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    Unfriendly Fire (5,280 Words!)

    Discussion in 'Strong Character Contest' started by skippytim, Oct 23, 2007.

    Here's my short story entry.

    It's probably easier to read using the PDF; since I typed it in word it wasn't too big of a deal to export it, so here's the link.


    Here's a copy of it, like I said, you should consider reading the PDF...You can actually make out where one paragraph begins and another ends. ;)

    Unfriendly Fire
    By Tim Green

    [1100 Hours]

    “Take the left flank, I’ll take right” he ordered. Sonar broke left, Kodiak right. The F-22 Raptor spun a one-eighty and within seconds he was tailing two enemy fighters. One evaded left, the other right. Just in time Viper came to the tail and flanked to the right, Kodiak broke to the left. “Thanks for the support Kid.” Kodiak laughed.
    “Come on Bulldogs! Let’s finish them!” shouted Hawk falling in from behind. The first wing of the 525th Fighter squadron had a kill ratio of one to zero, three planes to go. The enemy knew they’d lose; after all they were just rookies, still in Flight School. Against the bulldogs, they stood no chance. “Its been a while since I’ve seen the desert” said Hawk, and it was true. The only thing the bulldogs had seen for months was snow caps and glaciers.
    “Yea, I could get used to this.” Sonar replied. “Sonar reporting lock on, Nellis, clear to engage?” Silence as the team of four waited for their response; Kodiak tightening the gap between the enemy F16 he was tailing.
    At the same time, Viper requested clearance to engage the hostile he was tailing as well. The orders came in at the same time, “Nellis to Sonar, Clear to engage. Viper, clear to engage.” Kodiak turned to watch as Sonar closed the gap and fired. “Fox Two.” Stated Sonar as a red laser beam crossed the sky and hit the enemy fighter jet ahead of Sonar. “Two planes left.”
    “Fox Two!” shouted Viper as the red laser beam made its way to the enemy. Lights out. “Another kill, one to go. Kodiak, this is your time to shine.” Kodiak locked on to his target, now with his entire team behind him.
    “Kodiak to Nellis, Locked On. Clear to Engage?” Nellis gave him the all the clear. The F16 scurried from side to side but couldn’t escape the wrath of the Raptor as he fired his laser. “Fox Two!” Kodiak excitedly shouted into the microphone. “Hostile Down, Victory Confirmed”
    “Good job Bulldogs. Return to base, victory confirmed” Echoed Nellis Control. The sortie was over, another win for the record books.
    “Okay guys.” Kodiak began his pep talk as they made their approach to Nellis for the Runway Three Left. “We did okay out there. Sonar, I want you to take the lead, tighten your turns, and don’t hesitate once you get the go. You took down one man today, congratulations.” Sonar thanked the Major. “Viper you took down one plane as well, you seemed very tight in your turns but you were a little close to the enemy, if he slowed down he could have taken you out. Nicely done; though.”
    “Thank you sir. I tried my best to ease back on the throttle but I was a little jumpy.” Replied the Captain as he completed his landing checks. Nellis had just cleared the squad for landing; they were tightly in landing formation and ready to touch the ground.
    “Finally, Hawk. You didn’t get any kills today. You need to be more aggressive and get your ass in there, especially on these Red Flags when there aren’t surface to air missles coming at us from the ground and heat seekers from the fighters on our tail. I need to be able to count on you…we, your friends, need to be able to count on you. I know you’re new but that’s no damb excuse so get motivated and tomorrow I want to see some action from you. Understood?”
    “Yes Sir!” replied Hawk. The Major was the first to land. Hawk watched from the back as he eased onto the runway and sped towards the end to allow room for his comrades. Sonar was second, Viper third and Hawk took the tail. Momentarily they were downed and taxiing for the hangar. “Permission to speak freely sir?” requested Lieutenant Taylor.
    “Go ahead Hawk,” Replied the Major.
    “Sir, I want to go up again with you. It’s hard for me to control my plane and lock on, maybe a one on one scuffle would help. I’m just afraid to let the plane handle itself.”
