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    Weapons in urban fantasy /science fiction

    Discussion in 'Setting Development' started by afrodite7, Dec 14, 2012.

    -I'm wondering about the use of weapons in urban fantasy/science fiction,specifically guns.Some of the characters in the story are essentially super humans with 'magic' handguns.Some of these characters aren't exactly legal age.

    What's your thoughts on this and the use of 'magic guns' and 'gun magic'.

    -example,elemental guns and bullet bending.also,is it to overdone?should I leave it alone? in my first draft,I had written it so that my protagonist ended up with a set of powerful handguns ,given to her by a member of a cult of gun mages?
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    I would not know about the overused but I do know of several "magical guns" in many RPGs, such as the Black Dawn Beretta and Lamatt Cannon revolver from World of Darkness plus many other forms of it that can be inspiring. As for gun magic, magic guns and other things I think are kind of a logical conclusion for Urban fantasy settings as with other weapons like swords, staffs and bows & arrows and go with it.

    But a word of advice is to do a bit of research of what kind of gun you want in the story, it does not have to be very detailed about the cubic square ich of the barrel but some might like to know if it's like a Ruger .22 or such. Just something advice.
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    I like the idea. It doesn't matter if something is overdone, as long as you do it in a way that people will appreciate.

    I don't think that Urban Fantasy would be the same without magical gunslingers... just my opinion :D
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    I honestly think its an awesome idea and as long as you put your own spin on the idea then it really is your orginal idea and not truly overdone like you fear it maybe...

    AKA: Just put your own spin on it and you will be fine

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