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    Verbal Attacks/offensive messages through pm, what to do?

    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by WhispWillow, May 9, 2007.

    If you are receiving verbal abuse from any member via pm, for whatever reason, threats being made etc. don't be scared to speak up

    Please pm any one of us mods or LpSpider and we will do our best to resolve the problem, taking the neccesary measures against the person responsible, if needed.

    On pming us, please mention, the members name, the date on which it happened and a screenshot of the message, for proof

    To take a screen shot, simply hit the PrintScreen button on your keyboard and then click paste into some programm such as paint.*

    Then upload the image in pm.

    This is our only way of dealing with inapprioate pms, as we cannot track your private messages, without being pmed about it and shown a screenshot of the message which caused offensice, hence the "Private Message Inbox"

    * It happens, guys, that some keyboards have an amply named "f lock" that switches the functions of the keys on top frow of some of your more expensive keyboards. So, if you ahve problems taking a printscreen, just see if you have that key, and, if you do, press it and try again. -Ferret

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