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  2. Twisted Inversely - A cosmic misunderstanding

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  3. sprirj - Alien Invaders 4

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  4. McDuff - The Milky Way Negotiations

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  5. Speedy - The gift of innocence, the tragedy of ignorance

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  6. jonathan hernandez13 - The Earth Report

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    Voting Short Story Contest (57): Alien Contact (Alien POV)

    Discussion in 'Monthly Short Story Contest Archives' started by Gannon, Dec 7, 2009.

    Voting Short Story Contest (56) Theme: Magic Mirror

    Thank you for all your entries. The winner will be stickied until the next contest's winner is crowned. No more entries are allowed in this contest.

    Voting will end Monday 14th December to give you all a chance to read the entries.

    It is possible to vote for yourself, but I would hope in the name of good sportsmanship that you would only do so if you have read all the other stories and given them your honest evaluation. You gain nothing if you base your vote solely on how you feel about the author or whether you have personally invested time and effort in the story. In the end, your conscience is your only judge.

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    Good luck to everyone.
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    Mr. Munchkin - Last Words

    Contact from Earth was the last thing on our minds; we didn’t even want an attack.
    We should’ve just left them alone, and we all would’ve lived on with our lives.

    We had to prepare the gathering of the leaders. I was in charge of the food, same as last year.
    I still remember my first year, serving food to the elders, I had no idea that they ate so much, and still – they looked skinnier then ever.
    Anyway I can’t complain, occasionally we get 1 or 2 scraps, although it’s our only meal for the week, we have to be grateful.
    After seeing what happened to the rookie three days earlier, nobody wanted to question the elders. But even approaching them in these serious times was repaid with blood.

    “We need to speak to speak to Elder of Kahn tribe.” A green alien with a small head announced, and looked across the room towards the big brown doors.
    “You called, Elder of Mien Tribe.” A purple alien started crawling across from the big doors, towards where the other Elders were.
    “This contact from Earth,” the green alien alleged, “what did it say?” his voice started rising until he was almost shouting.
    “Our human language deciphers had trouble. But it was only a short message,” the purple one continued, “it says: ‘for those who live, beyond the stars. Whoever gets this message. If you plan, to come to slay us, do it while we’re weak. For your powerful numbers and menacing member intrigue slightly, we shall surrender to your peers.’”
    “It doesn’t make sense!” a deeper voice shot across the room.
    “What is it?” another one came from beside the purple elder.
    “SILENCE!” the green elder stood up, raising all four hands, “It’s a surrender note. The humans want to give up.”
    Nobody spoke for a few minutes, until everyone let out a roar of approval and cheers.
    “It’s been 3 long years! But the galactic war has finally finished!” an elder said, but was muffled by everyone running around and cheering.
    “Let us leave for Earth immediately!” the purple elder screamed above all the roars, and it was greeted my more cheers of agreement.

    Multicolored ships were almost invisible with the cloud of warriors that were heading towards them, soon many would be flown down to the green and blue planet, that they had been at war with for many years.
    Whence everyone was loaded into the ships, they waited for their emperor to come out of his quarters and give the order.
    Searching the ground below they saw the alien coming out, and looking at them all above. He then slowly raised one arm, then another, ships we revving and ready to go, another arm, the army commanders and elders zoomed off to Earth, one last arm, all of the ships flew off forming multicolored rainbows.
    Being alone with the women and the children, the emperor went back to sleep in his quarters.
    The purple elder was in a green ship with three other elders, the green alien, a small blue young alien and another elder that he didn’t recognize. He was nervous, like any other elder and alien alike on this journey.
    Would the humans actually put up a fight? Or would they just give up like the letter suggested. Their fate was to be found out in 300km, 200km, 100km, “Prepare for impact.”
    All four aliens used all four of their hands to grab onto something sturdy, for their bumpy landing.
    The purple one noticed gunshots piercing the sky and ships crashing to the ground below. He managed to reach ground, before getting his gun and returning fire along with many other of the elders, commanders and aliens. Humans were being shot down everywhere, and alien blood was also flying almost as fast as the bullets were coming out of the turrets. There were only a few aliens left; they had no choice but to retreat back. But the fly out would be more difficult, because the humans would not stop shooting. Leaving them almost defiantly zooming back down to earth in a blue zigzag.
    They had no chance, once the commander gave the order, they would run back to their ships, leaving the wounded aliens to die.
    “Retreat!” the commander screamed, just before he was shot down with large bullet flying at him from the nearest human.
    “Come back you alien scum!” a man shouted, running at them with his gun, but his own man shot him down accidentally just before he could get any shots on the aliens.
    Upon arriving at the ships, it seemed, as there was no hope for the aliens, as many more ships were shot out of the sky.
    Only two ships managed to get back to their home planet after the attack from the humans, one ship with 2 aliens, and the other with 4.

