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  1. Raven

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    Oct 14, 2006
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    The NetherWorld

    Weekly Poetry Contest (04)

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Raven, May 7, 2007.

    This Is The Fourth Poetry Contest.​

    I will sticky the winner in poetry until the winner of the next poetry contest. (05)

    The Rules
    The poem must be based on the theme I set if not it will not be entered.
    One Poem Per Member.
    Each poem must be more than 7 lines.

    This thread will be stickied for 5 Days and then Voting will begin. You can vote for yourselfs But i would hope in the name of good sportsman ship you'd vote for a poem you haven't written. But I'll leave that decission up to you

    And Now the Theme. Courtesy of Torana
    The last moments on earth, the last moments of your life, What will the last things you think about be will it be the beauty of the sky landscapes loved ones bitterness joy fear what will the last thoughts of your life be a wish that you'd done something but never got to it. Basically the theme is your last thoughts
    Your Poem must be on this theme.

    Post your poems in this thread it will stay stickied for 5 days

    Submittion Ends 11/05/07 Entries submitted after that date will not be entered.
    Voting will last three days and end on 14/05/07

  2. Eoz Eanj

    Eoz Eanj Contributor Contributor

    Nov 11, 2006
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    I lay in a field of red
    big, beautiful, bubbles of blood,
    And as the shafts of blue sirens
    secure themselves, upon the tourniquet
    that nice man had tied around me-
    I will lose myself in the escape
    of my adrenalines fizz- and neatly
    I wish I weren’t so, definitely, dying.
    Tasting the nostalgia as it dries
    into tiny, pretty, alphabetic pink bows-
    I will wish I had made love that afternoon
    instead of pushing him away, as if to achieve
    something greater within itself.
    I will wish I had a child- remorse to the many
    broken pieces of my shattered womb-
    Never caring for the life I had within me.
    I will wish I had called my Mother- for once-
    Laughed and said ‘I love you’ and meant it-
    Nothing frivolous, at all.
    I will wish I had hugged my brother
    More; so he would know at least one person
    knows he is worth something-
    something other than what assumption offers.
    I’ll wish a thousand more wishes and then I’ll die-

    Not inside a world I lived to learn of - to love
    but inside a world, that had passed me long ago.
  3. Gannon

    Gannon Contributor Contributor

    Jan 15, 2007
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    Manchester, England
    The Mayfly

    That which has been
    that which has gone.
    All of it fleeting,
    condensed into one -

    A smile on my face
    a smile on hers.
    And one on the inside
    as time gently blurs.

    - one moment of clarity
    one moment of bliss
    All of it fleeting;
    Embrace his cold kiss.
  4. The Reaper

    The Reaper Banned

    Dec 10, 2006
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    In a house
    Its 5 o clock

    There’s a peacefulness that lingers
    My life fulfilled
    There were Monsters that tested me
    And now I see Angels
    I breathe me last breaths
    I’ve seen it all

    The sky is clear
    My mind needs rest
    Its time to leave
    I have loved and I have hated
    There’s a peacefulness that lingers

    My childhood seemed to rush by
    My life was full I’ve loved
    I’m happy to let go
    My true love said I’ll be waiting for you
    Life’s one big circle so I’ll be back again.

    My only regrets are I’ll not see what the future brings
    The song of the birds sings
    Let me go Its time
    Let me return to my love.

    This pain its growing
    But I feel my soul wants to rest
    The birds are circling
    They come close
    I see their Angels

    Its 5 o clock already to go
    I can’t be late
    The days are other
    My love I come to you
    Its 5 past 5 o clock
    Theirs the train
    Time to go

    I’m happy to leave
    Its 10 past 5 o clock Time to go
    I don’t need to rush
    Everything grows dark
    I’ll be with you again
    Its quarter past 5 o clock
    Thank you lord
    I can be with her again.
  5. Torana

    Torana Contributor Contributor

    Mar 13, 2007
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    For Them I Smile

    I site beneath a searing sun,
    in his hand he holds a gun.
    I pray to the heavens to embrace,
    my soul, my spirit in sweet grace.

