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    Third Earth

    Discussion in 'Third Earth' started by Raven, Feb 25, 2009.

    Third Earth

    At the far reaches of the universe is the planet Third Earth.

    Third Earth is beginning to change. It is now a time of danger were the forces of darkness have begun to rise and march once again.
    The game starts in the new season of Spring the flowers begin to blossom and the tree's begin to sprout new leaves the farmers of the realms begin the process of farming for the new year. The morning mists begin to fade.

    Third Earth is broken up into separate kingdoms the main Kingdom of man is Blackthorne ruled by King Victor Aracdius the 1st. He is a fair king and makes sure his people are safe ruling firmly but not without compassion. At his side is Queen Annabella Arcadius. The people of Blackthorne love their Queen she does great things for the kingdom. The army of Blackthorne is large and commanded by Lord General Ryden Hauser.

    Beyond Blackthorne is the kingdom Of Kronas ruled by Regent Logan Lion Khan. Logan stands as rule in absence of a King. Once the last king had been slain in battle against the forces of Chaos Kronas refused to be ruled by a King from any other family line and instead placed a regent at the head of the Kingdom. Men and woman of Kronas are born warriors They believe they were born to fight. Kronas is more of a Viking state its warriors believe in Valhalla and Elizium. They also consider it an insult to be left face down in the dirt. They burry their people eyes facing the sky looking upon Valhalla, rather then their backs turned on Valhalla and facing the dirt of Elizium. The army of Kronas is led by Lord Sahaal who is a warrior of legend.

    King Victor Arcadius and Regent Logan Lion Khan have pledged an alliance of Blackthorne and Kronas. But the alliance is weak and could collapse. Regent Logan Lion Khan believes in peace but refuses to answer to Blackthornes armies. While the people of Blackthorne think of the people of Kronas as barbarians and thugs of fighting.

    Beyond the two kingdoms is the land of Cavelerus the land is ruled by man but there is no kingdom here. Orcs dwell in these lands and skirmishes are often thought with the villages. Cavelerus is also a vast woodlands were the Wood Elves have been known to hunt.

    Across to the far west of Third Earth is the realm of the Elves. The Elven High King Ornthalas strives to make peace. The Elven realm is a peaceful state employing the odd Human as a scout for the outer realms. Ornthalas shares a friendship with King Arcadius of Blackthorne and many a time in the days past the two alliences have thought together. But now very few Elves venture past their realm. Only the adventurers have mainly left their domain and walked across the lands of Man. As a rule the eleves of Iyandan and Ulthwus try to stay away from the conflicts of men. On occasion goblins and Orcs have attacked their borders but have always been repressed. The Elves themselves are master warriors at warfare.

    Across the Mountains of Dramakor the Dwarfs dwell. Dwarfs live to drink fight and hunt and have been in a constant war against the Orcs and Skritts on occasion King Melgator has come down into the borders of Blackthorne to steal live stock and engaged the armies in small skirmishes.
    Across the East is Thunder Mountain. The Mountain earned its name from the constant thunder and lightening. At the peak of the mountain is the order of Magic ruled by the old Wizards. The high Wizard Zoreth runs the order and provides residence for the younger people who are gifted in the ways of magic. And thousands of years the Wizards have stayed out of the conflicts of Third Earth. That was until the great War ten thousand years ago when the realm of darkness descended on Third Earth. In the wake of that great war the Wizards have themselves become divided. Some now practice in Dark Magic.

    Now Third Earth enters a new Season it also brings great change

    The dark realm of Chaos has already made war on the Dwarf factions within the mountains east of great Thunder Mountain. Were Regent Logan Lion Khan ruler of Kronas has pledged to aide the Dwarfs in their hour of Darkness, Blackthorne has yet to commit and will not should the Dwarfs continue to ignore the boarder rules of Blackthornes boundaries. King Arcadius believes the Dwarfs cunning and devious. They have for years stolen from the border farms and even engages in skirmishes across the northern borders of Indigosar. Arcadius will see a treaty drawn up and signed by Melgator first king of the Dwarfs before he offers aide.

