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    Traveling Distances (on paper)

    Discussion in 'Research' started by joemister1221, Aug 13, 2008.

    Leo, had the same topic weeks ago about horses: how many miles they could travel in a day...
    I searched through the answers and found a lot of it useful for my novel.
    But, also, I ask: How many miles can a old galleon/trireme travel in a day.
    I've tried Google but got varied results. I was wondering if anyone could clear it up.

    How many miles can a wooden ship with sails or oars travel in a day? The day is good for sailing : a good breeze and easy waves and the ship has a basic crew.

    Also, I was wondering how far an army in formation can travel in a day? (the terrain is fields and the army is lightly armored.)

    If anyone could answer any of these questions or give me links that helped them , it would be greatly appreciated.
    This is to help me make a map of my characters journeys. I need to make sure that it's as realistic as possible.
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    You'll need to give more information on the ships... But if you tell me the size and style of the vessel (as well as the historical age) I can probably help there. I'll leave it for one of our ex-army members to answer the army question though...

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