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    Using the Collaboration Forum

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Writing Forums Staff, Feb 5, 2020.

    The Collaborative Projects forum is a place for established forum members to network and seek out partners for various writing-related projects. Specifically, when creating a thread you can designate a prefix for either beta reading, free design services, free editing services, Writing Workshop review exchanges, or other collaborative projects.

    The purpose of the collaborative projects forum is to enable Active Members (90 days, 100 posts) to better apply and progress their writing through networking and exchanges. Beta reads may be requested only after you have satisfied the Writing Workshop requirements, as well as been a member for 90 days, and made 100 posts.

    This forum is not a place to advertise your product, service, or website, link to off-site projects or services, or offer paid for services. Any services - such as book cover design or editing - must be freely offered or exchanged for other services (ex: a critique for a critique).

    It is worth noting that while authors who co-author a project should have a contract in place determining how royalties will be split, within the spirit of the rules here we consider asking for a royalty share in return for services such as editing, cover design, marketing and so on to be the same as asking for payment.

    Using the forum to sell any kind of paid service to our members is a breach of both the rules and the spirit of the community here, and will not be tolerated. Therefore breaching this rule will result in a permanent ban.

    It should also be said that any kind of agreement that you enter into with another member for co-authorship, critique partnership, beta reads, collaboration, or exchange of services is between you and them. The site staff will not become involved in arbitrating or enforcing disputes about who did or didn't do what for whom.

    The Collaboration FAQ should be used as the point of reference for Collaboration Forum Rules and standards.
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