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    Unbelievable coincidences of my character with my friend

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by raisin, Apr 6, 2011.

    I started writng this piece in extremely difficult situations when I needed some fruitful diversions. My not mentioning the plot and the my friend's may kill some spirit but do read along and let me know what you feel.

    I had already met this person when I began writing. I met this guy named SC in formal environment and knew nothing about his personal life. So my hero was shaped out of him totally imagining how such a person would behave in a society. I had a huge admiration for this guy and felt unhappy that I never got around in to his friend's circle. Then it changed in to a crush that I unabashedly hold inside now even after a year!:p

    OK, my hero has some physical charateristics and has the same profession as SC. When I began to write my novel I chose a name Ms M. for my female protagonist something that was uncommon and a bit traditional. She had many traits and nuances of me and both she and I myself fell in love with our hero. He was everything I wanted to see in a man. All human qualities and flaws together- a perfect man! He never wished to marry and work was everything for him. One of great compassion he hardly knew how to say NO. He believed in destiny more than anything. His deep affection was for his ounger sister whom he longed to talk to whenever he felt alone. But then he falls deeply in love with her in strange siuations and hero , unable to get her decides not to find another partner in life. All along she is married and so the story goes.

    In real life, I slowly began to get closer to SC and became friends. Nobody other than the 2 of us and my family knew we shared a private relationship. It was thicker than usual between Staff and client as we shared our worries and happinesses. I almost wished we were in love. I kept writing at the same time and the coincidences in my novel began to unfold.

    One day SC tells me that he has a sister whom he is very close to.
    Now he says the community he is from is the same as of my hero, totaly my imagination.
    Third, he doesn't want to get married but it is all destiny.
    Like me hero, he fights with his parents too and asks them "Why is marriage necessary at all?"
    And finally the real one came recently when he finally dated a girl. After everything I asked him her name. It was the same as my heroine. Ms. M.I was stunned. And I told him about the coincidences. He was quite worried about the ending of my story which I myself has not decided yet. But he doesn't know how the plot is different from the real story. But all these were good enough to scare me off writing.

    What do you think?

    Sorry my keypad is not working today.
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    Keep writing I'd say;)

    The whole situation seems quite interesting, especially if you really knew nothing of this person. Interesting and creepy ^^
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    Keep writing, and watch Stranger than Fiction with him...just remember that it's fiction!
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    Sounds super freaky!!! Like maybe you are writing out his life... I agree with -oz about it being just like Stranger than Fiction. I saw the movie during my creative writing class and it is scary how similar it is to your story!

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