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    Third Earth Rules

    Discussion in 'Third Earth' started by Raven, Feb 27, 2009.


    01) Read everyone’s posts! Not only does this keep us all on the same page, it’s fun to know your posts are being read and acted upon. Respond to stimuli and events from other players’ posts.

    02) Your posts must consist of a minimum of 25 words. However A range of 40-300 words is good to shoot for.

    03) Edit before posting, we’re all here to improve as well as enjoy.

    04) No God-modding or perfect characters. (Boring!) Your characters have weaknesses and they are not immortal and above pain. If you do God Mod your character the Games master will see to it that the character receives a wound whether fatal or not is the games masters discretion.

    05) Fights between characters should be kept to a minimum and I would like to see no killing at all between players. However, if a fight or killing is unavoidably called for the players concerned must work the action out in PM and both parties should be amenable to the outcome.

    06) Do not control another person’s character without their express consent.

    07) If a player is AWOL and holding up the game the character will be NPC’d at the GMs’ discretion. If the player has been gone for 24 hours other players may control their character in minor ways (move them a bit but no big decisions and nothing out of character). If you know you’ll be gone for some time you may hand over your character to another player’s care.

    08) Don’t flood the thread with long conversations. Give others a chance to post.

    09) Please discuss any issues in the Discussion thread or PM any of the named games Master’s with your concerns. Gossiping about issues or spamming up the story thread is counterproductive.

    10) Whilst on an adventure Post Daily. Unless a valid reason is given. If you are unable to post the person you’re teamed with will be allowed to control your character until you return.

    11) If your character dies during any part of the game then that character may not post in the Tavern thread nor return to the game. If a character has siblings i.e. brother sister you must state so in your profile or you cannot create a relative character.

    12) If two players have an argument with their characters remember IT IS ONLY A GAME do not take any insults in game between characters personally. This could result in both characters been removed from the adventure and depending on the seriousness the game.

    13) Because the game is persistent you may come and go as you please unless on an adventure. If you have committed to an adventure with fellow players then you must remain fair and play that adventure out.

    14) You may not kill off any of the resident character's in Third Earth unless the Games Master strictly says so. You may only interact with them

    15) The Games Master’s final word is law.


    The game is a persistent game which will continually follow on. Your characters will interact and grow and even interact with the Third Earth Resident characters. From time to time there will be deaths but you will be allowed to create other characters. Adventures will be set in the Tavern by a notice post written by on of the Games Master’s. Everything you do in third earth will be what makes history. You also have Maps to follow and locate where you are and are going. Once your character’s one per adventure per user are on an adventure you may not post that characters actions within The Tavern.

    The game starts in Blackthorne. Blackthorne is a realm of good and one of the largest Human realms. The Raven’s Tavern is also located in Blackthorne on old Crowes dock.

    Once you decide to accept or rise to an adventure or a challenge you will begin your posts as though you are leaving the Tavern. Or old Crowes Dock.

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