    “What?!” the emperor roared.
    “They all died sir. It was a trap.” The purple elder explained to the angry alien, “They were ready for us.”
    “But how did they know where we were?!” he shouted again, much louder then the purple alien had expected.
    “We’re not sure. But it seems that their technology is much more advanced then we had expected.”
    The emperor sighed, and looked at the floor, “Okay then. We’re going to have to bring out the big guns.”
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    Twisted Inversely - A cosmic misunderstanding

    Captain Grok, commander of his imperial majesties scientific research vessel G’ubrats 6 waved a slime encrusted tentacle at the visi-screen in front of him and said “Hormox quax bin?”

    No reply. A dozen pairs of antennae twitched nervously.

    “Bl’phip” Grok demanded.

    A tentacle was hesitantly thrust in the direction of Private Qwarth.

    “Gimboid, Q’warth hrududu?” Grok bellowed.

    Q’warth licked his lips and glanced back at his fellow crew mates, eyes slitted.


    Smeg! thought Q’wath, Smeggity, smeg, smeg. He said “Upsid pwibble hop sah”

    “Upsid pwibble hop” Grok said slowly and deliberately as if trying the words on for size and then discovering that they didn’t fit boomed “Upsid pwibble hop!!!”

    Q’warth’s skin turned a deeper shade of purple “x’rot… x’rothli zim ju… jummd zkip” he stammered.

    Grok emitted a long drawn out burble, indicating his disapproval, before a sudden movement drew his gaze back to the screen. Q’warth, and his co-conspirators, followed it nervously.

    Several of the strange bipedal creatures that dominated this particular planet had shown up and were examining the flattened stalks. “Tookie human, vergle! Tookie” tittered private Schlump, a small overly gelatinous individual. Butck tip Schlump, Thought Qwarth feverishly, butck da smeg tip!

    Too late.

    “J’romto ripx’ros hehe Schlump! uh?”

    Schlump shut up, then screeched as a bolt of concentrated stet energy surged through his body, throwing him against a nearby wall. Schlump slumped to the floor, and lay still, twitching occasionally. He wasn’t dead, but considering the pain was in he might very well wish he was.

    Grok returned the pistol to its holster “roop J’romto ripx’ros hehe?”

    There was chorus of “x’ro Grok’s” from all those present. Whatever punishment Grok was about to dish up it was bound to be better than Schlump’s fate.

    “T’butu” the captain replied, eyeing off his crewmembers skeptically. He was good at this. He had a lot of eyes. Q’warth avoided his superiors gaze, choosing instead to examine the intricate details of the floor, occasionally looking up to sneak a glance at the visi-screen.

    There was a lot of activity arround the field now. More humans, this time clad unwieldy florescent orange full body suits, complete with matching helmets, had shown up and were now bundling the original humans into one of the many black ground vehicles that now surrounded the site. A bulky mechanical contraption toped with a rapidly spinning set of blades hovered above the scene, partially obscuring some of the more offensive glyphs.

    Not surprisingly it was Grok who broke the silence “Pox rix’ros kronk. Ald gromp phiplewist x’rith. Dumplump deplewhoop numchucks”

    There was a collective burble of relief; as far as punishments went this was pretty mild. T’ruth stoip? thought Q’warth d’rox t’nac eeb lall.

    It wasn’t, but the rest wouldn’t come until several years later when ambassador Spik, a Vrsuh’ni of a particularly delicate persuasion, returned from the burnt shell of the planet once known as earth muttering vehemently about the sheer G’rusp of some sentient races.

    The resulting enquiry found that a misunderstanding had occurred between the two races. There was no way the race formerly known as mankind could have known the meaning of the symbols that had adorned their banners of welcome. Spick had certainly acted rashly, but not without legitimate provocation, even it was unintentional.

    As of the present

    • Q’warth Vis Crothos and his associates in crime have been sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor at the Vegis six penal colony.

    • Captain Grok Des’phin, while cleared of all blame by the Tristos enquiry, has since tethered his resignation from the Scientific Research Corps. His location is currently unknown.

    • An investigation to ascertain whether or not the Gubrats 6 incident was a one off prank or indicative of a culture of such behavior in the Scientific Research Corps has been undertaken. The official report is due to be released sometime next month.
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    sprirj - Alien Invaders 4

    The line was silent again.
    I repeated in frustration. But I knew I would get no answer. I hung up and yawned in the darkness. I had to be up in 2 hours; I groaned and put the pillow over my head.
    The phone rang again.
    I picked up again, and listened in the dark.
    “Beep beep” said someone in a high pitched voice.
    “Just leave me alone!” I slammed the phone down and unplugged it from the wall, silencing the laughter coming out of the receiver.

