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  1. Raven

    Raven Banned

    Oct 14, 2006
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    The NetherWorld

    Weekly poetry Contest (03)

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Raven, Apr 30, 2007.

    This Is The Third Poetry Contest.​

    I will sticky the winner in poetry until the winner of the next poetry contest. (04)

    The Rules
    The poem must be based on the theme I set if not it will not be entered.
    One Poem Per Member.
    Each poem must be more than 7 lines.

    This thread will be stickied for 5 Days and then Voting will begin. You can vote for yourselfs But i would hope in the name of good sportsman ship you'd vote for a poem you haven't written. But I'll leave that decission up to you

    And Now the Theme.
    Homeless People You may chose to write about been homeless or base your poem on a homeless person/people whatever you chose your theme must clearly be based on Homeless.
    Your Poem must be on this theme.

    Post your poems in this thread it will stay stickied for 5 days

    Submittion Ends 04/05/07 Entries submitted after that date will not be entered.
    Voting will last three days and end on 07/05/07

  2. Myst

    Myst Active Member

    Feb 2, 2007
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    The streets of the sky
    An original title had belonged here but the author could not think of anything

    What a beautiful wedding
    of money and people's pity;
    ah. but the gentlemen and ladies
    slur something shameful behind Gucci
    handbags and fiercely-attended suits
    -yes, the homeless are rocking in dirt cradles
    and weeping but not begging.
    Gloat for all's worth, lest the wind come and
    take away your overcoats, cars and hats
    -yes, the homeless are just rich men
    without the wealthy living.

    Old John is a one-legged caretaker of emptiness
    and he sleeps by the subway entrance.
    I had stooped down to offer him
    some weight off my wallet;
    "Oh, no. I wish I had some champagne, though
    for I am more precious a man than your kings.
    I mourned my loss at first but I see your dreamers
    walk by and mutter something insane, day to day
    and I realized that here I dine with the wind
    free from life's ambushes and ungraceful character."

    I said goodbye- it was 9.30
    and I was late for work.
    Oh despair, oh god.

    Sometimes I warm the church's frosted windows
    and pace the pews in toxic rationality;
    outside, the homeless crowd around a fire
    -reddened faces, teary but not weeping-
    I turn away from the glass and imagine
    -to the sound of preachers and the people inside-
    their unhappy, but healthy splitting with greed,
    the new cancer of today's dreams.
  3. The Spartan

    The Spartan New Member

    Mar 24, 2007
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    Random Walk.

    Raggetty-Ann push-pram
    cardboard-hoarder tin-can
    Fleabag cough-hag
    arse-drop tit-sag -

    - Hey Flo
    Ain'tcha gotta place ta go..?
    Sittin' there
    wi' scabs in yer hair.
    Fackin' bum
    Fackin' scum
    Nah I don't want mah windows done.

    Pisshead near dead
    aftershave bottle-fed
    Shout-swear punch-air
    hawk-phlem mad-stare -

    - Yo Joe
    Ah wantcha ta go
    Lyin' there
    wi' yuh ass all bare
    smellin' o' sick
    dirty old prick
    arse-ripped trousers shiny-slick.

    Move it along they allus say
    millyun places ta go an' nowhere ta stay.

  4. Night Haunter

    Night Haunter Banned

    Mar 14, 2007
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    United kingdom
    Alone in the darkness

    She's alone in the darkness
    Begging for a penny or too
    Misunderstood and cold
    The wind chills her bones by night

    So maybe beauty is from god
    and that devil is in us; just
    laughing loudly in between.

    She Scavenges
    In trash barrels and envies
    People who look down on her
    With scorn as they hurry home
    To their evening meals.
    She crouches in a rat infested corner,
    Content to be with creatures
    That don't cringe at the sight of her.
    Then seeks refuge in a quiet ally
    when the day will fall asleep

    She sees a man across the road looking to cross
    She calls out to him
    But he looks away
    She feels the shame
    And watches him leave
    And prays she'll be warm again.

