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  1. Widowed and blind, she fell in the brook

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  2. Widowed and blind, she fell in the brook

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    Closed Voting Voting for Poetry Contest #270 -- Theme: "Holiday/Winter"

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Dec 27, 2015.

    Voting for this contest will be open for about 2 weeks and will end on 1/9/16 (Happy New Year). If the poem had no title, I used the first line as the title.

    So this voting is going to be a little different then what you would usually expect. This contest in specific only received 1 entry. Now I figured I would just call this contest quits and move onto the next one, but I figured since somebody did take the time to enter I would give them a chance to win a medal.

    To keep it fair though for this poem to win it will require at least 10 votes in the poll below. Otherwise this poetry contest would be a insta-win sort of situation.

    That being said the poem can be found here.

    Please make sure if you do view this thread you do check out the poem. Every vote matters for this contest!

    (Poll won't allow you to put in only one option, so I just put the same poem twice.)

    Happy Holidays everyone! :cheerleader:
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