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    Watched the Democratic debate last night

    Discussion in 'Debate Room' started by Steerpike, Nov 15, 2015.

    Clinton did OK, but her answers on taking a lot of Wall Street money were weak. I don't imagine anyone really believes what she says about that.

    I like Sanders better and thought he did better overall. His answer to "how" he was going to make the political revolution come about was not very good. That's something every Democratic candidate needs to think about. At the very least, they'll have a GOP House to deal with.

    O'Malley didn't distinguish himself any further than before, in my mind.

    I was glad that it was much less of a circus than the GOP debate. I have to think the GOP voters are going to jettison Trump and Carson at some point. The strongest candidate they have is probably Rubio, because he's more establishment than Cruz (i.e. self-identified moderate conservatives support him a lot more), but still conservative enough that the base won't abandon him. Perhaps more importantly, he's shown he can win statewide in Florida. With demographics favoring the Democrats, I don't think the GOP can be favored to win the White House, but that's probably their best bet. Trump and Carson would go down in flames.

    The shift to foreign policy has been interesting. I haven't heard any real solutions come out of the Democratic side (understandable to a degree), and worse on the GOP side all I hear is craziness.
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    Clinton did fine, especially in her knowledge of foreign policy. When O'Malley tried to blame everything on Clinton's one vote for the Iraq war that she has said many times was a mistake, she pointed out multiple incidents of terrorism before the Iraq invasion including 9/11 and demonstrated her knowledge of just how complex the whole mess is.

    Sanders side-stepped the question about the Paris killings and this pre-event kerfuffle didn't make him look very good:
    As for the accusations Clinton was beholden to wealthy contributors, Sanders couldn't answer just what Wall St would get from Clinton. Instead he repeated his stump speech:
    Clinton pointed out that there was a hedge fund PAC that was campaigning against her and more than 60% of her contributions had come directly from individual women.

    Men Dominate in Political Giving; Hillary Clinton’s Donors Are an Exception

    Clinton also cited the Progressive economist Krueger as the source of her economic proposal on minimum wages.
    "When Clinton cited Princeton economist Alan Krueger’s support for her minimum wage proposal, O’Malley called him a Wall Street economist. He’s not."

    Here's the transcript.
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