    Visions of my children go through my mind,
    to me the world has been so kind,
    to give me the chance to be a mother.

    Crystal tears flow from my glistening sun caught eyes,
    to know soon I'll be taken from my young ones lives.
    In my mind it is as though I can already hear their cries.
    I hope that their innocence is never lost,
    I made sure of it no matter the cost.
    Hence why I here and down on my knees,
    and they are in a ship sailing across foreign seas.

    My only fear is for my children now,
    not this gun placed heavily upon my brow.
    The breeze it blows, sweet scent of spring,
    wonder what life, for my children will bring?

    I remember their cheeky, heart melting smiles,
    and their own very unique dressing styles.
    How simple things always made them laugh so profoundly.
    Oh how I long to know they sleep soundly.

    My angels, my bundles of joy where are you now?

    With one last and desperate plea,
    I beg this man to set me free.
    He laughs and his finger on the trigger now sits,
    "The decision was their fathers" he finally admits.
    "He won't change his mind, those children are his."

    I look to the ground and then the tears pour,
    as I remember the sound of pitter patters across my wooden floor,
    as my babies would awaken and race to my bed.
    In an attempt to forget that soon, I will be dead,
    and never get to hold them in my arms again.

    With the touch of a finger, a gunshot echoes around.
    I fall now, my blood spills heavily onto the ground.

    A smile spread so wide across my face,
    my children now safe from this treacherous place.
    Far from their father, and his god awful ways.

    There are no more thoughts,
    there shall be no more tears.
    For he can no longer hurt them like he did all those years,
    they can finally go on and live without those nightmarish fears.

  6. .PeanutButter

    .PeanutButter New Member

    Apr 25, 2007
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    My Short Road

    Life is a road that
    that everyone walks on.
    This is where I am,
    peaceful and willing.
    This worn down road,
    full of happy, sad memories.
    I wish it was longer.
    My road is covered with
    orange, yellow, brown leaves;
    like my memories of my life.
    My road use to stretch on
    forever, but now it's ending.
    As I reach the end of this
    beautiful, worn road,
    I hear voices, calling, comforting me.
    I know it'll be alright.

    I read the end,
    there's a brand new
    path instead.
    I can't look back
    now, I'm already
    there and my road
    has now ended.
    So many things I've
    done on that road,
    so many things I wish
    I had said.
    I think of my brothers;
    I hope their road is longer.
    My parents: How I never
    thanked them properly.
    My grandfather has been
    down this path,
    he's reached the end.
    Did he have fear?

    I didn't expect this feeling,
    this feeling of hope.
    I know who it comes from,
    I know I'll be alright.
    The light is bright now,
    the path stretches on.
    Will this path end too?
    My road did.
    This path is mine,
    just mine, no one else's.
    I see a figure up ahead.
    It's a familiar face.
    He tells me it'll be alright.
    I know this is true.
    Even if my road wasn't
    as long as I would have
    liked, everyone has their time,
    and mine has come.
    I remember my family,
    I know they're alright.
    "Don't cry," I wish I
    could say,
    "I'm going to be alright."
  7. coral reef

    coral reef Banned

    Apr 20, 2007
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    Letting Go

    Staring up at the ceiling fan
    Mesmerized by the motion
    I see a dark shadow beside me
    I fear not

    Patiently he waits for me
    As I slowly release my soul
    Gently I let it all go
    I let you go

    Your memories of deceit
    I now put down to rest
    Never forgotten in my heart
    I forgive you

    I now find the strength
    To push the pain away
    It controls me no more
    I am cured

    Every heartbreak, every torment
    I free it from my mind
    And watch it slowly drift away
    It is gone

    I feel my soul rising up
    My inner light radiates
    My eyes close gently
    I let go

    You are free now my father
    I have let you go
    Finally you shattered me
    I am gone

    Coral reef
  8. Nadala

    Nadala Banned

    Dec 7, 2006
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    Her Lullaby

    There is sweet peace in the waters tonight,
    No chill in the air without day’s light.
    Sinking down into the depths of vast sand,
    Outstretched in the water a lingering hand.
    I stare at it a while watch as I drift by.
    Her echoing screams some how soothing,
    My lullaby.