    She finds comfort in a box made from cardboard
    Her skin cold to the touch as her ankles
    reel from pain
    She prays for some guidence
    lost and scared to the cruely of those that ignore her
    A tear rolls down her cheek
    With a memory fading away

    So maybe beauty is from god
    and that devil is in us; just
    laughing loudly in between.
  5. Domoviye

    Domoviye New Member

    Jan 8, 2007
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    Proud Canadian. Currently teaching in Nanjing, Chi
    "Welcome To The Alley"

    Welcome to the alley mister.
    If you've got cash, I'm ready,
    If you like younger, here's my sister.
    Just ignore Screaming Eddie.

    Oh, you're here to stay.
    Give me some candy, I'll show you around.
    Cheap drugs are that way.
    Don't ask for freebies, they'll beat you down.

    Here are the hookers, and crack whores.
    Give us presents, we'll treat you nice.
    Hope you like doing it in the great outdoors.
    Just make sure you meet our price.

    The dumpsters always have food.
    Wait until the Grunges are gone,
    They'll kill you if they're in a bad mood.
    Best to check it at dawn.

    Ignore the old folk,
    They've got nothing but booze.
    That **** will make you choke,
    But you can steal it while they snooze.

    Why am I here?
    Why should I tell you?
    I'll tell, if you give me your beer.
    This tastes like crap, but it will do.

    Daddy didn't like Mommy,
    She didn't give him any thrills.
    He told me to look after his salami.
    So I started taking Mommy's pills.

    Little Susie joined in Daddy's fun.
    Mommy started missing more pills.
    I decided it was time to run.
    Thought we'd head for Beverly Hills.

    Instead we ended up here,
    Asshole of the city.
    Been here for over a year,
    Selling our little clitty.

    You got a five?
    It's been a slow night,
    It will keep you feeling alive.
    Follow me, I'll make you feel alright.
  6. Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland New Member

    Mar 31, 2007
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    King Of The Street.

    I am the King,
    King of the Street.

    I sit, I sleep, I eat.
    I drink, I beg, I smoke.
    I don’t give a damn about you.

    I am the King,
    King of the street.

    I warm my self in others’ clothes.
    I fill myself with others’ scraps.
    I don’t give a damn about you.

    I am the King,
    King of the street.

    I help myself to your garbage.
    I beg for your petty change.
    Yet I won’t accept your charity.

    I am the King,
    King of the Street,
    And I don’t give a damn about you.
  7. coral reef

    coral reef Banned

    Apr 20, 2007
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    The Will Of A Man

    The tale of a devoted fathers eternal search for his missing child
    note to reader: the father has become homeless due to never ending search

    Through the busy streets of no remorse
    He wanders aimlessly
    Searching for the answers
    Such a torn, lost soul is he

    Pushing through the wretched crowd
    Of hateful, filthy stares
    He keeps his eyes glued to the ground
    Avoids the piercing glares

    He doesn’t ask for money
    For he wants no sympathy
    He merely wants directions
    To the place where he should be

    For years he walks in circles
    With his eyes upon the ground
    Searching for his little angel
    Never to be found

    He never gives up hope
    For he has nothing left to loose
    Besides his broken watch
    And an empty can of booze

    In the still of night he’s wide awake
    A tear falls from his eye
    This is it, he’s lost all hope
    His life goes flashing by

    As he draws his final breath
    He feels a gentle breeze
    Smiling as it cleanses him
    He drops down to his knees

    Just as he’s about to fall
    He sees a light arise
    Tiny fingers tilt his chin
    He opens up his eyes

    As he gazes up at her
    He sets his worries free
    His searching days are over
    For he is where he’s meant to be

    He takes her hand and says goodbye
    To that cruel and tortured world
    At last his soul can truly shine
    For he has found his little girl.

