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    Using perspective to describe characters

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Kaid115, Oct 23, 2020.

    I am writing a novel, about 10 pages in when I was struck with an idea. I've been using the third person perspective because I have 3 different groups of characters ill be bouncing around while writing.
    A group of individuals who work for a tyrannical governmental organizatiom
    A group of individuals who are in a rebellion against the organization.
    And a group who want no part of either but keep getting dragged into situations where they will eventually have to choose.

    My idea is can I use multiple perspectives to tell you how I think the characters should be portrayed. Id use the first person when talking about the unaffiliated group, to give the reader a sense of intimacy, make them feel human.

    When I talk about the rebellious group id use a close 3rd person perspective so the reader still gets an idea how the characters are feeling.

    And when I talk about those working for the tyrannical government id use an analytical distant 3rd person perspective writing everything as if it was a someone telling you what happened but not putting any emotion into it to make them feel dehumanizing to the reader.

    And as the group of unaffiliated people are drawn to or from the good side or the bad side id start shifting the naration to those perspectives.

    I want to know if you guys would think this would be a clever idea, or do you think it would be to jarring for the reader.
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    In theory it sounds cool, I had to reread what you meant a few times, so I worry that in a story it would be even more confusing than the post. I think it would be a cool way of shifting narratives without having to explain which group is which in the first few lines, but it would have to be executed extremely well to not leave the reader confused. I say give it a try, see how it reads and how easy it is to understand, but be ready to rewrite it just in case its too messy to understand. For reals though, I dig the concept and its something I would totally pick up on while reading and think is cool.
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    It could work, if it's done well... As far as using 1st and 3rd, that's fine - I've seen it done plenty of times, so that's not a problem in and of itself.

    BUT.... Using them the way you are seems more like you're telling the reader how to feel, at least from the way you're wording it. As a reader, I prefer to draw my own conclusions about things.
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    It could work. But remember that there's a thin line between genius and insanity. So long as you're keeping the reader in mind and aware of the potential pit falls, you'll be fine.
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    Go for it! Like what Nippy said! Just make sure to re-write it if things go awry.
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