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    Nov 2, 2015
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    venturing into the mythical land of writing.

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by ArcticOrchid, Nov 2, 2015.

    Hello it's nice to meet you all. I have good experiences with internet forums in the past with other interests hopefully this experiences will be as fruitful as my research into dog training. :p

    Long story short, I am a very short little woman, dyspraxic and foreign. Therefore if I do absolutely embarrass myself with spelling or grammatical errors you can flip a coin to decide whether to blame my neuro-atypicalness or my non-english brain.

    When I do write quickly the process of what I want to say and my physical prowess with the keyboard or paper isn't really in sync, meaning I miss letters or even whole words as my brain goes quicker than my hands. This happens to me a lot on social media where I'm writing in a hurry. This happens less in my creative writing as I put more care into it but I suspect that I have a lot of technical issues to address in regards to my work.

    I've never received any extensive formal education in English grammar and punctuation, in my native country we were still struggling to form sentences and spell wardrobe when I emigrated to the UK where I was handed Romeo and Juliet and told to get on with things. I lived in the UK for 5 years and did A levels and a university degree in the social sciences and I pretty much guessed how your language worked... :D

    I started doing some creative writing in order to practice my English and I continue to write in English as I find it comfortable and there is a larger available audience as my native friends and family can read English but my English friends can't read my native language. It also keeps open the option of online or self publication open.

    I am 21 years old and the story that I am currently writing is a vast fantasy novel which the basics came to me when I was 15. By the rate I am writing now it should be finished when I am 150...

    I have a lot of questions about characters ect but I think I might share some of my poems and I would really like to get some nice constructive criticisms. I am highly conscious of the fact that I lack the education and tools and in some ways brain power to be a writer. To me writers have been these mythical creatures with powers beyond us mere mortals.

    At the moment with my poems they have been penned by emotions rather than technique and I would like it very much if you would take some time to critique.
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    Alabama, USA
    Hello, hello! Always nice to see a new face. Welcome. :)

    I look forward to reading your work. If you want me to critique some, send over a pm.

    Make yourself at home.
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    Romeo And Juliet - the bestest ever!! The best movie portrayal in history has to be, hands down, Franco Zeffirelli's 1964 version starring Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey (now I want to go find that old VCR tape and play it again :)).

    Welcome to the writing forums! Hope you finish your novel before you're 150 years old - I'll be 200 by then and suspect my eyesight will be so bad that I won't be able to read it.


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