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  1. TheClintHennesy

    TheClintHennesy Member

    Jul 22, 2015
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    Theclinthennesy's project: edun journal

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by TheClintHennesy, Jul 29, 2015.

    Hi everyone!
    I'm currently working on this World Building Concept Generation Project... but as time passes, it's slowly becoming a story instead of just a "Concept Generation Project." I used to spend 4-5 of hours making Art assets for the World and writing a bit about the world here and there. It's evolved. :p I actually have a blog where I put up updates every 3-6 days or so- but I thought it would be cool to make an update here! That way, I can put small updates (including written ones) up for everyone to see.

    I have until the end of the year to finish this project. I am still not sure on what medium I'll be pushing it for- but I've been inspired by this Illustrated Novel I saw online- and I'm planning to do something similar!

    I love keeping track of progress and just writing them down. I don't know why! :)

    Anyways- here are the project's details and all that. :p

    Edun: Wars of Aetheria
    is a one-man Fantasy/Sci-fi World Building Project. The goal of the project is to create a world with a cast of characters with a written background. The characters need to be three-dimensional and have relations with other characters (rather than mass-produced characters with little to no background at all.) This would allow me to create art assets such as character concepts, illustrations, and 3d Models with a strong foundation when it comes to the character’s story background (thus, making me fan boy about them as much as I fan boy to fan art.)

    Edun: Wars of Aetheria Story Synopsis
    A great war between the heavenly Celestial and the ruthless Hellbourne constantly goes on. The humans (who are now called Nomads) are in between the war and have to choose a side or make their own. Many have died.

    A young boy named Owen Ward had lost everything. His home, parents, friends... He had begun to have a disdain for many of the people around him. With Owen’s world falling apart and the war of the heavens and the hell constantly going on, he had lost his way. Eventually, he meets a Hellbourne named “Zael” whose purpose was to end the war. At first, Owen was hesitant knowing that Zael was a Hellbourne. Eventually, along with a few friends they meet along the way, the learn to settle their differences. Together, Owen and his company venture out to the lands of Edun to find the key to ending the war.

    We are all the same. That is the very core of Edun’s storyline. Whether we are born privileged or born at a disadvantage, we are all human and are never exempted from flaw. It is what being human is all about.

    Conflict: Man vs Society
    The man behind the war and how it started is a Celestial Seraph named Sol. He secretly opened the gates of between Edun and Solumbra- causing a Hellbourne Outbreak and forcing the human Nomads to flee and rely on the Celestial drive the Hellbourne away.

    Society has always believed that the Celestial are the good ones and that the Hellbourne are the bad. Sol, leader of the Celestial can never accept the Hellbourne and see them as just lesser beings.

    The World of Edun
    The world is divided into four realms.
    Celestia- The top layer, Celestia, is where angels live. Celestia is known to be “exclusive” in the world of Celestia. There is a strict rule on what and who goes in and out of Celestia. The residents of Celestia generally think highly of themselves and look down on the residents of the two other layers.
    Edun- In the middle, is Edun. Edun is where the humans and spirits of nature roam about. Edun is the land we all know as “Earth”. The name “Edun” is used by Celestials and Hellbourne.
    Aetheria- A hidden plane that is connected to Edun. Aetheria is the land that sets the rules for Edun that Celestia and Solumbra don’t have. Nature, Life, Death, and everything else that only Edun has.
    Solumbra- The final, deepest layer is called Solumbra. It is also the home to the Hellbourne. Though the deepest, Solumbra is also the biggest- with the most residents compared to both Celestia and Edun combined.

    For the Art Progress Blog: Check http://www.TheClintHennesy.WordPress.com
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  2. TheClintHennesy

    TheClintHennesy Member

    Jul 22, 2015
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    The Heroes of Edun:

    Owen Ward

    Owen Ward is a Nomad Academy Sentry drop-out. Back in Sector 6, his hometown, no one believed in Owen. He was one of those kids that everyone just thought would contribute nothing to society and die as another soldier. His daily life involved pickpocketing people in the streets, trying to find shelter, and occasionally playing with the children in the neighborhood along with his pet dog fang.

    Zael (Birthname: Asmodeus, Son of Lilith) is a Hellbourne Prince Incubus. He is the first and eldest son of the Hellbourne Queen: Lilith and the older twin brother of Kali. After his mother’s death, he disappeared and took on the alias “Zael” to avoid attracting attention. He now ventures all around Edun as a rogue who seeks to find a way to end the war and find more information on Aetheria and its whereabouts.

    Zael aims to permanently open the gates between Solumbra and Edun and destroy the Celestials. This proves to be difficult knowing that the Hellbourne are weak to Lumen, the energy source for the Celestials. After finding out about Gaia and their immunity to Lumen.

    Zael’s twin sister. Kali has changed over the years drastically. She used to be very free and have a limited sense of responsibility. After her mother’s death and Zael’s disappearance, Kali had to take care and lead the Lilim. It destroyed her and made her relentless, fierce, and cold. It was a very, very difficult moment for Kali. She wears a blindfold to cover her eyes from the Lilim around her. Her eyes are blue- like the Celestial as her father was once Celestial.

    Kristelle is the High Muse of the Celestial. As High Muse of Celestia, Krissy’s responsibilities include inspiring other Celestials for the war and putting up an image for the Celestial. She controls and maintains the Celestials positive public image and convert thousands of men and women to side with the Celestial. She is a natural beauty and is loved by almost everyone that sees her.

