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    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by TheClassified, Feb 26, 2015.

    Hey, so somehow I decided to write. I had this idea... I want want to bring it on paper! But since I have no idea how to do it, I'm here and as everyone else has a progress journal, I thought that it would be nice to have one as well...

    I don't have a title, yet. It will be a dystopian (hard) science fiction book, questioning science, the technical development of artificial intelligence and the human mind. The setting will be in this solar system (they have colonised at least one additional planet), and in the future. I'm not sure yet how far in the future, or if I will include any specific dates. Where does my inspiration come from? I once read a comment on a webpage. The idea stuck in my head, and I started to develop it.

    The synopsis:
    The humans are at a time, where their science ceased to evolve. It's a point, where science became so complex and such a huge field, that barely anyone was able to learn everything necessary in his lifetime, in order to continue research. They fear that technology might overthrow them, because computers can be faster, better, smarter and have more storage. Out of this fear, the advanced research progress agency (ARPA, correlation indented) prohibits to create systems, having a certain degree of artificial intelligence, which are able to learn, or to fake emotions.

    But the humans face a new challenge, and they are closer to extinction than ever. Their resources start to diminish and they don't have the technology to reach new planets located out of the solar system.

    How far will they go in order to survive?

    Research/Science: As it's a science fiction book, I will include science. A lot. The world is based on the same science as ours, but more advanced. So I'll grasp up the current science and their questions, and start to develop them. Since nobody has an idea what dark matter is for example, but scientists know that there needs to be such a thing (with certain properties), I'll use this and make the humans in the book able to use this matter in a certain way. I'll try to base my concept on real science, and take a way of developing the ideas in a way that they seem possible. It's not only hard to learn new scientific concepts, but also to simplify it so that the normal reader knows what's going on, but that it's still factual correct.

    Current progress: I'm more talking around than writing... The script has around 1'880 words at the moment, but no form and not a single chapter is completed, yet. I'm still working on a complete story because I have certain key parts, but their connections are missing. But I have a clear idea how it will end, and I can promise you that the ending is awesome! At least the idea, how it will turn out on paper is different...

    How am I working: I'm mainly working on a mac, using Pages for notes, and to scribble because it's light weight. The story itself will be written in Word, and maybe transferred into LaTeX, because I like the word formatting it does.
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