    It was a cold day and a fine rain whipped across my face. I pulled my jacket collar up further, but it wasn’t the rain I was hiding from. I could feel the eyes upon me.
    “Go back to your own planet!”
    “You ain’t welcome here ET!”
    I kept walking, I didn’t look around.

    Finally I got to my destination. I closed the door behind me and felt safer.

    “Hey Hey! There you are! My star!” Tony grinned and walked towards me with arms open and welcoming. “I want you to meet your co worker, follow me.” He beamed as he led me down the corridor to Studio 51.

    “This is Gus; I’ll leave you two, to get to know each other.”
    Gus dwarfed me at 6ft something, he was ripped, a muscle bound gladiator with a spray on tan.
    “How’s it going spaceman?” He casually drawled out.
    “I’m female” I corrected him, and I caught his eyes as they checked me out.
    “No kidding” He mocked.
    His fluffer giggled as she lubricated his genitals.
    My frame was nothing like human women, I felt ashamed.
    “So you done this before?” I asked.
    “Oh sure, hundreds of times, I mean not with your type, but yeah I’ve been in the business for a while.” Gus picked something out of his teeth.
    “I’m glad you’re more open minded about these things. Some people can be so negative. Not a lot’s changed since my parents arrived on Earth on the first rescue ship. There are still a lot of narrow minded people out there. I didn’t ask to be in this position. Hell, I’d love to be back on my planet, if it were possible. We are all just trying to live, you know?”
    “Look buddy, I ain’t no sympathiser. I don’t give a rats ass about your situation. I’m just here to get a job done. Tony is paying me a lot of money, and this is gonna be so freaky it’s gonna make me a star. Its my time to become a legend. I’ve been in this industry too long and I ain’t had no breaks.”

    “Alright, Alright, get on set. Lets make this movie!” cried Tony from the directors chair.
    Gus flexed his muscles and walked off ahead of me. The fluffer started to pack her things up. “You know I would have been doing this scene if it weren’t for you. You boggle eyes just come here and take our jobs.” She scowls.

    I ignore the bitch and walk to the set. A huge cardboard UFO hangs from the rafters as 4 smoke machines start.

    “Ok; so Gus is going to get abducted by the alien and then she will seduce Gus and start suckin him. But then I want Gus to take control, you know like humans are the dominant species, and you can do her rough like she is being punished for stealing you from Earth. You got all that Gus?”
    “Yeah boss”
    “Good. Ok any questions before we start?”
    Gus looks over at me as I put on my crude plastic space helmet.
    “I ain’t gonna get no space diseases from it am I?!”

    I just grin back at him.
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    McDuff - The Milky Way Negotiations

    The following document has been written in the Earth language known as English for the ease of viewing by those who will come into contact with it. It is understood that this language can be translated into other Earth languages so that those of the human species who do not speak English may easily understand the contents as well. Several of the names and titles used in this document do not translate from our language to yours and so we have done the best that we could to make them understandable by using Earth terms. The purpose of this document is to judge the effect that first contact will have upon your species as well as a historical reference to the event. We hope that you enjoy the reading of this groundbreaking meeting that marks the beginning of Earth's inclusion into the Intergalactic Alliance.

    With best wishes,

    The Intergalactic Council


    The Universal Commander of Intergalactic Diplomacy, Fing Cerillian, was seated across the floating table from the Secretary in Charge of First Contact, Maris Faraday. The Secretary’s assistant was also present, but Fing had currently misplaced the mans name.

    Upon the table were scattered several iridescent information cubes entailing proper procedure when making first contact with a new species as well as several scientific studies on the effect of such contact. It was late in the day, even for Cerillian who was notorious for working long hours, and he could tell by the drooping expressions on both of his companions faces that they were feeling the effects of the late hour.

    Stroking his long beard Fing peered across the table at Secretary Faraday. “I still see no viable reason for making contact with such a primitive race.” He said. “We have been over this again and a again. The science does not suggest that these “Earthlings” are anywhere near ready for such a huge leap in their advancement. For all we know the effect on them could be disastrous.”

    Maris groaned inwardly and next to him his assistant, Peol, shifted uncomfortably. This was old ground and it had been gone over more than once during this meeting already. “I have seen the figures as well, Commander, and must admit that on many levels I am inclined to agree with you.” The Secretary said, careful to hide the impatience that he was feeling. “But I dare say that I may be the only one in the entire Alliance that would take your side on this after the propaganda the Intergalactic Media has been spewing. They have the entire quadrant in an uproar. They say that you hesitate out of personal bias and that your hesitation delays the construction of the Anteries-Flisinberg Bridge.”