    I was suffering such a long time.
    Deaths fingers lay a rash, cold on my spine.
    The frost of the fathoms
    Phantom fingers grasping my feet,
    But I look back and think of you
    Suddenly pains obsolete.

    There would never be a meaning to you
    Without my demise.
    I never realized the elements in you
    Till I started to die.
    But you are most incredible
    And I won’t cry dying
    Hearing this angel lullaby.

    As the earths grasps me
    Exsaulted earthbound child,
    I will close my eyes
    And for you I shall smile.
  9. The Spartan

    The Spartan New Member

    Mar 24, 2007
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    Not with a bang but a whimper.

    Oh balls Jesus Christ the damn binbag has split
    ive covered the floor with three kinds of ****
    down on my knees im scooping up spam
    and yesterday's beans that stuck to the pan
    when the sky flashes amber and then there's a scream
    and the wife's shaking finger points straight at the screen

    i love you she says in the minutes we've left
    but ive really gotta tellya that i slept twice with jeff
    you know the pool guy we had..?
    when those weeds got so bad..?
    he had real nice hands: soft waterlogged palms
    and all those big muscles from working on farms

    she staggers toward me as the earth shifts and sighs
    her arms flung out wildly with snot-flying cries
    forgive me she sobs as the seconds tick tick
    i unzip my pants and take out my dick
    and piss a great puddle on the wood-parquet floor
    i just can't believe it you great ****ing wh-
  10. Isis

    Isis New Member

    Feb 14, 2007
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    New Yawk
    In my worlds the dead become nebulae, bruise-hued,
    explode their way to the stuff of stars.
    Worlds themselves are bruises, and there are
    thousands blossomed beneath my skin
    electric and sickening to touch. I used to
    reach in, pull the fabric of otherness, cringe
    at explosions of life and death.
    Each breath was a thousand little breaths.

    The magic cusps of impossible moons
    hang over a universe nobody knows,
    (I might not even know) who nonetheless grows
    into my bones, into what I never thought I'd dream.
    I can't write poetry because my wrists are out of room.
    Their tattoos lace my hands; I cannot wash them clean
    of strangers closer than those I press against by day
    and so delve deep, and way leads on to way --

    it is easy to pretend to be misunderstood.
    I was never that. But I will not die as most of you,
    will not close my eyes into a blip of nothing. I will fuse
    my elements together and become worlds
    of untamable cedar, the elfin wood,
    the lemon sky, other unnameable whorls
    of being. A human supernova, inside out. I will die
    into the nothing of a long dreamt-of sky.

    When you get the letter, you'll be surprised that I am gone.
    Know that i've been leaving all along.
  11. wordwizard

    wordwizard New Member

    Feb 5, 2007
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    Vancouver Island
    The Holy Test

    Pain surges through my nerves
    an invader leaking my existance.
    No pearly gates, no angel choir,
    no white light off in the distance.

    No feelings of holy pleasure
    I just think that I am scared,
    this is not what I imagined
    I thought I was prepared.

    Will this agony never end
    will this blood cease to flow,
    when will my life slip away?
    This torture is so slow.

    I feel like someone is laughing,
    like this is a foul jest.
    Is this a way to examine me?
    Am I passing this holy test?

    Finally the numbness is growing,
    it is spreading through my veins.
    They were waiting until I was truly ready
    to witness what heaven contains.
  12. Night Haunter

    Night Haunter Banned

    Mar 14, 2007
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    United kingdom
    My Last Breath

    My last Breath

    This is my last regress
    If I could make on last wish
    I would live another life
    Without worry
    I look to the sky
    The snow falls so gently down
    This place is quiet
    I always new id go alone.

    I hear the wolves from the trees howl
    But I don’t see the angels that are meant to be
    A sudden rush of fear overcomes me
    Will there be only darkness
    I can see my past
    I remember the things done and said

    I remember the day I became a man
    And now those memories will fade away
    Like running water from a fall.

