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    Thoughts on absurdist fiction authors and ‘Theatre of the Absurd’

    Discussion in 'Discussion of Published Works' started by Alex R. Encomienda, Aug 7, 2020.

    Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of work by Tom Stoppard, Samuel Beckett and Sartre. I started reading more plays than novels and noticed I just grew increasingly interested in the philosophy of ‘Endgame’ and Waiting for Godot’.

    What are your thoughts on the absurd or existentialist authors and their work? Do you feel like there are certain strong elements in their work that others don’t have? Or do you feel like the genre lacks something that others have?

    Do you think that kind of work could sell these days? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this topic.
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    edge of the spacetime continuum
    I like it for the surrealism and the sheer absurdity of it, but I find it awfully nihilistic and depressing. Of course it was a reaction to the utter devastation of WWII and the entirely new levels of mechanized destruction that had been revealed. It was a dive straight into the depths of the unconscious, but it was a deeply disturbed collective unconscious at that time. It helps though to keep in mind that apparently Beckett's plays get produced much 'darker' than he intended. he meant there to be a lot of humor in them.

    I also tend to like stories to make more sense than that. The sweet spot for me is what I call poetic narrative, a mix of both. Absurdism tends to be almost all 'poetic image' that needs to be pondered after seeing it, and then the viewer can start to assemble the poetic image, find the themes.
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