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    Time transitions in radio plays

    Discussion in 'By Writing Form' started by Rachel Melinek, Dec 10, 2017.

    I am interested in writing a script for radio. I am interested in the best way to successfully do time transitions. The narrator is narrating and she starts off in the near present, then she transitions to the past. I think that transition I created is ok as I have her talking about a conversation that she had in the past, then I have her having the conversation. However I am struggling with how to transition her back to a point in the future ( I need to do this as I'd like her to reflect on the circumstances with the knowledge she has gained). Unlike visual mediums such as film, TV or theatre I can't have the character as her older self and change the surroundings to represent change in time. What other things can one do in radio apart from have a conversation to illustrate a time transition? Are there scripts either online or that I could buy that have some good examples of a narrator who goes backwards and forwards in time?
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    Radio plays? Is there actually a market for that kind of thing? Or is this for, say, a college radio station? Which would be a cool idea.

    I believe that back in the days of radio serials, there would be narration that included things like, "Meanwhile, back at the ranch..."

    Recordings of old radio shows like "Dragnet" and "The Shadow" are available on CD. There are also lots of collections available. My grandfather was partial to an old comedy show, "Fibber McGee and Molly", and my dad, as a child, liked a mock game show called "It Pays to be Ignorant" (which some folks seem to take literally these days).

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