    Cerillian waved his hand impatiently. “I will not have my policy dictated by a bunch of know nothing outer ringers who think that a few decades of schooling makes them wiser than those who have been ruling the Alliance for generations. As for the A/F Bridge, I was not the one who sponsored its construction in the first place. As a matter of fact, I do believe that I was the one who publicly tried to dissuade the council from constructing through the Milky Way. The consequences of Earth’s interaction was as ill advised then as they are now.”

    Maris nodded. “And your platform of resistance against the construction is exactly why the IM is screaming about personal bias. I have to strongly urge you, Commander, to reevaluate your position. Your concerns are well noted. If something was to go wrong, you would not be held to blame. In fact it could very well strengthen your position within the council.”

    “You ask me to make a judgment in the hopes that a failure will occur so that I can further advance my career?” Cerillian peered across the table at the Secretary hoping that he had heard incorrectly. “My god man! We’re talking about the survival of an entire planet here, not to mention the intergalactic effects that might occur if something disastrous befell Earth!”

    Maris cleared his throat and directed his eyes at a speck of dust on the wall. “Well of course not on that reason alone, Commander. The primary purpose would of course be to reduce the length of time it takes to ship goods across the quadrants.” He managed to tear his eyes away from the wall and meet the commanders gaze. “I mean think of it, sir. Two hundred light years gone like that.” He snapped his fingers. “The reduction in the cost of trade goods alone could finance the exploration programs that I know you have been pushing.”

    Cerillian grunted and leaned back in his chair, swiveling slightly to peer out a window at the rising moons. Three of them hovered above the planet, outlined in a field of stars that stretched on into infinity. And then what, he thought? Even with the recent advancement in technology no race had ever penetrated the Universal Rim. What lay beyond?

    Finally, the minutes dragging painfully by as Maris tried to stay calm, the Commander spoke. “I will consent to contact with Earth.” He said. His gaze slid from the window and back to the Secretary and his assistant. “On two conditions.”

    Maris waited, amazed that the old man had actually come around at all.

    “First, I want to be there personally.” He said. “I want full control of the mediations between our people and the people of Earth. If at anytime I see a reason to pull out, then it will be done without argument.”

    “I think I can get the Council to agree to that.” Maris said, although he knew that it would be like pulling teeth and he was not looking forward to it.

    “Second.” The Commander continued. “I want the mediations to be public. We will announce ourselves planet wide. I will not have another Platherian fiasco where the planetary governments are trying to conceal our existence from their own people. I want it public and I want it immediately known to every man, woman and child on Earth, all at the same time. After that is done, then we can deal with their governments.”

    Maris nodded. “That was the Councils wish as well. With all the bad publicity dredged up by the IM after the Platherian negotiations blew up, I don’t think anyone wants to go down that road again.”

    “Very well.” Cerillian leaned in, resting his arms on the table and stared hard at the Secretary. “Don’t screw with me on this Faraday. I know a nice little black hole in the Erithnian Quadrant that has your name on it if you do.”

    Maris actually managed a smile. “That, sir.” He said, standing up and offering his hand. “Is one meeting that I think I will do my best to avoid.”
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    Speedy - The gift of innocence, the tragedy of ignorance

    Boon looked down at his fellow Maerrisian, who was strapping him into the small interior of the drop pod. Unlike him, Krogna was born with low line blood, thus was small, skinny and weak. Despite this, Krogna had brains, discipline and a good heart, although today Boon thought it was oddly cold. It was a huge day for the Outer Alliance. A decision was going to be made after all the years of sluggish debate.

    He noticed Krogna was looking up at him with those small dark deep-set eyes. It was often hard knowing what was going on when someone was a third of your height. Krogna looked concerned.

    “Munalie Ecca Unno,” spoke the small grey creature peering up at him.

    There was ice in that voice, and Krogna was most certainly pushing it hard today.

    “Munalie Ecca Unno,” the grey repeated, this time kicking Boon on the leg.

    “Ourg, Ourg,” Boon pleaded before pressing a small green button on a collar around his neck. It lit up soon afterwards a few shades brighter than his natural skin colour.

    The grey waited before he clicked he fingers frantically. “Doo Doo, Faryoup.”

    “Maips taka,” whispered Boon.

    The gray slapped his forehead loud enough for others in the distance to hear and turn their faces towards the two. “Faryoup, Faryoup, FAROUP,” shouted Krogna before he kicked the large green once again, this time with real anger. “Mok tabooplu, Faryoup.”

    Boon sighed with relief and pressed the green button until it turned dark once more, then pressed an amber button near the green instead. It lit up brightly, lighting the small interior of the pod. He cleared his throat.


    Krogna smiled than pressed his own amber button. “Yes, you speak Earthling. Question is, you understand me?”

    Boon Nodded “Yes.”

    “Good, good.” He pulled out a data pad and started pressing symbols with his three long slender fingers until the screen flashed red. “You know procedure, yes?”

    Boon grunted “Yes!”

