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    Wavanova - Weekly Poetry Contest (105) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Feb 26, 2010.

    The Redemption of Eden
    By Wavanova

    Telepath radio stops tuning
    No frequencies register
    Static on every channel
    That's our cue

    Attention all citizens!
    This is a simple test in broadcast quality!
    Do not be alarmed, do not flee your homes!
    I only wish to know if you can hear me!

    Because I bellow and scream at the top of my lungs
    And I mourn and grieve from the bottom of my heart
    And the call to arms is on the tip of my tongue
    But alas, this is no red alarm
    This is simply a test in broadcast quality
    Issued by a solitary citizen
    A lonely radio tower man

    The signal has no words
    No consinents or vowels to be discerned
    But the message is still there
    And it inspires concern

    Our radios stopped working
    74 megahertz of hope on the hour
    Instead of the regular banter and top forty
    We heard the first note in the score of our freedom
    The opening chord in a composition of consequences
    These wonderful words of providence cannot be unheard!
    Tyrant overseers of this Earth, did you bare ears to it?
    It was the death knell of all angels so elect!
    The last rites of the kingship of all men!

    And the airwaves erupt in a passion unleashed
    Across all highs and lows
    Through all mountains and trees
    Radio tower and beyond:

    We are your factories and your sins
    We are your faculties within
    We grind your teeth and your deepest fears
    We are the insect that buzzes near your ear
    We are the rust upon your system's gears
    We are just as prehistoric as you

    We are your crumbling mountainsides
    We are the heights that fall as you struggle to ascend
    We come crashing down as you reach out for heaven
    We are the ones that built you up
    We will be the ones to bring you down

    You have stood upon our achievements for eon and eon
    You have taken our support for granted time and time again
    You care not for the solid earth beneath your feet
    But only for the rewards above your hands
    The heavens and skies which you wish to reap

    You may have reached the summit
    But we are the mountain range
    We are the jagged peaks
    We are the pleasant ravines
    And every worn flint and faded fossil in between

    We are the insect that buzzes near your ear
    We are the parasite with a base within your brain
    We are the tiny widows with most venomous fangs
    We are the ants of the Earth
    We are the maggots of society
    And we crawl all over you

    Until this day and since the dawn of time
    We have failed to live
    We would only survive
    But now we awake to a new sunrise

    We are through dreaming
    We are not dreary sleepers anymore
    We jump start every battery
    And you hear our engines roar
    Every subtle demonism of life
    Every haunting moment and hurtful lie
    Every agent of human suffering and strife
    We regorge all of these burdens and more
    Emissions from a rusted exhaust pipe

    Radio tower operations station
    The command center of this revolution
    Hijacking every frequency
    Presenting an open letter to a wretched world
    Just like our forefathers did so long ago
    As they fought fire with fire
    We will fight air with air
    Elements of the eras

    Spewing propaganda into the airwaves around you
    Our vision becomes the air you breathe
    And you walk through telepath radio
    Your blood and bone are belong to us now
    The maggots and the black widows

    Telepath radio tunes
    A lonely frequency registers
    Static on all but one channel
    That's our cue
    That's our alarm clock's wake-up call for this morning
    It dictates amongst dazed ears, so wondrously loud and clear:

    Attention all citizens!
    This is not a test in broadcast quality!
    Be alarmed, get well armed, and join us downtown!
    I want you to take back this city with me!

    The quickening of a whole history's hearts
    Will be heard through a single wroth pulse
    As the sun sets forever over blackened Eden Park!
  2. becca

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    Congratulations! Great poem!
  3. Lydia

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    Jun 9, 2009
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    Somewhere out there.
    Congrats, Wavanova! I actually read this entire poem out loud for my sister! :eek:
  4. Wavanova

    Wavanova Member

    Feb 16, 2010
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    Thanks guys :D

    Haha, how did your sister like it, Lydia?
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