    “I’ll try to set something up Lieutenant. For now, let’s park and get some food and rest, we’ve got a long day ahead of us tomorrow. Maybe I’ll take you up tomorrow night, but lets play it by ear.” Replied the Major, and with that, they silently rolled into the Hangar and shut off the jet engines. Things had been a little funny lately with the practice runs; quite recently an actual missile was accidentally fired off an F16 which almost killed a friendly pilot in a Red Flag sortie, luckily he ejected just in time and survived thanks to AWACs.
    The Major was climbing from his aircraft, sweat beaded upon his forehead. He’d pulled a lot of G’s on the maneuver to tighten up with the final kill; two kills in one day wasn’t a record but it was better than his fellow aviators. As he closed the canopy and climbed down the aluminum steps, his boots clomped with each blow; something was bothering him. Captain Monroe was the first to notice. “Sir, everything alright?” he asked as he secured his canopy. The Major looked at him.
    “I’m fine.” He replied and with that walked out the Hangar exit door which slammed closed behind him.
    Viper looked towards Sonar, “What’s with the Major?” Sonar didn’t know, and neither did Hawk. He was acting strange lately on the ground. The entire team could agree that something was bothering him, and as it turns out, they were certainly correct about it. “Sonar, do you think it has something to do with his Dad?”
    “I don’t know Hawk! What do I look like, an Encyclopedia!” shouted Captain Monroe. He was tense too from the sortie. Hawk assumed he was probably worried about Kodiak as well, but he wanted to know more about his new commander, so he asked. And this time the Captain was friendlier; he just needed a minute to cool down. “No, that’s not exactly what happened. Nobody knows whether or not he was a prisoner of war or not, or If he even survived the crash. Back then Ejection seats weren’t as good as they are today.” The Captain was talking about Major Stears’ father, Colonel Stears, who had been missing since he crashed in 1966 just north of the capital in Vietnam.
    “I think I might know what’s bugging the Major.” Viper spoke up. “A few weeks ago, right before he started acting strange, a Naval Admiral visited the Admiral at the Ops Center. They stepped outside, and when the Major came back inside, he seemed pretty upset. He grabbed his coat and locked his office, and then he just left, plain and simple. It must have been something the Admiral said to him.”
    “Sir, What do you think the Admiral told him?” Asked the Lieutenant.
    “Enough with the questions, Kid. It doesn’t matter what he told him, it’s probably none of our business. The Major will get over it; he always seems to at least. We’ve got to get to the Breifing Room, the Major wanted to see us at 1300 Hours front and center. Let’s lock up this hangar.”
    Standing up for himself, Lieutenant Taylor addressed Viper. “Captain, I might be young but I’m not a kid, I’m a twenty four year old fighter pilot. How many kids do you know that fly F22’s all day?”
    “Yea, and I’m 33. Sonar is 34 and the Major is 38. You better get used to being the kid around here Lieutenant. Now get a move on it, we’ve got to meet the Major in 10 minutes and we’ve still got this Hangar to lock up.”
    “Who cares?” replied Lieutenant Taylor. “If we’re late, nobody’s going to care.”
    “The Major will, he’s stressed enough already. Now lock up your plane, shut your mouth and get a move on. That’s a direct order from your superior, Kid,” Ordered Sonar.
    “Aye Aye, Sir!” replied the Lieutenant as he slammed his canopy shut and climbed down the ladder below his feet, and left the Hangar with his fellow pilots, making an extra effort to toggle the light off as he stepped outside. As the team neared the Ops building, the Major was inside the briefing room waiting for them and they could clearly see him through the windows facing the hangar. He was reading some sort of letter. Curious if it was a connection between the Major’s erratic behavior, the Bulldogs rushed into the Ops building and scurried into the Briefing Room, but the letter was no longer in the hands of the Major and was out of site.
