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    Too much fighting

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by zterra, May 20, 2020.

    Hello Everybody, this is my first post on here.

    I am wondering if i have my character been in a fight too much. Ill show you what i mean

    This is in near the end of Drag 1.1

    Dimitry threw a fist aiming at the side Jaydee's face, but he sidestepped out of the way and leaned into Dimirty's space and punched him as hard as he can in the nose.

    While Dimitry was stumbling back, clearly surprised that the slow kid landed a hit on him.

    He tightened his grabs on his shirt, causing spots to appear in Zakari's vision. He started to freak out, he couldn't breathe, Darius was saying something, but he ignored him as he thrashed as Darius's grasp. He punched Darius, causing him to let go. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" he yelled, holding his face. Zakari caught his breath and his body was shaking, Darius took his hands off his face, revealing a busted nose, Zakari screamed as he lunged at Darius. He tacked him to the ground and started throwing punches down on him. Darius puts his hands up to defend himself. He wanted to wait this out until it became obvious that Zakari wasn't going to stop. "Da fuck? lets go of me!", Darius said, But Zakari refused to let go.

    This is in Drag 1.2

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