    Krogna pressed a button in the interior and suddenly dozens of large membrane ropes came from holes on the side before wrapping around Boon, steadying him upright, tightly. A soft, large metallic hose hovered over the man and wavered above his lips before pushing forward and down his throat, which he accepted. Yellow looking substance would now be filling his lungs.

    “Good luck friend.” Krogna pressed another button, shutting and sealing the pod’s doors. He punched a code from the outside then looked through a small thick window where he watched the interior fill up with thick red gel, surrounding his friend. Moments later deep noises rattled throughout the ship. The pod slid from its cradle, pulling the tear shaped craft through a tunnel carved deep into the ship. The pod followed the tunnel, picking up speed before being shot into space, towards that always debatable lonely green and blue gem known as Earth.

    Even with his lungs filled with breathable liquid and surrounded by cold shock absorbing gel, Boon was going to be conscious for the duration of the short trip.

    The journey from the Maerrisian Battleship to Earth would be pretty simple. The Battleship itself was in-sink with its surroundings, creating perfect cloaking. Earthlings were probably another century away from figuring out they had been watched by such a vessel for centuries. By then it would be too late.

    The pod, which was only a few meters larger than Boon himself, would look like a falling star, a purple one. The impact was not going to be fun; a dry landing, impacting the Earth around five hundred miles an hour. At its peak the pod would travel close to seventeen hundred, but thrusters would kick in a mile out and hopefully the gel would be bound properly by the time impact occurred. The pod was designed to hit at its point where large fiber tentacles would harpoon out and grasp onto objects preventing the craft lodging too far into whatever lay below. The drop-pod started to rock heavily, and Boon went over the basics of the plan to settle his nerves.

    The Maerrisian’s had decided to keep watch over the ever advancing Earth for near six hundred years and recently discovered that conflicts on the pretty planet were not going so well. Intelligence was gathering hard facts over eighteen months and as much as everyone wanted to dismiss it, governments were well on their way to beginning what they would call World War Three. The council all agreed this could not be allowed. Loosing humanity was acceptable, but the Earth itself was one of a kind. The human weapons were advancing fast. Today a decision would be made. Should the planet itself be saved now.

    Other species over the decades had tried contacting humanity, but everything so far had been swiftly swatted by governments. The Maerrisian were a different matter for the humans though, for they were the first and they created what was called The Outer Rim Alliance. What they decided, all decided. His initial objective was to make first contact. From there word was to spread so that, in time, talking to the governments would be possible, but only after word had gotten out to enough people. If this objective was compromised, he was to make contact with the Battleship where Maerrisian Cruisers were waiting in deep space to play their role, a more sinister one, for humans. The planet would benefit much more if it came to the later boon figured.

    The pod shot through the atmosphere with a purple trail arcing behind it. The thrusters engaged one mile out and the red and orange membrane tentacles homed in on everything about the ground, attaching to trees, rocks, a scarecrow and dozens of other structures. The pod kissed the Earth. Dirt, rocks and parts of a tree sprang a hundred meters into the air.

    Silence again started to settle over the land, mostly in darkness. Fingers of orange and purple were slowly crawling from the east. Roosters in the distance announcing the awakening of another day.

    Time passed and the first rays of sunlight brushed upon the ivory colored pod. An audio click came before steam poured forth. A door popped out slightly, and red ooze flooded out from within. A moment later, another hiss and the door slid completely open, light penetrating the interior, dampening the purple and blue flashing lights.

    Boon leaped out, hunching whist covering his eye from the sudden light. He felt the red ooze on his body crystallize as the sunlight hit it, which he then dusted off. He heard a chirp, most likely a bird, and then stood straight, rising to his full height of fifteen feet. He stretched out his aches throughout his one tone frame, all ripping muscle.

    He started walking than stopped. “Stupid!" He headed back to the craft and went in before grabbing a large object. A large dull ebony and silver sword which was ten feet long with a blade that grew six inches thick. It was big and it was for the strong. It was badass and unbreakable, unlike those it chose to greet. He slipped it into a holster over his back where it hung diagonally.

    Boon licked his lips and spat on his green grubby hands. He wiped them over two large black ridged horns which rose out just above his forehead and looped back over his head. They gleamed slightly. It was a sign of respect to keep your horns wet and gleaming.

    On his left arm, Boon had a touch screen data pad plugged in. The information told him he was five miles away from the nearest town, a small village by the looks of it, with few people. This he thought was a good start.

    Three quarters of the distance travelled, he stopped and wiped sweat beading down his forehead. It was running down his back in large globs. Earth was much cooler than his home world, but the gravity was heavier. It could have been due to ten years planted on that stinking observation battleship now he thought about it. How he hoped this mission wouldn’t take as long as planned.

    As he was nearing the town a small amber dot appeared on his screen. Someone was close. This was it.

