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    Using symbolism and themes

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Lyrical, Jul 25, 2015.

    So, this question occurred to me late last night, and I wanted to put it to you guys for thought. Maybe I'm using the wrong approach and just don't know it. Sometimes I wonder if my symbolism is a little to 'on the nose,' if you know what I mean.

    Have you ever purposely injected symbolism into your writing? How do you use it? And how do you tackle "themes" without being obvious about it?
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    When you say symbolism, are you talking about crosses and pentagrams and this kind of symbolism. Or are you talking about metaphor and allegory? If you are talking about the second one, this is where writing becomes a little poetic. It's really hard to explain a good way to do it. In my current book I have made a religion around the hidden meaning, so the different parts I'm trying to explain are represented by gods. The egyptians also used gods to hide what they understood about meterology and farming if you believe certain scientists. JK Rowling used the idea of mugbloods to explore racism, and I think that one was pretty much 'on the nose' without actually saying Lord Voldemort was racist.

    If you want to go really deep into it you can look up the psychologist Carl Jung, he was obsessed by symbolism and believed that some images and ideas crossed cultures and generations in ways we didn't understand (the cross being one of those symbols). Its a big and interesting area to look into.

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