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    Tresure chest, whats inside?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Clinkz, May 17, 2018.

    So my story has 3 major chapters. Each of them starting with my main character having this ongoing dream.

    Chapter one begins the book with her dreaming shes is walking in this old times dark foggy town and it ends when she stumbles uppon a castle a the end of the road. Then she wakes up. A 13 years old girl

    Chapter two begins as she enters the castle and explore it for a little bit before waking up. Years have passed and she is now 16.

    Chapter three she find a big chest inside the castle, opens it to and find whats inside. Many years has passed and she is now working as a journalist.

    So in the book that I'm writting, the main character is a beatiful girl who had a very tough road during her teenage years. Father was always good but then something mistyrious happens at the laboratory where he works as a scientist. He then becomes dreppessed and agressive, culminating on him beating wife and daughter. That's when the divorce comes.

    Later on when shes 16 her first boyfriend and true love kisses the popular girl from school right in front of her one day after taking her vinginity.

    Thats when chapter two ends and chapter three begins (years after) with the dream of her opening the chest.

    From now on she became a very seductive woman who fuck the life of asshole men.

    So whats inside the chest?
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    That should depend on the aim of the story.
    This is a reaccuring dream of a castle?
    What's the genre of the story? Fantasy?Romance, Adventure? Drama? Horror? Supernatural?
    What are some of the themes and elements of the story?
    What's the end goal of the book? What's it all about?

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