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    Underappreciated Authors

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Snoopingaround, Sep 24, 2011.

    Alright, here in this section we can present our cases for authors that are great but are not well known. Give a little background on what they wrote about, and what their main genre was, so as to let others in on some great works that could otherwise be missed. So, if you guys have any picks that you like present your case here...

    My first pick goes to Christopher L. Bennett, who does mainly science fiction, and does it quite awesomely. Actually, he mainly seems to specialize in star trek novels, and has written titles like "Orion's Hounds" and "EX Machina". He is really good all-around, but particularly in getting into characters' heads and providing very convincing and detailed inner thoughts and character development through the storyline. Has anyone else heard of him, because it seems that he is not well known, and in lists of great sci-fi authors, I do not recall seeing that name before I discovered his works.

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