  8. Torana

    Torana Contributor Contributor

    Mar 13, 2007
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    Prayers For A Bed

    Here is a story of a lonely man,
    who left his counry for a whole new land.
    Left his riches with family in hand.

    Promises made and tales been told,
    who knew this place would turn so cold.
    With children in fairbridge he found his freedom,
    began to drink and never even went to see them.

    Soon from fairbridge to the streets they'd go,
    pity this they did not know.

    With no place to lay a weary head,
    he longed to give each one a bed.
    He sits upon a broken chair,
    his wife thinking that he didn't even care.

    His heart heavy with sorrow and regret,
    knowing his family won't forgive and forget.

    Many long days and nights had passed,
    hoping these homeless days won't last.
    He remained silent and constantly stared,
    realising that no one in the world cared.

    A daughter now has been sent off to work,
    Whilst on the streets the others lurk.
    His wife has left to try and buy some food,
    he is left within his chair to brood.

    It was a lonely man who sat on the curb that day.
    That is the place he pushed his family so far away.

  9. wordwizard

    wordwizard New Member

    Feb 5, 2007
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    Vancouver Island

    Grey hair pokes through his knitted cap,
    chapped hands reaching out.
    We cringe and take the long way 'round,
    it's food he goes without.

    His shaking palm, faces up
    he rattles his tin can.
    Ruddy face,and sour smell
    means no mercy for this man.

    Laying on the cold cement,
    the shelter is all full.
    Only thing protecting him
    is a blanket made of wool.

    No liquor to warm his belly,
    no love to warm his heart.
    One foot in front of the other,
    he wants a brand new start.

    Many live in poverty,
    we're not too blind to see...
    Imagine if that man was you,
    it's time to answer his plea.
  10. Gannon

    Gannon Contributor Contributor

    Jan 15, 2007
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    Manchester, England
    The American Dream

    born in chains I am now free
    as the air that I breathe,

    no constraints and no shackles
    adorn me like jewellery,

    I call the open mid-west home,
    a hat 'n' smile to call my own,

    content with my lot come what may,
    lord of all I have and survey,

    needle in arm my life slips away.
  11. Raven

    Raven Banned

    Oct 14, 2006
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    The NetherWorld
    10 hours left to get your poems in. The time UK wise is 8.20pm
  12. Shiranai-san

    Shiranai-san New Member

    May 3, 2007
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    Home Is A Feeling

    It drips…
    It rains…
    It hurts…
    The pain

    Their eyes, they travel
    Disgust not so hidden
    Pity blatantly put forward
    In my hat they toss a coin

    And I continue to play my flute
    With music of my own creation
    The pain that those passing by me never feel
    Flowing through the notes so sorrow

    Another coin, another pity

    The rain it continues
    Splashes upon the umbrellas add to my song
    Crunches of gravel under weight
    Screeches of cars quickly coming to a stop
    The closing of doors I will never use
    The shuffling of feet as they move
    Echoing sounds from my home

    My coat is drenched and my feet are soaked
    Like my hat and the money and my heart
    But like my weathered face and breath
    My heart is strong and holds the strength
    Of a real home.

    The house may not be there…
    The cooked meals may not be present
    But the home is still there
    With the comfort of thy friends
    And those few that do care
    And the kind people at the Soup Kitchen

    It drips
    It hurts
    The pain…
    For those that can’t understand the world
    Are not as comfortable in it as I am
    As comfortable in it as the homeless
    What they see as outside we see as in

    Pain for those that don’t see that
    ‘home’ is not a place…but a feeling
    And in this way…the homeless…are not homeless afterall.
  13. Evelyn

    Evelyn New Member

    Apr 1, 2007
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    Ain't So Bad...

    The rain ain't so bad,
    'cept when the wind comes.
    The wind it's okay,
    'less it gets real cold.
    The cold I can take,
    if I'm not real hungry.
    I get along alright hungry,
    if I can get some sleep.

    Not bein' able to sleep,
    nowhere a man can lie down -
    that one's sometimes kinda rough.
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