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    Thought Crimes on a Sounding Board

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by the Sídhe's Writer, Feb 17, 2016.

    I've been heavily building my world, but only because every time I try to write I'm like 'but HOW does that work in this world? What just stops them from doing x instead of y. Why are they doing adfgh as a cultural tradition, why do they believe asdfgh is a thing?'

    Anyway, recently I've come to a point in the early acts where I'm like. Okay, but, it's all well and good that my dear protagonist has been 'captured' by some vague law upholding people, clichely referred to so far as 'the guards' because 'the police' seems to modern, but...surely these "guolice" have to answer to their commanding officer, whom upholds the law and refers to someone and someone, and then whomever makes the laws.

    But who makes the laws.

    Does the king make the laws himself? Does he sit back and go 'damn, don't like tomatoes, ya know what, ANYONE growing tomatoes will be executed!' and then it's done? I mean, maybe in a vaguely dictatorship-like world, but I feel like there has to be some sort of safe guard in place to stop some tyrannical leader making ridiculous laws that only suit him.

    Maybe the King has to refer to a council from his own kingdom.

    If he then makes a law, then how does this new law travel down the lands, because then there must people in place that have to take this news to everywhere, right? Or at least, most places, and hopefully word will spread from like, the trade capitols.

    But...not EVERYWHERE can be like that, right?

    Because if I have made all these lands (because an excellent idea was to be DIVERSE, and show DIFFERENCE between multiple races and people, wasn't it, hahahaha, help me) so, there must be other ways to govern, right?

    Like...like...HOW WE DO, with ELECTIONS, and VOTING and SENATES, yes, and excellent idea, so we have monarchy and democracy, excellent, but as we know both have their faults, these will be shown. But clearly there has to be other ways, something different...like...Aristocracy? Okay, okay, all well and good, but in truth, all these things depend on like the culture. Right?

    So if you have a race that is built on the pursuit of knowledge, then their leader/s would be chosen by the most intelligent. But if you have a race built on the idea of strength (Dothraki of ASoIaF) than the strongest will prevail. But you could also have a people ruled by religion, despite any of the mentioned (like the Middle Ages of England essentially were) or you could have it where the people are self aware and choose leaders based on their need for them to make hard decisions in the best interest of their people (the Quarni of Dragon age) though you could believe reincarnation chooses the leader, and you'll mould your possible candidates to be the next leader (the 100)

    So...how people are ruled, is kind of based off, in some sense, their culture, or perhaps their culture is influenced by who rules, who is in power...

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