    The cold upon my face gives me small comfort
    The sky is dim and grey
    Just how I liked it
    The snow flakes float gently down
    I lay here thinking if this is the end
    Then at least it’s beautiful

    Of all the ways to leave
    This is the most peaceful
    I see no angels to great me
    I understand it’s not to be
    I have not sinned
    As I look a smile graces my chilled face
    I’m happy to leave
    Here alone in the snow filled fields
    Silent but for the sound of howling wolves
    And with my last breath
    I lay here thinking if this is the end
    Then at least its beautiful
  13. Myst

    Myst Active Member

    Feb 2, 2007
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    The streets of the sky
    Note: This is an old poem and although it is submitted to, it is not written for the poetry competition. Although I'm pretty sure this is acceptable, please tell me if otherwise.

    Perdition: The Road

    I died tonight, together
    with the smell of red on my lips
    and painful limbs
    that had affection for the road.

    I heard a voice murmur.
    A voice of bones slamming
    unto another in cold irony.
    The bus came with the wind
    and was hard to distinguish.

    For the hallowed personification
    of our ruin;
    he was contagiously polite.
    Sat me down firmly on a seat
    and began to sharpen his blade.
    9 to 5 is probably only
    the grandnephew of eternity.

    "Perdition is just a road
    where escorts are used,"
    he told the sighing air.
    I ran my glances over the bus
    and emptiness smiled.
    "Heaven should be just around
    the corner. But,"
    and emeralds flared in sockets.
    "those who don't accept the ride
    go to the fire."
  14. Targaddon

    Targaddon Banned

    May 10, 2007
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    United Kingdom
    Last Day

    Last Day

    We Know Each Other For So Long, Felt That We Just Met;
    We Are Getting Older Day By Day,
    But Our Heart Still Feel Younger And Younger;
    Now We Lay Here Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary Today;
    Our Sweet Memories Since Teens, Adult,
    Now A Senior Citizen Have Never Been Faded;

    Our Young Bloods Whom Now A Somebody That Can Be Recognize In Many Places;
    Today Is Our Last Day On Earth,
    Make This Moment Worth It;
    By Watching Our Children Faces,
    Without Their Faces Covering With Tears;
  15. Sayso

    Sayso New Member

    Jan 11, 2007
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    An Old Man's Dying Wishes

    I wish for rain in my final hours
    but I only get sun instead of the showers.

    I wish to go gracefully from this world I now live
    but the pain of my body will make it hard to forgive.

    I wish to remember all my days from before
    but my mind slowly wandered and left by the door.

    I wish you would leave me alone in my grief
    but you're still by my side giving soothing relief.

    I wish not to see you and the tears that you cry
    but my final image is of you as I die.

    So forgive me for the drop of rain
    that falls from clouded eye,
    as I remember all the pain
    and forget the reason why.
    And please excuse me in my shame
    of cries I can't defy.
    And kiss me love, once again
    as we share our final goodbye.
  16. Domoviye

    Domoviye New Member

    Jan 8, 2007
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    Proud Canadian. Currently teaching in Nanjing, Chi
    I'd always return

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    Oh God the pain!
    What happened? Where am I?
    This pain is making me insane!
    What's that sticking out of my thigh?

    Why is everyone screaming?
    Why don't they help me?
    Are they fleeing?
    I need to get free.

    I promised Mom I'd alway return

    I can't move, I can barely breathe.
    Gotta get up! Move your ass!
    I feel my anger seethe,
    Push! My hands rip on broken glass.

    The rubble doesn't budge.
    I lean my head back,
    My throat seems full of sludge.
    Speared and buried I can't do jack.

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    Keep breathing, keep thinking.
    Stay alive! Help is coming.
    I think my vision is shrinking.
    God, my skull is drumming.

    Remember your first aid,
    It's only shock,
    Don't be afraid.
    Just lay your head on the rock.

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    Hear that wailing?
    The medics are on their way.
    Just keep on inhaling.
    It will keep the darkness at bay.