    “Ladies, nice to see you made it. Let’s begin.” The Major addressed the men. Tomorrow is no ordinary scuttle, it’s going to be unpredictable, you’ll be on the edge of your seat all day; try not to hit your head on the cockpit. We have no details tonight about the mission; they’re nicknaming it Sortie “Unseen,” nobody knows what’s in store for us except AWACS and possibly a handful of two stars. The only thing I know is that you are to report to the Mess Hall no later than 0500 tomorrow for your rations. They’ll update you on the events after breakfast, and AWACS will keep the mission moving. As far as I know, they’ve got AWACS involved, multiple Fighter and one bomber squadron in the air. Plus I hear this sortie will pull out all the big guns, midair refueling, recon, the works. Just get some rest tonight and be ready because nobody knows what tomorrow has in store. Oh, and kid, I set us up a one on one tomorrow night, just me and you. Good Night, gentlemen.” As the Major turned and left, a folded piece of paper slipped out of his back pocket and floated to the floor. It was as someone was handing them the letter to read.
    “Should we?” asked Viper. “It’s like it was almost meant to be. What do you guys think?”
    “I say we go for it Viper,” Replied Captain Monroe. “Kid, what do you suppose we do with the Major’s letter?”
    “I don’t think it’s a good idea to read it, I mean, it could be personal sir. Maybe we should just return it to the Major and tell him the truth, that he dropped it when he left. We’ll see him anyway in the Mess hall for dinner.” Viper and Sonar looked at each other in disagreement with the Lieutenant’s thoughts.
    “Sorry kid, two against one; plus we both outrank you. We read it.” Viper Spoke up. “Okay, I guess I’ll read it if it’s okay with you Sonar?” Sonar nodded his head in agreement. “Here we go…’Dear Son, It’s me. Pop.’ Oh my…you guys…were right. We should have never read this letter, but we’ve already started. ‘Last month my plane went down somewhere east of the capital, my engine was hit from a stray coming off the ground, I suppose it was Vietnamese troops. I broke my leg in the crash and was unable to get far enough away from the wreckage, it was no use. I crawled for hours but the enemy troops quickly scrambled and captured me. I spent a few days on the move and I’ve just reached a POW camp today, I don’t know what’s in store, I’ve asked but they don’t speak English and I sure as hell don’t speak Vietnamese. It’s overcrowded and they just killed a handful of captured soldiers; hopefully my name’s not on that list. Well son, this is as long as it gets, I can’t smuggle out two pages. I hope this reaches you and I love you with all my heart. Pop.’ Oh my, and to think…all this time we’ve been wondering why he was depressed. This explains it.”
    “We’ve got to give this back to the Major, sir. If he thought he lost it, he’d really be on the verge of a breakdown,” Said the Lieutenant.
    “I know. We’ll give it to him later. Just tell him we found it when you see him at Dinner, I’ll keep it in my hatch. I’m feeling a little sick tonight, I suppose I’ll just skip dinner.”
    “Okay sir, I will too.” Replied Hawk, Sonar nodding his head as well.
    “No, you eat. Lieutenant, that’s an order. You need food for tomorrow. Captain, I can’t order you to do anything but I mean it, you should eat too…Don’t worry about me, I’m no kid.”
    “Me neither,” Added Lieutenant Taylor. “Thank you sir, Goodnight!” and the two left as Viper made his way back to his barracks for the night.

    [0500 Hours]
    Lieutenant Taylor was just climbing out of his bunk as the sun rose above the Nevada sand dunes from the east. Captain Monroe and Captain Lazet were both returning from their morning showers, and the Major was already in the Mess Hall attending a Commander’s meeting. “Sir, Good Morning” he said to Captain Monroe as he slid into his Nomex green flight suit. He proudly looked at his name and smiled before buttoning it up. Suddenly an air strike alarm was sounded; it was time for the first unexpected event; an emergency scramble. Viper and Sonar quickly suited up and ran to the Hangar where a Flight Line Crew member had prepped the F22s for immediate scramble departure.