    Around him were hundreds of colorful trees which stood only slightly taller than his huge frame. The trees were full with round berries or seeds or maybe fruit. Human ecology was a weak point which he cared little for. Boon liked meat, greasy meat full of fat.

    The monitor said the human was only ten meters away now. He walked up to a bigger tree, a much larger one without the round things, just lots of shade. He hid behind it, or as much as a one tone, fifteen foot Alien that looked half human and half bull could to humans.

    Peering his head around the trunk he was somewhat bemused. The human was small. It was really small Boon thought, had to be a child. He really wished he had Krogna’s brain or at least paid attention in class. The child was sitting on the ground playing with some toys that were made in the image of a human. The child was too busy to notice anything else. It was talking to the toys in a high pitched voice, and then talking back in a deeper one. Were humans really this dumb? It looked so strange, long curly black locks hung to its shoulders. It had fluffy pink cheeks, huge blue eyes and it must like meat as well because Boon could see it had many teeth missing. It was wearing a white sleeveless dress with blue flowers. The mud on the ground had stained its knees and dress.

    If he wanted to complete his mission he had to find an elder. He stepped around the tree, slowly walking so the little human would not look up from its game. Underfoot a thick fallen tree branch snapped under Boon’s left heel. “Great,” he said under his breath.

    The little one saw him. He was sure it would run off screaming. This was not going so well.

    The child looked at its two toy Earthlings and said, “Look, look, another friend for your wedding.” It placed the toys in the mud, got up and rushed towards Boon with an odd looking expression, a smile.

    This was unexpected, he thought.

    The little one walked up to him, standing not much taller than his knee. It bent its neck back and the child’s blue eyes stared deep into his own.

    “Wow sir, you sure are big,” It cocked its head. “And green.”

    Boon wriggled his snout and snorted. It smelt off.

    The child laughed, whilst covering its mouth. “Will you come to their wedding? Please, please, please?” It pointed to the lifeless toys laying face down in the mud.

    Boon turned his head hoping maybe the child would get bored. It walked around until it was in his vision again, than waved. “Hello.”


    It laughed again. “You speak funny.”

    He snorted again. “You look funny, and smell strange.”

    The child placed its hand on its hips and frowned “How rude,” Then laughed. “Mummy would think so anyway. She always says that to daddy, but he’s not, daddy’s funny.”

    “I must talk to Elders, child. Important.”

    The child’s smile fell away before it pulled something out of a pocket in the dress. It was round and pink. He had seen them on the trees around here.

    “At least have an apple, they’re super yummy.” It stretched an arm out which still hadn’t reached his waist. “Just don’t eat too many. Your tummy will hurt.” It strained the apple towards him further until it was gasping.

    He signed, bent down and with his finger tips grasped the small apple from its hand.

    “Try it, try it.”

    He placed it in his mouth and barely tasted it, so small it could have got stuck between his teeth. He thought he tasted something sweet though, maybe.

    “Will you be my friend?” the child asked.

    He snorted as he often did when confused. “Sure, but…“

    The child placed a hand around one of his fingers, or tried too and then tried to pull him over to where the toys laid. “Come on, just for a while. Please, please.”

    They sat for almost an hour. Apparently the white doll, named Lisa, was marrying the ebony doll, Gregory. After the wedding he sat and pretended to drink champagne out of a white plastic cup. The girl child told him how Mummy was always nagging Daddy and making him mad. She told him how Daddy was always working and she told him how a boy called Dale had kissed her behind the barn last week on her sixth birthday. It was gross apparently.

    “Mary,” A voice called out in the distance. “Mary, where are you?” It sounded worried.

    “Mummy,” The girl cried out in response. She grabbed his finger again. “Come, lets go meet the adults now.”

    “You are sure?”

    She nodded. “Hurry though, Mummy hates waiting.”

    Together they got up. She handed him Lisa and Gregory while she wiped dirt off her skirt and knees. “Follow me.” She kept hold of his finger and tried to skip along.

    They reached the end of the line of trees, coming to a field which was quite open. A hundred yards over was a small house, in-between some bigger humans. Perfect Boon thought. Time to start.

    Mary ran towards her mother. “Mummy, Mummy. Look at my new friend…“

    Mary’s mother screamed. “Mary, get here now, get here.” She ran towards the child and grabbed her arm. She let out another blood curdling scream when she saw how close she was to what she thought was a monster.

    “It’s a monster!”” she screamed. “Martin, get the gun, now, hurry.”

    She dragged Mary by the arm and ran. Mary was crying with pain. “Mummy he’s my friend,” she said. “Ouch! Mummy, that hurts. Mummy!.”

    The child’s mother let go of her then slapped her across the face. “How dare you. How dare you be so reckless?”