    They're taking too long.
    I want to go to sleep.
    A short nap, what could go wrong.
    I'll fall asleep, in this rubbish heap.

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    You can't take a nap.
    Feel that blood on your brow,
    Sleeping is a trap.

    I promised Mom.
    Stay awake, stay alive.
    Just keep breathing and stay calm.
    Just wait for the medics to arrive.

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    It hurts, why does my leg hurt?
    Stop thinking, look around.
    The medics are coming, stay alert.
    I think I'm breaking down.

    NO! I'm gonna survive,
    Things are finally going right,
    Keep it together, stay alive.
    Do what you've always done, FIGHT!

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    I'm not thinking straight.
    Concussion has made me mad.
    I'll be in an asylum at this rate.
    SHUT UP! You're thinking bad.

    I wish I could get out.
    I think I wet myself.
    Maybe I should shout.
    Gotta get a hold of myself.

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    I'm going to get free.
    I'm not gonna die.
    I promised Mom she'd see me,
    I'm not gonna make her cry.

    I've failed too often,
    Always had an excuse.
    I'm not going home in a coffin,
    I've finally got too much to lose.

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    Keep thinking like this.
    All those times you made her cry,
    Trying to succeed, only to miss,
    You can't just say good-bye.

    Finally given a chance,
    A chance to do some good,
    A way ahead, able to advance.
    You finally knew where you stood.

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    Don't let that dream go.
    See the flashing light,
    Get ready to smile and say hello.
    You'll be in a hospital tonight.

    Where did the lights go?
    "HELP ME!"
    I'm right here, don't they know?
    Why don't they look under the debris?

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    There must be others hurt.
    They'll get all of us out.
    They'll get me out of this dirt.
    I can't have any doubt.

    Keep breathing, gotta survive.
    I don't think I can shout again.
    Raise my arm, show that I'm alive.
    Oh God! The pain!

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    Can't seem to focus, too dizzy.
    Too cold, too sore.
    Gotta keep the mind busy.
    Can't seem to think anymore.

    I'm not going out like this.
    Hey thats a line from a song.
    Stop it! You're headed for the abyss.
    This is wrong.

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    Focus, don't go that way.
    You promised you'd always return.
    Think of who you'll betray.
    Don't make Mom buy an urn.

    I don't have anything left.
    I can't hold on.
    So this is what they mean by bereft.
    I wonder if I'll see the dawn?

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    Stop it! Please, just stop it!
    Can't give up.
    Don't you dare submit.
    Never, ever, give up.

    Use the pain.
    Let it fill you.
    Let it run through your veins.
    Use it to refill and renew.

    I promised Mom I'd always return.

    You've done it before.
    Anger, hate and pain,
    Makes you want to roar.
    Turns weakness to disdain.

    Won't last long.
    Yell and shriek.
    Finally prove that you are strong.
    Show them you aren't weak.

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    I cough as the dust falls.
    Breathing is so hard.
    I hear so many other calls.
    My lungs feel charred.

    I don't think they heard.
    Nothing left anymore.
    Anger now just seems absurd.
    I'm so sore.

    I promised Mom I'd always return

    I guess I've lied again.
    Another promise unfulfilled,
    Feels like a bloody chain.
    My soul feels chilled.

    I wish I could say good-bye.
    Just one last word,
    Before I die.
    Just a final chance to be heard.

    I promised Mom I'd always return
  17. Evelyn

    Evelyn New Member

    Apr 1, 2007
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    I haven't been feeling a hundred percent...

    I haven't been feeling a hundred percent,
    but I've kept right on working - a man's gotta pay rent.
    This fever's got worse now, and so has the cough,
    And I've already used up all my time off.

    I've been under the weather, and it's been real hard to work.
    I'm not pulling my share, and it makes me feel like a jerk.
    I can't seem to focus, or to keep work in hand,
    It's hard just to think now, and even harder to stand.

    So I'm here to tell you that I think that I'm through,
    it's my turn to punch out and collect what I'm due.
    And to hand in my timecard, 'cause my time is all spent -
    You see, I haven't been feeling a hundred percent.
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