    “Hey Viper, where is Kodiak’s F22?” he shouted as he climbed into his cockpit. From across the hangar Viper shrugged and shut his glass canopy. The Hangar Officer flagged Viper to start the engines and taxi out for scramble, with Kodiak’s plane gone he was free to go. Sonar had to wait for Hawk to start his plane and scramble before he could move. The planes were packed in the hangar tight like a box of confetti just waiting for someone to relieve the pressure, one after another the planes poured out from the Hangar, Viper in the lead, with Hawk and Sonar tailing behind.
    “Come on guys! Let’s hurry up!” shouted Sonar on the radio. Sonar never liked being in the back of anything, especially taking off or landing. Sometimes things just happened and he was forced to take it, rank or not. “Hey! Viper! Is that Kodiak?” Immediately Viper and Hawk were wide eyeing ahead. From the lead Viper replied, “Confirmed Sonar, we’ve got a Commander with us.”
    One after another the jets scrambled, first the Night Stalkers, the 415th Tactical Squdron followed by the bulldogs. Tagging along were several more fighters; and the AWACS were already airborne. It was still only 0545 and the sun was just peeking atop the sand. “This sun is enough to blind you! Thank god for the helmets!” laughed Hawk.
    “Come on Kid, let’s get serious about this. We’ve got to take this on like a real mission, you know the drill. What did I tell you yesterday?”
    “Nice to hear you up there Major, thanks for setting me straight sir.” Replied Hawk. “So, we’re scrambled, now what sir?”
    “Just wait and see kid. Just wait and see,” replied Viper.
    “All Fighter Jets, welcome to Day Seven of the Fall Red Flag. To set things straight, nobody leaves the engagement zone without direct orders from AWACS. This scenario involves the runway having been bombed by a long range air to surface missile and destroyed; I hope you boys fueled up. We will begin with some recon, there are three large hostile camps ahead. Bulldogs, flank left. Nightstalkers, flank right. Tiger Sharks, front and center. Keep your speeds down low, keep your plane high, and be as quiet as possible. Make the minimum passes necessary and report immediately. Go, Go, Go!” AWACS was a valuable tool in any mission. Delta Force gets PDAs to store their information, Fighter Pilots get AWACS.
    “Okay guys, let’s take this nice and slow,” started Kodiak. “You know, I’ve been flying since I was ten with my father. Now that you all saw the letter I assume, we can be more straight forward, agreed?”
    “Yes Sir.”
    “Aye Aye Sir”
    “Yes Major.”
    “Okay, that’s what I like to hear. When my father and I went up in our family’s Piper, we used to pretend to be on recon missions all the time. This really brings back missions. You guys are my family now, and these are our family planes. Sure, the F22 beats a Piper but when it comes to the mission if we stay on task we’ll nail it. Let’s beat the Nightstalkers and Tiger Sharks; Bulldogs will dominate. Are you ready men?”
    “Oh, I see we’ve gotten promoted to men?” Sonar laughed.
    “Yea, when he needs us we’re men but the rest of the time we’re ladies.” Added Viper.
    “Let’s be serious guys. You know AWACS is listening for Radio Silence too, what kind of Hostile camps aren’t packed full of High End military grade radio receivers?” The Major was finally beginning to take charge. “We’re not usually a recon group but we live to serve and serve to live, we’ll do whatever it takes. Let’s do it. I wasn’t promoted to Commander of our squadron because of my looks now.”
    “Well sir, if that was the case, I believe I would have been the one promoted,” laughed Viper. Sonar and Hawk were laughing too, but Kodiak didn’t see the humor. “Captain, I have just one question for you. How’d you become an officer? The hard way, or the easy way?”
    “Viper, you know me well enough to know I never made anything easy for myself. I enlisted, and a year in to my service I enrolled in the Academy, got accepted. Lucky me. I would have never gotten accepted had I not enlisted.”
    “Why’s that Sir? I got in.” asked Lieutenant Taylor.
    “Hawk, I think my grades would have hurt me. I had a 2.5 Grade Point Average. Trust me, I was never good with learning, especially when it came to English, but thankfully my year of enlistment and my years of football and baseball, plus my past flying experience got me in. I’d be surprised that my father’s status didn’t influence their decision as well,” responded the Major.
