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    Contest Winner! Thomas Kitchen for "Within the Hour" - short story contest #143: Narcissism

    Discussion in 'Monthly Short Story Contest Archives' started by GingerCoffee, Nov 18, 2013.

    Well done, Thomas Kitchen! And thanks again to both authors that entered and forum members that voted.

    Within the Hour [625 words]

    The slipper fit me. I can’t believe it.

    I mean it was my slipper, but still, part of me thought it was a dream. One moment I was working for my Stepmother and my ugly sisters, and the next I'm at the royal palace, looking at myself in the mirror and preparing for a wedding. My wedding with the Prince, soon to be King.

    And I shall be Queen!

    My Stepmother and sisters shall be invited of course, but they are to wear rags, sit on the floor at the front, and be jeered at by my other guests. It is what they deserve, and I shall give them no less.

    Doesn't my hair look pretty?

    I'm not sure what will become of them. That is up to my Prince – pardon, King – to decide. Perhaps he shall throw each one into their own cell, where I can visit them whenever I need to be reminded of where they are and where I am. Then again, perhaps it shall be death. After all, they insulted me, the Queen. To insult such royal greatness is mockery in the sight of the King and of God, and it cannot be tolerated.

    Aren't my eyelashes long?

    I shall be married within the hour. There shall be a feast, and we can feed the scraps to my Stepmother and sisters. Wouldn't that be funny? I would laugh until the King would command me to stop, and of course I would listen. I am a Queen now, and Queens must be pretty. Beautiful, in fact. I’m not sure I’ll need much done before I get into my dress, as my complexion is already perfect. That’s why the King chose me. That’s why we fell in love. It was my foot that fitted the glass slipper, and it is I that shall be Queen.


    Isn't it silly that I sat down in front of the mirror at all? Why, I look marvellous for my King. I wake up with my hair like this, you know. As soon as I was to be wed with the King, people passed me on the street and said just how nice I looked. I remember one woman told me she would kill for a figure like mine, and I smiled at her. Then she told me I had a nice smile. Oh look, I'm smiling now! Such lovely teeth. My ugly sisters must have been jealous ever since I lived with them. My Stepmother, too. That’s why they treated me like dirt, when they should have been prostrate at my feet.

    The feet which held the glass slippers.

    Fairy godmother hasn’t been to visit since the night of the fancy ball. I suppose she realises just how perfect my life is going, now that I’ve been seen for my true potential.

    Anyway, I must get into my dress. Such a nipped-in waist. So beautiful for a Queen. And oh my, look at my legs! So long and supple. My King has seen them before, and how his eyes widened! Just like a little boy, wishing to have that sword to play with.

    I’m so young, too. Only a girl of nineteen. The King is a whole ten years older than I am, but that just means that there are no girls his age which he feels obliged to marry. He wanted to marry me. He is marrying me.

    There, the dress fits wonderfully. Now, what to wear for my feet? Why, it simply must be my glass slippers! That will make the King smile. And I shall wear that ball of ruby round my neck, the necklace he gave me when he saw me again, after the fancy ball.

    Ah! They’re knocking on my chamber door. It is time to marry my King. But first…yes, one last look in that mirror!
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    Hooray! This is the first time I've won.

    Very close call between me and @Aled James Taylor, though - I really thought I wouldn't win. Congratulations on a great piece, Aled. :)
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