    The Orc general Ullk Uzz Tooth has raised a large Orc army and pledged an allegiance to the dark realm. Goblins and Skritts have come from their swamp homelands of Credolan. Even the toad people led by the maniacal Flipp Ry Ellfo have formed an alliance with the darker Realm of Chaos. The toad people are a devious race full of despicable people.

    The Dark Realm has been dormant for Ten Thousand Years but Lord Of Darkness Argamoth Pronounced (Arrg-a-moth) the Vengeful has formed the allegiance of the dark realm to once again walk amongst Third Earth. The Vampiran realm also walk with Argamoth and his dark army.

    As the Dark realm begin their March once again it has also attracted the Great and ancient raqce of the Green Dragons.

    Your chacters can only be from the Race's of Good
    Race's Of Good


    Wood Elves



    None Playable Races


    Red Dragons

    Indigosian Orges

    Bird People

    Races Of Darkness

    Men of Rogarth


    Dark Elves


    Dragonian Orgers

    Green Dragons

    The Golden Dragons of Olympus

    Toad people

    Skitts (Have rat have snake)

    Skaven (Rat people)


    Gretchin's (Half Goblin Half Orc)

    Snake people



    Wizard and Witch spells

    The Spell of invisibility.
    This spell will make the spell caster invisible for a short time. However if the caster moves his shadow will also move making it easy for others to see him by his shadow.

    Lightening Arc
    This spell will create streaks of lightening from the spall casters finger tips and where he directs the bolts they will strike. However the spell will drastically weaken the spell caster forcing him to slow down and rest. It will also create a loss of breath. The Spell caster will not be able to repeat this spell for a day or two.

    The spell caster will rise from the ground and hover for a short period of time. The spell is usually used for swamp crossing. However it will only work for the spell caster.

    This spell will increase the casters speed of foot or horse back leaving a trail of flames in his/her wake. However it will dramatically weaken the caster forcing him to rest for a few hours.

    This spell will create a force bubble around the spell caster and up to three others. However the longer the bubble is active the weaker the caster will become. Eventually it will force the spell caster to blackout release the bubble. Only works in short bursts.

    This spell will create a small shockwave powerful enough to through a person back or an object. The spell casters use this often and it has very little side effects leaving only a migraine.

    This spell will release fire from the finger tips of the caster. Wherever the fingers point will be set a blaze. However the caster will be forced to collapse with exhaustion

    This spell is used to turn the aggressor’s fears against them. Forcing them to cower or turn on their brethren. The spell however can quickly turn against the spell caster especially if the victim is a dark wizard or Dark Lord or even a Wyrd Witch of the Dark Elves. If this should happen the spell caster could perish in his own fear committing suicide.

    Dragons Breath
    This spell will create a mist that becomes a fog giving the spell caster and brethren time to flee or attack under the guise of the fog. The spell will force the spell caster to sleep for a day.

    This spell will make the spell caster look like one of his foes for a short period of time. However it will also weaken the caster for a half day.

    This spell will help the spell caster talk with any living thing that has wings for a short length of time. It gives a message to the winged animal which sends out help to either a bigger animal or will deliver a message telling the casters friends he is in peril and where. However this does not work on Dragons.

    The people of Blackthorne are a heart people and protect their land. The people also love their Queen Annabelle Arcadius as she does great things for the people and the farmers. The King Victor Arcadius is a king for his people and offers protection to all his peoples including the border farms.
    The army of Blackthorne is a might force and well trained in all warfare. In the years past they have fought in small wars against the Orcs and Goblins and even taken the task of fighting the Skaven. Blackthorne was one of the surviving Victors ten thousand years ago when the great war consumed all of Third Earth. Now the territories lay divided but Blackthorne maintains a utopian peaceful rule within its domain and breeds good soldiers.

