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    Thesis Statements

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by K~la, Oct 3, 2007.

    I have been struugling for the past while with an essay I have to write for my english class now. I'm more used to creative writing than the formal stuff we're into at school. My biggest problem with essays are thesis statements. I have writtedn and rewritten it so many times now and it's just driving me insane. So anyways, I hoping somone might have some good tips or ideas on how to write a good structured thesis statement. It would be much appreceiated. Thanks!:)
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    Its been a while since I was in school, but I'm fairly good at articles.

    The 5 paragraph essay or theme paper is an invention of the devil. it is about conformity, not about creativity. If in doubt follow your teacher's bidding to the letter. It can be boring. It is better if it is interesting and a topic you actually know something about.

    The thesis is The main point, the main argument, what will be proved. How would you state it? As simply as you can.

    So whats the paper about? What sort of research do you have?

    I generally would place it at the end of the first paragraph.

    Let me do a kind of "trial idea" here. Here is a first paragraph for a "essay" about designer Rudy Gernreich. This is off the top of my head, so it may not be perfect.

    Rudy Gernreich stunned the Paris audience when his model Peggy Moffit strolled down the cat walk at the XYZ show in the year 196? wearing the first topless bathing suit. Gernreich's style was typically shocking and revolutionary, but this was more than many people could take. Gernreich had already blown open the fashion world with odd color combinations, bold patterns, knitted tube dresses, cutouts in clothes, vinyl & plastic in clothes, see-through clothes, body clothes based on leotards and tights. He invented designer jeans, thong bathing suit as well as the topless bathing suit. Gernreich used fashion as a focal point for the debates of the time, generally involving the rights of women. He brought the world the expression of Androgyny in style, and was one of the first vocal Gay activists.

    So: what is the theses statement?

    Theses is? Ask: I intend to prove (what?).
    This would be my choice: "Gernreich was a brilliant designer who changed the way we look at our bodies."

    I would do a small bio here: Rudy was born ....went to school...had his first big show...did this, and that...

    Then you go back into the introduction and bring the specifics down
    Stuff you should answer:

    Why was he a brilliant designer who changed the way we looked at our bodies? I'd go for fashion before/fashion after as an argument.

    Stuff you will also need to answer (If you were writing this).

    The different designs...how did they change fashion?
    Who is Peggy Moffit...why is she important to fashion?
    What is Androgyny and how did it effect us?
    How and why was he a Gay activist and what did he do?

    So I guess you would just ask yourself "what it the point I am trying to make?" and fill in the blank.
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    One more to add:

    A thesis statement should be clear, specific, and concise.
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    In my imagination. Not always a good thing...
    I'm a writing tutor in my school's writing center and we get tons of people who have trouble with their thesis statement. So you're not alone! =)

    The method I find that helps people a lot is to just stop thinking abut their thesis, and maybe even forget the introduction too. Write the body of your essay first. When you're done, look over your paper and try to think of how you can summarize what you wrote in one sentence. It's easier once you've already written everything because sometimes the problem with the thesis is that you're still not sure of what you are going to write about. Your topic can change as you begin writing because writing is just unpredictable like that.

    Hope that helps!

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