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    Trying to write a song that will inspire a novel

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by rktho, Sep 15, 2017.

    So I'm working on a musical about a singer named Gilligan Cavan and a fan of his named Madysin. who knew him in high school. Gill has been writing songs since high school, back when Madysin had an unrequited crush on him. Madysin has been a writer ever since her junior year of high school. Now Madysin is in college, writing her novel between classes, and Gill is doing livestream broadcasts on a site called MyStream where he performs his music. The novel Madysin is writing came about because of Gill's lyrics, and she discovers Gill online after years of no contact between them. Madysin attempts to contact him with little success, while Gill is trying to become good enough at what he does to be able to produce a studio album. Basically, both of them are budding artists trying to figure out how to make a career of their work.

    Eventually, Madysin is able to get Gill's attention, but not all is well; Madysin, having always been socially awkward, makes a mistake; in her efforts to become even closer with Gill and develop a real friendship, she solicits the help of a fellow fan named Rickie Spinoza. Gill blocks her, and Rickie tells her she doesn't deserve Gill's attention. Gill's reasons for blocking Madysin become clear in one of his livestreams when he reveals that his girlfriend broke up with him because she was only dating him to get closer to his best friend, Jerry. Madysin realizes she used Rickie the same way and feels guilty, writing an apology she knows Gill will never see, confiding in her best friend Dylan about it, who comforts her. She pours her pain into her book and finishes her manuscript, ready to find an editor and publish it.

    Gill has finally found a studio to produce his album, but they want him to compromise himself, so he leaves. Jerry gets him a radio gig where they sing a duet together, and Gill attracts the attention of Jerry's producer, and Gill signs a deal with him. Gill releases the first promotional single for the album, which turns out to be an apology to Madysin for misjudging her. Dylan reveals that he sent Gill Madysin's apology and Gill forgave her. However, Gill's contact information has changed so as not to be bombarded with fan mail, so Madysin cannot contact him. He can't contact Madysin either because he's forgotten her information as well. However, Gill is performing at a convention, so Madysin can meet him there.

    Rickie, now Gill's girlfriend, is jealous of Gill writing a song to Madysin and tells him there's no way she'll hear it, and Gill resignedly concedes that she's probably right. At the convention, Madysin and Dylan see Gill and Rickie onstage. They are unable to reach Gill, but catch Rickie, who gives them misleading information so Madysin will not attend the next performance. The next day, they find an event list that reveals that Rickie lied to them. Meanwhile, Gill and Rickie have been fighting because Rickie has been hostile to Gill's female fans.

    Madysin and Dylan find Jerry, who gets them backstage after one of Gill's performances. Madysin reunites with Gill, who dumps Rickie when he finds out she intentionally deceived Madysin to keep her from finding him. Madysin and Gill go on to have successful careers on novels and music, collaborating often.

    So I'm opening this thing with a teenage Gill performing a song, which will inspire Madysin to write a novel. What I need is a subject for the song, maybe some lyrics (I can come up with them myself if I know the subject, but anything helps) and a premise for the novel.

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