    Kronas is ruled by a Regent and has been ruled under the title of a Regent for ten thousand years. Since the great war for Third Earth the last King Rogan The Blackheart was slain at the final battle by the realm of Chaos Rogan The Blackheart was the last in the line of the royal family of Kronas. The people of Kronas decided that a new royal family was unacceptable and pledged their allegiance in the name of the first Regent. Since then the warrior people of Kronas have lived under the rule of the Regent. The armies of Kronas are very battle orientated and will fight to the bitter death. They live by a belief of ending their days with the gods of Valhalla providing they are buried facing the sky.
    The lands of Kronas a rough and victim to constant skirmishes on their borders from the goblins and toad people. Lord Regent Logan Lion Khan is a strong ruler and a warrior who will lead his army from the front lines. Kronas breeds the most violent of warriors even the woman of Kronas grow tro be strong warriors.

    Cavelerus is a land untamed by rule. Many villages reside within the land. Once it belonged to the might rule of a king. During the great war of Third Earth the armies were all but slain leaving only a few select warriors to carry on the good name. Over time the lands became feral and the Goblins and snake people began to invade the already weakened realm. Now Cavelerus is divided between races. The Red Dragons often take up home in the tall peaks, while the Goblins and Skritts have taken up home within the large swamps. Orc raiding parties often emerge from the rocky hills to wage war on Kronas or even attack the woods of Cavelerus to wage war on the wood elves. The Human sects of Cavelerus are a very organised people who live in villages some of which are protected by tall walls in circles around their properties these villages can be three to four miles round. The warriors are a rare breed but hardened fighters and well trained swords men. Some still maintain the skills of their long gone ancestors. Since the return of the Dark Realms of Chaos and the dark lords others are now taking up residence within the boundaries of the lands of Cavelerus.

    Perisia is a land across the Indigosian Sea and filled with a people who live in the deserts of their realm. There are different sects some who would work with the dark realms while others wish only to live in peace. The King Rabanon seeks only peace and has made peaceful pacts with Blackthorne and Iyandan. Perisia breeds Arabian warriors. These are a people who breed assassin and cunning warriors. The Perisians mostly keep to themselves but many wish to seek fortune beyond their desert lands and cross the Indigosian Sea seek work in Blackthorne or hiring themselves out as Mercenaries to who ever pays the highest fee. Some wish to travel across the lands.

    Dramakor is home to the mountain Dwarfs. The Mountain Dwarfs live within the mountains and their many tunnels and large domes within the rock. They have built cities hidden away under the darkness of rock. Some live on the peaks. Dramakor is ruled by the Dwarf King Melgator who is a feral warrior always eager to find combat. Melgator has for centuries led attacks into the Goblin territories. And even come down from the high peaks to steal from the lands of Cavelerus and Blackthorne engaging at times in skirmishes between the blackthorian guards of the border. The Mountain Dwarfs are a hardened people and have a pact of friendship with their kinsmen human alter egos from Kronas. Melgator is no fan of Arcadius but in the times ahead knows he will need his help in the coming of darkness. The Dwarfs are toughened fighters and master tunnel diggers. Yet their realm is now under the strain of attack by the Dark forces of Lord Argamoth.

