue with very short brown hair that is normally coverred by a helmet.
    Out of work- Normally wears casual clothing like jeans and t-shirt normally likes to relax and not be bothered by work.
    Biography: Confidential.

    Name: Mayor Phillipe Jackson.
    Age: 51
    Personality: A speaker with dolcet tones that seems to draw people in with his promises and happiness. He is always happy even when stressed but will always seem to struggle and panic but keep his trademark smile. Some people think that he's using cybernetics to cheat the election.
    Appearance: A balding smiling man with grey hair. He normally wears smart suits and is rather wrinkled.
    He is normally surrounded by a huge group of bodyguards so that anyone that gets close to him that's not authorised will be hurt.
    Biography: 4 time mayoral canditate winner, Promises to make hells gate into heavens gate a place of peace and happiness. He has a family of four with his with Amelia. The rest is hidden in secrecy or he tries to make sure that is.

    Name: Rai Vermillion.
    Age: 23
    Personality: Always trying to pump everyone up always a motivational speaker, loves music gaming and killing and playing with her victims.
    Appearance: Blue hair with blonde streaks as her natural hair coulour that came from their parents. She has many scars and cuts from where she's been shot but still going. Her eyes are heterochromatic with a bright blue glowing eye and a glowing yellow one to both if looked closely are cybernetically enhanced. She normally wears a wide variety of clothing and even costumes mostly mixed match or ripped though where she isn't careful.
    Biography: A criminal through and through but that was because she was brought up in the slums of her home. She lost her sister Crystal, and her father and mother Luke and Nadia to police and want to get back at them. She has a huge list of criminal feets and not afraid to show them at all. Terrorism, murder theft you name it she's probably got it on her list she created the terrorists sec called Hellish Rondo. The rest you'd have to ask her.

    The city-

    The city is broken into three districts the poor district aka the outskirtswhere the slums and illness rain supreme and are the hide out for Hellish Rondo. They know the backstreets and the way into the more richer part of the city. This is also where the red district is and where illegal cybernetic enhancements are got.

    The middle of the city is the richest part with huge high rise buildings with pent houses and parties all night to flaunt off the money of course. The police headquaters is here and many respectable work places are here to.

    The third part is trapped in the middle where the working class live. Shops basic modern amenities hospitals you name it it's probably there for you to find as well as the seedier bars and other things like simple restraunts. (more likely civilians)

    The rules.
    • Gm Rule is final I will be accepting or not accepting character sheets if I deem overpowered or rediculous. You can't just have 500 cybernetic enhancements that'd be rediculous.
    • No godmodding. I know it's a simple and obvious rule but it happens way to much.
    • Please try and welcome everyone into the rp. If they're new they may be just as nervous as me make sure they feel welcome but if you're in the middle of something obviously don't force yourself to pander to them i'll make sure they're entered into the world in some way.
    • If you can't post for a while that's fine. I won't be online all the time work and time constraints will make it hard for me at times to post to. Just please don't let the posts run ahead so people can get left behind.
    • And I will be expecting a little bit of creativity with characters have fun with them go a bit wild just not to wild and make sure they fit into the world.

    Character Sheet.
    Now for the fun part! Your character is what makes you you well your character you. You should be creative with it but make sure you remember the rules! Now then shall we begin?

    Appearance (Includes what the race of the person is due to cybernetics):
    Cybernetics: Will ALLOW ONE PER PERSON YOU CAN BUY MORE. (Depends on the race though and race cybernetics don't neccessarily count for this one. I'll decide on it when I get the sheet.)
    Skills: It should be explained in the biography how you have these skills but I'll allow five each character.
    Team: Valor mystic or instict? just kidding there but what are you? Are you a civilian a terrorist or a police man or women.

    Police 4 open
    The phantom
    Name/Alias: Abel Ward a.k.a The Phantom

    Age: 25
    Personality: He’s basically the Tin Man, looking for a heart. He’s been a ruthless assassin his entire life and is only now starting to understand that that is a bad thing. When he fights, he fights to kill. That’s how he’s trained. He’s gotten slightly better at human interaction since I left the MegaCorp that forged him, but he’s still not really a star when it comes to good manners.