    “Sir, what did you get your degree in?”
    “A Bachelors in Biology kid, you know, I was pretty damb happy that I had…”
    “ALL FIGHTER PILOTS; This is AWACS. Red Flag Cancelled, requesting immediate confirmation. We have a situation here people! 3 Unknown Radar Signals were just activated 1000 miles off the coast; and they’re heading straight for San Francisco; ETA twenty minutes. We know you don’t have weapons aboard; but you’re the closest thing we’ve got. Bulldogs, Get out there and be our eyes in the sky until the boys we’re scrambling now down at Nellis arrive. You too, Night Stalkers. This is not a drill people! Tiger Sharks please return to base. Requesting immediate confirmation from Squadron Commanders.”
    “AWACS, Confirmation confirmed. Bulldogs falling out of Red Flag Airspace.” Replied the Major.
    “We’ve got confirmation as well.” Replied the Night Stalker’s Commander. The Night Stalker’s four A10’s closed in directly behind the Bulldogs. “So, boys, you up for a little close to home recon?”
    “You call this recon?” Laughed the Major. “This reminds me of when I used to fly recon with my father in our family’s plane; my uncle would fly his Cessna out ahead of us. I would bring the camera; take pictures of the ground, the other plane, we’d pretend we were stalking it. Good times. My dad always enjoyed recon, it’s probably what he was doing when he was shot down.”
    “Yes Sir. Do you know what happened to him after he was shot down?” asked the commander of the Night Stalkers.
    A long pause fell across the radios; our entire team knew exactly what happened, Kodiak was well aware of his father’s fate. Was he willing to admit it? Finally he spoke. “Yes…” Again, an awkward pause. Then the commander sighed, you could hear it from his breathing pattern into the microphone. “I just…I just got a letter last week. Turns out our suspicions are true; he was killed in a POW camp.”
    “Wow, your dad was a hero!” shouted one of the Night Stalkers; probably the Commander’s right wingman. “My dad’s just a secretary.” He laughed.
    The Major’s mood quickly changed. “A hero. Yea, I guess so. He should receive a medal for what he did.” The major seemed happier; his father was no longer one of the two thousand soldiers labeled “unknown” at the end of the war. Now he was a hero. “And if I knew my father well enough, I’d say he tried to escape. I bet that’s what got him killed. I bet he tried to escape with at least twenty other prisoners, probably carrying those who couldn’t walk and guiding those who couldn’t see. Yea, that was my father. A Hero.”
    “Major, you’re pretty young to be a commander. How’d you make it there?” asked one of the Night Stalkers. They were just rookies, the commander was in his early fifties, the rest of the squadron had only been flying about a year, which explained their curiosity.
    “Well…” replied the Major. “When I was in my twenties, fresh out of Flight School, my squadron leader was pinned by a surface to air missile fired from some sand dunes. I shot the missile fresh out of the sky, and I’d say that when he was promoted to a two star; a desk job, he put in quite a recommendation for me.”
    “And if you’re promoted to Two Star?”
    “No plans for that, boys. I’d rather stay a one star and fly than sit at a desk and watch the action on a television. There’s nothing I want to do other than fly, I’ve wanted to since I was just a baby. My childhood bedroom was filled with poster, models, memorabilia my father brought home. I was an Air Force Pilot for Halloween from the time I turned six until I outgrew trick-or-treating. Hang on fellas, we got an incoming message. AWACS- go ahead.”
    The confusion aboard the AWACS plane could be heard over the radio as the comm. Operator struggled to get the information and report. “Listen up men. We’ve got an even bigger situation. Two of the hostile aircraft broke off from the other two radar signals; it appears there’s two targets, Los Angeles is the most likely, San Francisco the other. I’m ordering you two to split up, Night Stalkers flank left; Bulldogs remain on course for the two hostiles ahead.”
