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  1. John-Wayne

    John-Wayne Madman Extradinor Contributor

    Aug 21, 2017
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    Time Stalker

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by John-Wayne, Apr 2, 2018.

    Obvious the title is terrible. :p , and second I hope this is the right place for this. Basically I like to write Sci-fi/Fantasy based on my world or in the galaxy around it. And most of my stories tend to be life stories about the characters involved. Meaning I may take a character from birth to death, slice up the important part which I share with everyone else.

    So once in awhile I get an idea or concept that is way out of my theater, Crime, Thriller, etc. and basically have no clue how to write them and keep up the suspense if necessary. So I hope this is the sort of place to share my concept story and get some ideas... or worse goes to worse have someone else write it for me. :p .

    Anyways, so I had three, two of them I was smart enough to write down the third one I completely forgot what it was and can't seem to find if I wrote it or not. though it also could be a story concept I already had... but anyways. So for this one, the title is Time Stalker... it's clearly a place holder and a bit on the nose for the story.

    So I hope you enjoy my little Short synopsis.... (Just a quick note, I am writing this on the fly and from my bullet notes. so it's going to be written pretty badly, I do apologize for that. also since this is not a core story for me, I am not so attached to the characters nor their names, etc. )

    Update: Well, I remembered the third concept at least :D

    Edit: I just realized that this may belong in the Collaboration Thread, I just realized it was there despite seeing it before. :p

    Ethan and Lynda Smithle are happily preparing for the birth of their first baby, which Lynda is only a few months pregnant giving them plenty of time. However, Lynda soon notices a strange man following her and seems to be everywhere she is, he even seems to know her most private hide aways and places to go for when she just wants a moment to herself.

    Then one day, the man physically attacks Lynda and during the struggle she notices something unsettling and familiar about him, as though she has seen him or features such as his eyes and ears. Though after she is rescued by her husband, who manages to chase the man away, claims to have never seen him before now.

    However, Lynda starts carrying a small pistol with her and the next time the man shows up, she shoots him in self-defense. This causes him to flee and the police collected the blood sample which is put into Codis with no match found. But the man is never seen again from this point.

    Months later, Lynda gives birth to a son, she names Ethan Jr. , and as part of a Child Protection program, the new born's DNA is put into a system, and through an odd cross of events a hit comes up with CODIS revealing that the stalker months prior shares 100% of Ethan Jr.s DNA.
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  2. DeeDee

    DeeDee Contributor Contributor

    Jan 16, 2018
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    I like that plot. I liked the movie, too! :supercheeky::supergrin:.
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  3. DapperDespot

    DapperDespot New Member

    Apr 2, 2018
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    What are you looking for? Ideas?

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