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  1. hawky94

    hawky94 Active Member

    Jan 12, 2011
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    New Brunswick, Canada

    Freelance Travel Writing... On a Bike.

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by hawky94, Jan 12, 2014.

    Hi all,

    I've put my fiction-writing hat away for the moment. And in the last twelve months I've began to write on my own website about my bicycle-touring adventures.

    I also write for a cycling webzine which publishes monthly issues... But, I'm hoping to reach a wider audience in the Spring and Summer when I conduct my own bicycle tours, I'm hoping to build my own profile as a freelance travel writer, and am wondering whether anyone can offer me any tips?

    What do your audience look for in terms of travel-writing... Obviously, you want to be as descriptive as possible about what you see, who you meet, what you do, etc. And I'll be taking multiple photos whenever I'm out on tour and adding them to posts that I make on my website.

    Can anyone also offer any advice when it comes to building up your own persona, per-se. Building up yourself in the freelance market?


  2. mammamaia

    mammamaia nit-picker-in-chief Contributor

    Nov 21, 2006
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    Coquille, Oregon
    welcome aboard, jack!

    re your chances of competing in the freelance market, I've taken a look at some of your writing on the site and am afraid it's not quite ready for the big time, yet... in the piece about meeting the 'other' paul newman I found the writing to be on the stiff side and rather bland... not a compelling, reader-engaging enough read to interest editors of travel magazines who pay pro rates for material... you are also prone to repeating yourself and don't seem to catch the repetitions when you proofread and edit your work... there are other glitches as well, that better editing would have dealt with...

    I suggest you study the work of the best travel writers, to learn how to liven up your pieces and bring your skills up to a professional level... the review of the panniers in particular, has grammar and other goofs that went uncorrected...

    the site could also benefit from a professional designers touch, as it hasn't much viewer appeal and looks too 'home-made' for someone who's aim is to compete with the pros...

    sorry I didn't have happier news for you, but don't be discouraged, as you're just starting out and by asking for tips/advice, show you have good sense and the requisite determination... if you'd like a detailed rundown of the problems I've noted, just send me an email and i'll be happy to give you more specific feedback on those issues...

    love and hugs, maia

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