    A bunch of men came running; all holding what Boon figured were weapons. He looked at Mary crying with a large red mark on her face. How could things have gone so wrong, so quick?

    “What the **** is that?” screamed one man.

    “Oh my god!” screamed another.

    “Good Lord, what the hell?” said the last of the three men.

    “Shoot it, SHOOT IT,” plead the lady.

    Boon stepped forward “Please humans, we talk…“ he began.

    It didn’t last long as the three men suddenly aimed their guns at the green creature and pulled the triggers. He was shot in the chest, legs and arms. Neither shot was critical or even close. One thing Maerrisian’s had was muscle and tough skin. As weak as the bullets were, dark blue blood dribbled down from the wounds, around where the bullets lodged. Another round of shots came his way with another dozen shots hitting, one in the mouth. It did hurt. His body started to feel itchy, sore even. He didn’t like this. Nobody was listening to him or wanted to.

    “Leave him alone!” cried Mary. She dropped Lisa and Gregory than ran towards the large green man. She ran as fast as her legs would allow her.

    He wanted to yell out for her to stop, he didn’t need her support, but it happened before he could think anymore.

    The girl reached only half way between the two before her body twisted in funny directions, her mouth opening up before a scream escaped. She fell awkwardly to the ground.

    The mother screamed as well, but silenced when the monster rushed towards her daughter picking her up. “Leave my daughter alone you beast!” she started.

    Boon looked at the girl who was on her back, sobbing. Her white dress with the delicate blue flower pattern was now blooming red buds all over. He bent down picking her up, watching the red buds turn into rose petals. He ignored the older humans’ cries and ran back towards the trees as fast as he could, with child cradled on arm. He had to make distance, and fast.

    Every few minutes he looked down at the child to make sure she was breathing. After ten minutes of running he had put the humans well and truly behind him. He stopped, sat down and lifted his hands to get a closer look of Mary.

    Those red flowers that had appeared, now one giant flower on Mary’s chest. It had spread out with ribbons of red now running down her left arm and out the corner of her mouth. She coughed and the flow came stronger.

    “Mummy,” she whispered, then shook her head. “No, it’s you.” Her eyes swam with happiness.

    Boon Snorted. “It’s me, it’s Boon.“

    The girl tried to smile. “You’ll be my friend always, won’t you?”

    Boon felt an odd pain in his chest. “Forever and ever little human.”

    Something inside his chest ached and his eyes stung. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, but he couldn’t stop snorting now. He had never felt this pain in his entire life before..

    He wanted to say more but when he looked down the girls arm fell off his large finger limp. Her eyes open but lifeless. Boom knew.

    He placed the girl on the ground gently, punched a tree hard, almost tearing it from the earth before letting out a deafening roar of anger. Birds in the distance taking flight.

    Time passed, he wasn’t sure how long, but the sun raised well over his head and started to lower over to his other side. His mind felt numb, he no longer knew what to do. He wanted humans to suffer so badly but allowing this would mean girls like Mary would never have the chance to live. He stroked Mary’s cold cheek. “Someone else’s decision. No longer Boon‘s.”

    He waited until he heard voices. It was now dark and he could see light flashing through distant trees. Boon no longer cared. As horrid as humans were they gave him something, anger, rage. He didn’t care anymore, life felt different; meanings were no longer the same.

    He walked towards the lights where one beam finally struck him. “Over there, OVER THERE!” A loud machine rattle came, dozens of them, followed by pain all over. He ran near a cluster of three lights and stomped until they went away and voices screamed in agony.

    There was no more he could do. More lights came forth, dozens and dozens, so many voices, so much hate. How much he didn’t care though, it was surprising he thought. He sunk to his knees while hundreds of bullets slowly penetrated his skin, and eventually deeper within. His vision became dark, the world became silent and he fell foward from his knees onto the earth. For one second he heard cheers of victory around him. His last thought was what everything intelligent and stupid alike in the universe thinks at some point in their life. Why?

    Somewhere in the lands we all shall come to know one day, a human girl named Mary and a Maerrisian known as Boon danced in God’s embrace as one, where they were friends forever and ever.
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    jonathan hernandez13 - The Earth Report

    The Earth Report (1000 words)

    011235813//GC//4/4/GTI - GRGC - .0014

    The Earth Report

    The human being is a medium sized, exothermic, social omnivore descended from small arboreal creatures. They have not yet achieved planetary civilization or interstellar travel, so the species is endemic to that particular region of space. The species has achieved radio communication, nuclear fission, and global communication. They have made travel to their satellite, have begun to explore their solar system with remote artificial satellites, and are beginning to make a transition to a Type one class civilization. They are a species of particular interest and make ideal candidates for future contact.