    Kali’s relationship with Zael is very strong- but was destroyed because of the pressure and responsibility she was given during his disappearance. Upon seeing each other for the first time after at least a decade, She was speechless. She is angered with how Zael is in a company with the Fae and Kristelle, a Celestial.
    Kali slowly tries to understand the situation and eventually helps with the quest to end the war.
  3. Aaron DC

    Aaron DC Contributing Member Contributor

    May 12, 2015
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    At my keyboard
    Love the world graphic.
    Did you design that font yourself? The book title graphic looks great too.
  4. TheClintHennesy

    TheClintHennesy Member

    Jul 22, 2015
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    Hey Aaron! :D Yeah, I did all the artwork above- Map and Character Portraits. :)
    I'm more of an artist than a writer really... Writing is difficult for me cuz I don't read books so often so my vocab is limited. D:

    Anyways- I'm gonna put up some stuff I wrote for today (probably will be the only writings for today as well.)
    They're all really rough- and like mentioned above- I don't read books and don't know how to write "creatively/with flavor"

    My story project for Edun Wars of Aetheria is divided into 5 Scenarios with each Scenarios covering 4-5 chapters.
    Each scenario will tell the story from a different PoV of a character.
    1- Owen
    2- Zael
    3- Kristelle
    4- Kali
    5- I don't know yet- I don't plan on adding any more to the main cast cuz it's going to be so jumbled up.

    At the end of each chapter- I was thinking of putting something lore-related about the world along with a sketch/image of what ever I'm talking about. :D

    These are the summary of events for the first two chapters all told in Owen's viewpoint.

    [Blood for Blood]
    Wars of Aetheria, Scenario 1, Chapter 1
    Chapter Summary
    Owen and Fang are working together to steal an object in an apartment. The two work together very well. They are caught and are chased by a man in the apartment. They escape and are happy they made it- again. It is shown that he was caught stealing food. He gives the food the the local children around the neighborhood.
    A band of gang members show up and tell Owen about a heist for the evening. Owen agrees to join- but in exchange it should be the last one- and that the gang will stop abducting children from the neighborhood. One of the kids in the gang talk to Owen, telling him to toughen up- and that with the war going on, they have to live the hard life now. It’s also shown that Owen knew this kid from before and that he has changed.
    It’s night time and the mission starts. Owen is the one who has to sneak in and steal the valuables. He is betrayed by the gang members. Luckily, Owen escapes. The next day, on the way to school, Owen notices that the gang is taking one of the children in the neighborhood. They get into a fight and Owen loses. The gang takes one of the children. Owen enters the school with bruises and a bleeding nose. It was the Nomad’s Sentry Academy- a school for Sentries in training. He is scolded and punished by the Academy’s lieutenant for being late. He is then called to the General’s office. He has been caught on tape from last night’s burglary attempt. He is told that Fang will be taken away from him- and he will be put under a different course. He has one day say goodbye to his Fang, and on the next day, Fang will be assigned to a different Sentry.
    Owen decides to run away from the Sector along with Fang. One the way out, he murders three of the gang members in the sector while they are asleep, leaving the ones he knows alone. The two finally leave the walls of Sector 6…

    The Nomad Sentry:
    Nomad Sentries are specialized Nomad Units paired and trained with either Warhounds or Warfalcons. They daily duties include scouting and security in a battlefield. Nomad Sentries are trained to use knives as well.

    [The Woman in Snake Skin]
    Wars of Aetheria, Scenario 1, Chapter 2
    Chapter Summary
    Owen and Fang are outside the sector- in the woods. They come by a waterfall and rest there. The moon was beautiful. Suddenly, they are ambushed by the Tainted- animals who have fed on the Hellbourne Umbra and have gone mad. Owen and Fang almost lose the fight- but a group of men and women help them. Fang is wounded- and Owen didn’t have the supplies so he could help Fang. Luckily, the group of men and women introduce themselves as the Scavengers- men and women dedicated to clearing the woods off the Tainted and helping stray Nomads out. The woman in charge of the group is named Lemora. They offer Owen and Fang shelter for the night.
    It’s now night time and Owen, Lemora, and other members of the Scavengers. Owen quickly bonds with the Scavengers and Lemora. Lemora tells Owen about how they feel that the Nomad System is not working for everyone because it restricts the people of what they want- and that the system is eating up everyone under it.
    Hours later, the camp is asleep. They hear a scream. The entire camp wakes up and prepare for combat. Another of the Tainted is in on the lose. Owen panics and quickly looks for Fang. Fang is missing. He hears a yell from the side. He sees a tainted pinning down Lemora. The group of scavengers are about to kill the beast- and Owen tells them to stop. Owen jumps and holds Fang’s neck down- stopping Fang from harming the Scavengers. He yells at the beast- telling him to go stand down. The beast refused and continued to bark on Lemora. Lemora ordered a kill order on the beast- Owen tells them not to and puts the beast down himself. The creature is slain and it is revealed to be Fang. The Scavengers all rush to see if the kid who just got pinned down was fine. He was completely fine. Owen doesn't understand why he had to be put down- but it was also understandable that Fang had grown hostile. Lemora asks Owen why Fang wasn't resistant to the Taint- as most of the Warhounds for the Nomad Army were trained to resist the taint in the first place. He explains that he didn't finish training in the academy- and he left before he got into that part. Lemora tells Owen it’s okay- and they they’re there for him. Owen begins to put his faith on the Scavengers and joins them.

    Lemora De'Chantelle:
    Lemora is the current High Ritualist for the followers of the Serpent. She is ruthless and objective. Unlike the other High Ritualists, Amara is the youngest and has a very different point of view from both Lucas Clot and Leonard. She is loyal to the ways of the Lilim and sees Lilith has her idol. She believes that Lilith is the savior to humanity. Lilith’s recent death has driven her vengeful and unguided.

    She has had a deep jealousy for Kali as well, knowing that she is Lilith’s daughter.

    That's all for Today- I'll have something new up by tomorrow. :)
    I think this progress journal really helps though. :D
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