    Iyandan is a very ancient realm and home one of the elf realms. The people of Iyandan are a mystical race with a vast realm of beauty. Their cities are long and built high in the mountains to the ground. Large waterfalls of rainbow water fall behind the large castles of the High Elves. The ruler of this realm is the High Elf King Ornathalas. The King is older than twenty thousand years and carries a knowledge of all things kept secret from life to the world. The elves of Iyandan preserve all life that is good and possess a power of healing and the knowledge of healing better then any living soul. The army of Iyandan is led by the great Sentikan. Sentikan is almost as old as his king. Ten thousand years back when the great war of Third Earth was fought Iyandan stood in comradeship with the army of Blackthorne and Caverlerus. Their alliance alone was what helped win the great battle against the darkness of the dark realms. Iyandan elves often travel across Third Earth and Ornathala still shares a friendship of brother hood with the King of Blackthorne Victor Arcadius 1st. Ornathalas’s youngest daughter is half human and the last wife Ornathalas was indeed a human women but has been buried one thousand years now. Iyandan also boast some of the best warriors of the ancient times and these warriors and rangers have sworn to protect their realm of beauty. The realm of Iyandan also employs some of the most skilled humans from throughout Third Earth. Iyandan will strive at all costs to maintain peace within their realm and will also aide Blackthorne should the time arise when the Dark Forces come down to the realm of Blackthorne.

    Ulthwus is mainly wrapped in mystery. The elven people of Ulthwus rarely travel from their domain and have next to no contact with the realms Of Iyandan and Wyne Haim. The Elves Of Ulthwus practice their arts in the dark magic believe the usage of dark magic shoulod be used against those who posses the darkness. Ulthwus Elves are dark warriors and wear a dark black to dark red armour. They are use scouts to venture from their realm to watch the darker races to gain knowlage and learn how to use that knowledge against those who serve the darkness of the chaos realms. Ulthwus elves also house a number of psychic elves named warlocks. These warriors from time to time travel alone seeking knowledge of the outside realms of man. During the great war ten thousand years ago Ulthwus tricked the dark lords of Chaos and pretended an alliance. The dark lords soon became to regret their decision of telling their plans. And Ulthwus struck the dark lords with their own magic. Iyandan have believed since they witness this practice that Ulthwus are lost to the ancient ways of the elven people and have closed all contact with their brethren fearing they are a lost people. But Ulthwus merely see Iyandan as weak. Ulthwus are a hardened warrior race and much of their army wear dark skull faced helmets when at war with the dark races. And have fought many battles with their enemeies the Dark Elves. Ulthwus is run by a council of twelve elves all old and ancient. The warriors are hardened fighters and skill full assassins when they time is needed. When on scouting they use the dark of night to hide from sight.

    Wyan Haim is a realm of foresty and tall trees. Here the wood elves live along with the snake people and even the Orcs and goblins. The wood elves protect their realm with feral instincts and fight hard. They sport some of the best dancer warriors who leap from tree to tree to fight their foes using the ancient tees to leap from. They bekleive the forest is alive and at times the Queen Valindra speaks to the whispering trees and sees glimpse of the future. And she has seen the darkness coming. The realm of Wyan Haim has been in a constant state of raiding parties as the Snake people and Orcs strive to rid this realm of the ancient elves who hide in the shadows of the ancient whispering trees. The wood elves also fought ten thousand years ago in the great war and lost many to the dark forces and have ever since pledge to aide any army that would rise against the dark realms. The wood elves are a cunning race and do share friendships with some of the realms of man such as Blackthorne even the other realms. The wood elves however have a strong alliance with the humans of Caverelus.

    Elwood is host to a mixture of races the legendary and ancient tree people have been known to live and breath within this realm. Wood Elves of Elwood also live within the corners of the southern section of the massive forest. A few lakes are within Elwood were many of the rough Toad people live. Elwood also houses the shadows mystical race. Elwood lies on the border to the great river divide of the dark realm. Warriors of Dwarfs reside within these un-ruled forests. Snake men have also emerged from the dark side of the trees. And towards the northern reach is a tall tower that houses one of the dark wizards Kytholas the black eyes. Kytholas left the order of light to practice the dark magic’s and has since become a great threat to the orders close by. Only the stupid or foolishly heroic would dare to approach his domain. Elwood is a realm filled with betrayal.