    The Planet Earth

    Humans originate from the third planet in orbit around a medium sized main sequence star in the outer spiral arm of the galaxy. Their planet of origin is a terrestrial type planet called the Earth, it's size is approximately one hundredth of it's star's, and it's mass is 3.32×10−6 that of it's sun. It is geologically active planet with a partially molten core and a dynamic magnetosphere. The atmosphere consists of over seventy percent Nitrogen and its surface is over seventy percent water. The planet's biomass consists of only two major kingdoms, with the major one being plants. The planet has one natural satellite with an equatorial diameter of about one quarter of Earth's.


    Human beings are medium sized and bilaterally symmetrical. Their bodies are composed of soft dermal tissue surrounding endoskeletons of mineralized semi-porous Calcium tissue. Their outer surface is also covered in patches of vestigial endodermic growth which serve as thermal insulation, and in social circumstances can play a vital role in the acquisition of mates or popularity among other humans.

    Humans have two well muscled appendages protruding from their upper torsos called arms. They have been inherited from their arboreal ancestors along with some other peculiar traits ideally suited for climbing and swinging. While they are no longer tree dwelling, their arms have been co-opted for lifting, pulling, and pushing. Each arm terminates in a jointed manipulatory extremity known as a hand. It has five phalanges, including an opposable phalange, making them adroit at building and altering their environment.


    Their bodies are composed of cellular structures with membranous coverings as protection. Human beings have virtually no resistance to high level radiation and little adaptive ability to temperature fluctuations. Thermoregulation consists of exaggerated ventilation and glandular liquid secretion to cool the body when hot and involuntary convulsions and dermal perturbation when cold.

    As mentioned earlier, humans have patches of epidermal growths known as hair that originally served as thermal insulation but have since atrophied and remain mostly as evolutionary vestiges. Their senses are limited to five, among them the preferred being sight, which is limited to a wavelength of approximately 1×103 Hydrogen atoms. Humans have not yet achieved telomere prosthesis, and while having relatively long lifespans, are finite. Typical healthy humans may be expected to live as long as 2x10-6 galactic rotations naturally, although many face complications due to environmental factors leading to their premature deaths.

    Nervous system is primarily central but has extensive branching . Humans are Chordates with a central nervous known as a spinal cord. Humans must engage in an activity known as sleep typically once every planetary rotation, during which their bodies remain motionless and most of the higher brain functions cease. This is typically done for a third of a planetary rotation.


    Humans naturally move about the surface of their planet via bipedal locomotion. They have inherited from their arboreal ancestors two extremities, terminating at either of their legs (two muscular appendages protruding from their lower torsos) known as feet. The feet each contain five diminutive phalanges called toes, originally partially prehensile in nature, though having since atrophied through evolution they have remained as atavistic vestiges and have been co-opted for ambulation as a primary function.


    Humans are omnivorous beings with diets consisting of necrotic plant and animal tissue, and only partial mineral consumption. They are incapable of either photosynthesis or chemosynthesis, and have such a high metabolic rate that they must constantly consume and process nutrients as well as water in order to survive.


    Humans have two sexes, male and female, with no proxy mates. Sexual reproduction consists of male and female physical contact, which results in the bodily transmission of fluids, and union of two gametes. Upon fusion the gametes become a fertile zygote of forty six chromosomes of anywhere from 104 to 106 deoxyribonucleic acid chains. The fertilized zygote is fostered by the female of the species during a gestation period of 1.5x10-8 galactic rotations. Human offspring are delivered viviparously
    No known symbiogenesis or hybridigenesis.


    Humans are social creatures that prefer to live in communal habitats ranging from a pair or couple to large masses of other humans in mass architectural structures known as cities. Bonds and organizations are sometimes made for convenience and mutual coexistence or along genetic lines in social bonds called families. Humans display hostility, territoriality, and aggression from the individual to planetary levels.

    This is no doubt a kind of evolutionary throwback, and biologically it appears that their small prefrontal lobes and large adrenal glands predispose them towards violence and irrationality. While they have not yet achieved planetary civilization they possess all of the prerequisites, including an electronically based communications network and mastery of most of the planet's surface. They display curiosity, inventiveness, and adaptability; these are all desirable qualities in a species bound for ascendancy and admission into the galactic community.

    The humanity score:

    Intelligence: 0.3
    Survivability: 0.4
    Civilization: 0.7

    It is the recommendation of this council that the human race should not yet be considered for contact or subsequent introduction to the galactic Federation lest we make a hasty decision and a repeat of the incident at Tau Ceti. The next expedition is scheduled for arrival in the system in 2x10−6 galactic rotations from Galactic Time Index .0014. If humanity has managed to avoid natural extinction and artificial destruction by then they shall be contacted within bounds of galactic protocol and given detailed instructions on how to proceed for initiation. Until that time the human race shall be catalogued as species 011235813 of galactic sector 4/4: humanity.
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