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    Timelines-looking for guidance on how to politely abuse them.

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Bruce James, Jul 14, 2016.

    I'm writing a novel. Actually two that are linked, but with a story twist that makes sense as two separate books. I found that my approach to writing is that it's all up there-I don't create a plot, and try to build something from there. For me, it's more like uncovering something that's buried and brushing off the dirt and then assembling it into its proper form. Obviously, the story needs to make sense so I don't completely ignore plot development.

    My two connected books will have, well,,,,connections. That means a progression that doesn't always step logically through time. My first book begins with a result that will make sense once the characters and story line plays out a bit. I didn't plan it that way, but it's a way to create interest so the reader will want to see how all of the pieces fall into place. I want to use the technique throughout and across both books. I want to be careful jumping back and forth in time, so that I don't lose the reader. Any thoughts on how to do it in a way that maintains interest and mystery without being too confusing?

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