    “Roger that AWACS. Thanks for the heads up,” replied the Major. The A10’s spun to the left and flew away from us towards the horizon.
    “Major, do you think this is part of the Scenario?” asked Hawk.
    “Kid, it’s hard to tell. It could be. Personally, I’d be willing to put money on that. How about twenty bucks? I’d say the set this one up pretty damb good.”
    “Aye aye sir, the bet’s on,” replied Hawk. It appeared Sonar had been teaching him some of the Naval ways. He was a Lieutenant in the Navy before he requested to be an Air Force pilot and was accepted, he was a submarine sonar operator which is how he got his nickname.
    “AWACS to all airborne teams, clear to accelerate to supersonic speeds over land. We’ve got to nab these guys before they hit us.” The call surprised everyone.
    “Hey Kodiak, looks like you owe me twenty bucks,” chuckled Hawk. Hawk had earned his nickname from a childhood experience, when he was young he jumped off the roof of his house wearing some homemade paper wings. When he hit the ground, he broke his arm. Originally his callsign was “Baby Hawk” but he quickly outgrew it.
    “Looks like it.” Replied Kodiak. The teams advanced to supersonic speeds; ‘Boom!” could be heard one after another as they climbed and broke the sound barrier. The fog tunnels around their planes looked even cooler from the cockpit than the ground. AWACS returned to the radios.
    “Nicely done Bulldogs; you managed to break the barrier over Sacramento. We’re already getting calls about bombs. Continue your mission.” As the team of four neared the coast, they could see the people of San Francisco watching them fly by. Kodiak even passed low just to show off. Once they hit the bay it was free sailing until the engagement zone. “Bulldogs, Engagement Zone reached. Recon the enemy, and report.” The team continued, slowing down so they wouldn’t spook the hostiles. Suddenly their radars showed the two signals; it was time.
    The team slowly closed in on the signals; closer and closer until they were nearly on top of them. Kodiak flipped into a corkscrew to a one hundred and eighty, tailing the hostile in his blind spot, Viper did the same. “Sir! Could it be?”
    The Major responded. “I think it is! Who the hell has access to these things other than our top secret facilities? Let’s report.” The Major did a double take just to be sure. “AWACS, this is Bulldogs; we’ve got some Intel for you. We’ve got loaded unmarked drones closing in to San Francisco at six hundred knots and rising, altitude twelve hundred.”
    “Unmanned drones! You’re kidding me!? Any indication of their origin?”
    “No Mam, they’re clean white,” replied the Major. “Dambit, I wish I had a missile, hell even my AA gun would be nice.”
    “Okay boys, try to get them off course. I don’t care what you have to do, just figure it out and get them out of this airspace! Reinforcements are closing in.” The commander had his brainstorm session and then came up with an idea.
    “Kid, move underneath the Drones. Sonar, I want you on top. I’ll flank left, Viper take right.”
    “Aye aye sir,” responded Viper as the tea moved into the assigned formation. The drones were parallel, side by side. “Sir, what’s the plan?”
    “When I countdown, we increase thrust, all four of us at full throttle should make enough of a blow to push the drones down. At least it’ll make it fun for their pilots,” laughed the Major. “Okay, 5…4…3…2…1…Go! Go! Go!” shouted the Major. Three of the planes pulled forward leaving Hawk behind. “FALL BACK! HAWK!? WHERE ARE YOU!?” shouted the Major. As they eased back level with the drones, the Lieutenant’s plane jettisoned forward directly in the drone’s target zone.
    “Major! The kids totally exposed!” shouted Sonar.
    “Kid, fall back! Get your ass back here! Watch your god dambed six kid; that drone is moving to target you!” cried the Major.
    “Kodiak! Please! Someone’s locked on to me! What do I do?”
    “Evade Kid! Evade!” shouted Viper.
    “Kid! One of the drones just fired an SAAM at you! Get Evade hard; increase your speed and climb! Climb! Come on kid! You can do it!” shouted the Major.
    “Major! Did you just see that! The drone fired another at Hawk!” shouted Sonar.