    He really wants to become normal, but he has very little to go on for what ‘normal’ is, let alone how he can get there. In a shady world it’s hard to find the light if you’re used to living in complete darkness.
    Appearance: Human. Young and fairly handsome. He wears a black suit, blue shirt and red tie.
    Cybernetics: None. Dislikes ‘em.

    With medical data openly available to the Megacorps, it didn’t take Google very long to find the child with the ideal breeding for a top notch assassin, so they stole him from his home when he was still a baby. They trained him to be the perfect killing machine. Cold, ruthless, efficient. They succeeded. Abel got his first kill at the age of ten.

    Trained by various teachers he excelled at stealth and speed. Come prepared, go in hard, come out clean. To monitor his mental state he was assigned a mentor called Sarah Lawson. She wasn’t a big fan of the way he was treated, but she had quite possibly less choice in the matter than he did. She kept him from going crazy and was the only person that showed any signs of caring for him. She was a bit like a mother to him.

    He was well on his way to becoming the most notorious assassin ever, globally. He got the nickname “Phantom” from some early news reports, claiming he seemingly came out of nowhere and disappeared without a trace. With a life like his, Abel was bound to make a lot of enemies. One of them was Tara Jasmi.

    The Phantom had killed her father and she sought revenge. Nobody knows how she got so good so fast, but after disappearing for a few years, she’d become almost as good as the Phantom himself. She lured him to an island and planned to finish him there. However, the situation changed and they ended up needing each other to survive. They… talked. When the situation was resolved, Tara had lost her lust for revenge. She pitied him. Not just that, she made him pity himself.

    When he got back, he was immediately handed a new assignment. Standard protocol after an operative had gone missing for some time. Test of loyalty. He had to kill his mentor.

    After shooting his contact on the spot he took Sarah to safety and ran. Leaving her in the care of someone he trusted, he went on to steal a list of names from Google’s database. They were the names of all the people he killed in his lifetime. It was a long list.

    Since then he’s been making visits to the people they left behind. The people whose lives he’d destroyed. He told them the reason for their assassination, a short explanation of his situation and then he gave them a simple message:

    “If you want to hunt me down, you have now seen my face. Just don’t waste your life on me, I have already ruined enough of them. However, if you have a problem that I could help you with, I am at your disposal. This is not a one-time offer. I left my number on your desk.”


    -Stealth. He’s not a ninja, but he is a street samurai. He knows how to come in silently, or move on you without you realising. Pretty decent pick-pocket too.

    -Weapons specialist. He is proficient with most known weapons and fairly good at improvising them too. Guns, knives, swords, if it’s deadly he can kill you with it.

    -Quick reflexes. He is fast. Very fast.

    -Intimidating. He may not speak much, but if you don’t mind scaring your contact he’ll get the information you need. He spend quite a bit of time with a negotiator as well, but conversation and subtle manipulation were never his strong suit. He didn’t understand people enough for that. Did pick up a few tricks though.

    -Awareness. He’s no P.I., nor is he Sherlock Holmes, but he notices things. Abnormalities. Details that deviate from the current pattern. Mostly it relates to combat (it’ll be very difficult to ambush him), but it has proved useful in other area’s as well. For example, he’ll very often be able to tell if someone is lying. You don’t want to play poker with Abel Ward.