    Thunder Mountain is home to the wizard order of light the high Wizard Zoreth is one of the oldest men alive on Third Earth it is said Zoreth is almost the age of Onathalas of the Iyandan elves. Zoreth fought ten thousand years ago in the great war. It was after that war when the order of Wizards divided and two thirds chose to practice in dark magic after witnessing it at the great battle. Now the Wizards are divided into the order of light who live in the large castle and towers on the very peak of Thunder Mountain were those who possess the power of magic learn the ways of the wizards. While the Order of the Black Rose live Elwood. The two orders are bitter rivals and since the order of the Black Rose serve the will of Dark magic Zoreth has also learnt that The Lord Dark Wizard Kytholas has pledged allegiance to Argamoth the Dark Lord who has began to march from the dark realm. Zoreth fears for what will follow. Thunder Mountain is high up into the clouds and duly found its name from the incessant thunder and lightening that surrounds the peak above the clouds.


    01) Read everyone’s posts! Not only does this keep us all on the same page, it’s fun to know your posts are being read and acted upon. Respond to stimuli and events from other players’ posts.

    02) Your posts must consist of a minimum of 25 words. However A range of 40-300 words is good to shoot for.

    03) Edit before posting, we’re all here to improve as well as enjoy.

    04) No God-modding or perfect characters. (Boring!) Your characters have weaknesses and they are not immortal and above pain. If you do God Mod your character the Games master will see to it that the character receives a wound whether fatal or not is the games masters discretion.

    05) Fights between characters should be kept to a minimum and I would like to see no killing at all between players. However, if a fight or killing is unavoidably called for the players concerned must work the action out in PM and both parties should be amenable to the outcome.

    06) Do not control another person’s character without their express consent.

    07) If a player is AWOL and holding up the game the character will be NPC’d at the GMs’ discretion. If the player has been gone for 24 hours other players may control their character in minor ways (move them a bit but no big decisions and nothing out of character). If you know you’ll be gone for some time you may hand over your character to another player’s care.

    08) Don’t flood the thread with long conversations. Give others a chance to post.

    09) Please discuss any issues in the Discussion thread or PM any of the named games Master’s with your concerns. Gossiping about issues or spamming up the story thread is counterproductive.

    10) Whilst on an adventure Post Daily. Unless a valid reason is given. If you are unable to post the person you’re teamed with will be allowed to control your character until you return.

    11) If your character dies during any part of the game then that character may not post in the Tavern thread nor return to the game. If a character has siblings i.e. brother sister you must state so in your profile or you cannot create a relative character.

    12) If two players have an argument with their characters remember IT IS ONLY A GAME do not take any insults in game between characters personally. This could result in both characters been removed from the adventure and depending on the seriousness the game.

    13) Because the game is persistent you may come and go as you please unless on an adventure. If you have committed to an adventure with fellow players then you must remain fair and play that adventure out.

    14) You may not kill off any of the resident character's in Third Earth unless the Games Master strictly says so. You may only interact with them

    15) The Games Master’s final word is law.


    The game is a persistent game which will continually follow on. Your characters will interact and grow and even interact with the Third Earth Resident characters. From time to time there will be deaths but you will be allowed to create other characters. Adventures will be set in the Tavern by a notice post written by on of the Games Master’s. Everything you do in third earth will be what makes history. You also have Maps to follow and locate where you are and are going. Once your character’s one per adventure per user are on an adventure you may not post that characters actions within The Tavern.

    The game starts in Blackthorne. Blackthorne is a realm of good and one of the largest Human realms. The Raven’s Tavern is also located in Blackthorne on old Crowes dock.

    Once you decide to accept or rise to an adventure or a challenge you will begin your posts as though you are leaving the Tavern. Or old Crowes Dock.

    ©2009 Hulls Raven Concepts All rights reserved.
    Brought from ©Hulls Raven Concepts 2009 a creation of S, Smith
    ©Third Earth and all logos rights and trademarks are owned by S, Smith 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

    Third Earth is a persistant game creation.


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