    “I saw! Kid, turn! Come on!”
    “I…I can’t! My gyros went out, Oil pressure decreasing, my throttle’s not responding. I can’t control this thing!” screamed the Lieutenant. He was in fear for his life and you could hear it in his voice.
    “Who the hell are these guys!?” screamed Viper. “C’mon kid! Hit the after burners. You can do it, I know you can! You pull out of this one there will be a purple star waiting for you back home! Come on!”
    “I think I’m stalling Major!” cried Hawk. “I can’t turn sharp enough, where the hell is our reinforcement sir!?”
    “He’s not going to make it Commander! Where the hell is the guys with the guns sir!?” shouted Viper. “This is ridiculous!”
    “Viper, Watch your god dambed six! The other drone just fired at you, evade god dambit! Evade! I mean it Viper, we’re not losing you, and you neither kid!” The missile was closing in fast on the defenseless Hawk.
    “I’m evading! Don’t worry about me guys! Watch the kid! Save him!” shouted Captain Lazet as he took on nine G’s evading to the right. “Wow! Almost hit you there Sonar!” shouted Viper. “Okay, missile evaded! Missile evaded!”
    There was less than 50 yards between the kid and the missile. “Kid! Eject! Eject! We’ll stick here with you until you’re brought home!” shouted the Major.
    “****! My ejection lever is jammed. I’m pulling! I’m pulling! Jesus Christ that sucker’s tight, Where the hell is my pliers!” the Lieutenant searched under his feet. “I can’t even pry it with the pliers! I’m going down guys! Tell my mother I love her!”
    “Come on kid!” begged Viper. “You can do it!” The gap between Hawk and the SAAM was tightening as Major maneuvered himself right for the missile!
    “I’ve got nothing to lose!” shouted Kodiak. “I’ll keep with my piece until the last second and I’ll eject. This kids got a life waiting for him; I’m going for it.”
    “Major! Be careful!” yelled Sonar.
    “Major! Don’t do it!” pleaded Hawk. “I got myself into this mess!”
    “Hawk, you can pull through. I’ll eject, just relax and enjoy the view. There better be a Medal of Honor waiting for me when I get home.” Those were the last words the Major said before he made his move. He tightened the gap and slipped right in the path of the SAAM as it closed into him.
    BOOM. A giant cloud of flames and smoke filled the sky, raining metal and glass shards. Desperately Viper, Sonar and Hawk searched the skies for the Major’s ejection seat. He was no where to be found. “Viper, did you see him eject?” mercifully asked Sonar.
    “I didn’t! The Major never ejected! He went down with his plane!” cried Hawk.

    “I don’t think he made it out! My god! I can’t believe it!” pleaded Viper. The sound of friendly jets, the reinforcements were barreling towards the drones. One after another both drones were vaporized midair by the impact of the friendly missiles. Everything happened according to plan, except losing Major Stears. Major “Kodiak” Stears was killed in the crash, the official FAA report stated the Major never had the chance to eject, he turned into the missile too sharp. As for Hawk, he was forced to bail from his plane minutes later after manually opening the hatch and releasing his ejection seat. A Chinook rescue team recovered him less than twenty minutes later. The official report stated that his plane was hit by several AA bullets fired from one of the drones, penetrating the on board computer system, the result of the ejection seat’s failure is still unknown.
    The Major’s body was never recovered from the ocean, however, it’s assumed he was torn apart by the SAAM. He was, however, awarded the Air Force Cross and the Congressional Medal of Honor, as well as promoted to Brigadier General. Sonar was promoted to Squadron commander, Viper and him both rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and earned the Purple Heart and the Air Force Cross. As for Hawk, the nickname “Kid” was no longer associated with him. For his bravery, he was promoted to Major, and received a list of awards, his most prized, the Congressional Medal of Honor. The entire unit received the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award as well as the Presidential Unit Citation, and in addition, the squadron was renamed from Bulldogs to “Kodiaks” in honor of Major Stears.


    Total Words: 5,280

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