    Civilian 4 open
    Name/Alias: Joseph Knox/Silver Rose
    Age: 21
    Personality: TBA
    Appearance: 5'7, pale skin, short brown hair, clean shaven, lithe build. Typically wears a black trench coat, pants and shoes, and a white shirt.
    Cybernetics: Cybernetic eyes with a direct link to the HGPD's database, including their investigative software, allowing him to quickly look up the prior records of felons, and analyze a variety of evidence at the scene, including blood samples, fingerprints, bullet casings, etc. Since it's connected to their database, he can quickly reference whether the sample matches any others on record. It also comes with several visual enhancements, not only does he see with perfect 20/20 eyesight, he is able to zoom in on far off objects, has night vision, and thermal vision, which allows him to detect heat sources nearby and within his range of vision.
    Biography: Joe's a private detective working out in the slums. It's the only place where he can get clients, after all. Who wants to have a friend, neighbor, or someone important recognize you going into a private investigator's place of business? It only attests to the possibility of trust issues or embarrassing secrets, or in some cases a major scandal. No one'll believe the word of someone living in the slums, chances are their drug addled minds made the whole thing up, at least that'll be the excuse if one is stupid enough to try and blackmail them and fails miserably. That's if they have a chance before they mysteriously "disappear".

    However, he wasn't always a private investigator. He was actually a police officer for a little while. Earned the top grades in his class, seemed to have a bright future in the HGPD. However, one day a woman reported to him that she had been raped by a rather influential figure, he looked into it and it seemed that multiple women had made the same accusation against this man over the years, however, no investigation had been undertaken. When he brought it up with his superiors, he was told to drop it and that the woman was clearly lying. Without so much as an investigation.

    Sickened by the realization that they would do absolutely nothing to help this woman or go after the bastard, he quit, knowing that even if he brought forth the proof to put the bastard behind bars, it would be buried and he'd be reassigned elsewhere, fired, jailed, or even killed, so then he could no longer do any harm. But before leaving, he made a small upgrade to his cybernetic eyes, linking it to the HGPD's database.

    He just couldn't allow that man to continue getting away with his crimes. So, using skills that he had picked up over the years from a variety of jobs and personal learning, he broke into the man's home while he was gone for the evening. He found exactly what he was looking for... the man had enjoyed recording his encounters.... The very next day, the man's reputation was in tatters and he was carted off to jail.

    So, this was how Silver Rose was born. A mysterious thief using cunning, stealth, and a variety of gadgets to break into the most secure of places, stealing secrets that others would rather keep out of the eyes of the public, be it corporate and political secrets that would harm the general populace if left unchecked, or the wrongdoings of someone who is believes they are untouchable. His calling card, a single silver rose left in place of what he stole. The information that's taken is then given to any and all media outlets and in relevant cases, in the possession of the police who would be forced to take them in, or else make the general public know how corrupt they really are.

    So, that's Joe, a private detective during the day, helping people, collecting favors, and occasionally actually solving crimes, at night he becomes the mysterious truth thief, Silver Rose, striking terror into the hearts of those that believe they can't be touched by the law.
    Skills: Disguise, inventing, lockpicking, hacking, and stealth
    Team: Civilian (Though, I'm sure that the police would disagree with that assessment...)
    Terrrorist 3 open
    App- Soon
    Name/Alias: Ras-02

    Age: 9

    Personality: Ras has become something of a wild card. Originally meant as a loyal assassin for the police his unexpected growing self-awareness made him unpredictable. He takes an almost perverse pleasure in hunting his targets and is usually rather ruthless in doing so.

    Appearance: As an AI, Ras is capable of inhabiting most types of computers or robotics. He has no real form himself, on screen or holograms he will appear as a figure with a blank mask split down the middle. He does usually prefer to remain within his original robotic body.

    Cybernetics: Full-Body

    Biography: Ras was created to serve as an assassin for the police force and proved to be highly effective at his purpose. Him gaining self-awareness was not something that was accounted for and whether or not it was even a problem was debatable. He still continued to perform his assassinations, at the top of his list, however, was Rai Vermillion. Rather than complete that task he developed a strange infatuation with the girl, perhaps a confusion from her being marked as important. He always found trouble pulling the trigger with her in the crosshair. He is currently considered rogue, having gone out of police control in his pursuit of her. whether he joined her or not is unknown.

    Skills: Being an AI, Ras has an Innate skill for hacking and can find his way into almost any type of computer or cybernetic system. His exact skillset otherwise depends on what kind of machinery he is controlling.

    Team: Police(formerly),Terrorist
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