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  1. Banzai

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    Mar 31, 2007
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    Weekly Poetry Contest (123) - Black and White

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Jul 26, 2010.

    Poetry Contest
    One Hundred and Twenty Three

    Poetry! Poetry! My kingdom for some poetry!

    The Rules

    • All entries must be on the set theme.
    • Only one entry per member.
    • No editing of entries once posted without my express permission (i.e. PM me and ask).
    • Poems must be titled
    • Poems must be at least seven lines in length.
    • Entries must not have previously posted on the forums, and are not permitted to be posted for critique until AFTER the contest is completed.
    • Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification of entries, and possibly infraction.

    The entry stage will last six days, meaning it will close on Monday 2nd August 2010 Monday 9th August 2010.

    The voting stage will begin immediately, and will be open for three days, ending on Thursday 5th August 2010 Thursday 12th August 2010.

    And this week's theme is (courtesy of TheHedgehog): Black and White

    Be imaginative, have fun, and get writing


    PS: If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. I don't bite (much).
  2. fighter25

    fighter25 Member

    Feb 22, 2010
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    Melting Auroras

    When hearts tickled me pink, colors flooded my eyes
    and watched magenta guppies give birth
    on beds of mango tangoed in coral.

    When Mary Lou had that roly-poly race-
    first to the Double Bubble Gum won-
    my Bubba got first, but died later that night.
    He was exhausted. I kissed him goodbye.

    I used to see in color, when candy apples shone red
    and flies impregnated nude watermelon beds.
    Maggots danced till sunrise, wiggled up to the sky
    and couldn’t wait to take flight.

    Maybe when Daddy shot that elk, trout quit swimming upstream,
    and cicadas left no whatnots on the old sycamore tree.

    Then Momma packed her bags; forgot to say good bye.
    She took pink and yellow and left me with the rest.
    That night I found Little Dipper; Big Dipper nowhere in sight.
    Mamma’s voice went flat line and slammed the door one last time.

    My auroras no longer flew, but hid under melting glaciers.
    I tried to hold my paint, which was too much to bear
    for my tiny hands and ran right onto Daddy’s lap.

    grabbed me,
    shook me around,
    told me to be a man,
    pushed me in the chest,
    and shoved me to the ground.
    That's when I opened my eyes...

    I never saw Mary Lou again and never saw them maggots fly.
    Never found Mamma Dipper, just a rusty, cracked handle
    in the back of Daddy’s pickup.

    shoved me
    one more time,
    and knocked the
    blue right from my iris.
    What I saw was black and
    what wasn’t black was white.

    That’s the day I became a man
    and never looked back again.
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  3. Banzai

    Banzai One-time Mod, but on the road to recovery Contributor

    Mar 31, 2007
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    Reading, UK
    *Sorry about the lack of updates on this one. Due to the lack of entries, I'm extending the entry period, by an additional week. It will now (provisionally) close on Monday 9th August 2010*
  4. Shiiva

    Shiiva New Member

    Aug 5, 2010
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    Nocton, UK

    As I walk on
    The darkness sings to me
    A black void reaching out for me
    Clutching my throat
    Filling me up with emotions
    The blackest disposition
    Depression sinks slow
    A tar in my veins
    The sadness dilute
    Washes away
    This cold black has taken over me
    I am falling
    Losing myself
    To the void...

    A tendril comes from the sky
    Following the black in search
    For my flesh
    Covered with a ghostly light
    Falling forth
    Across my eyes
    A different feel
    A white light blinding deep
    Dispose of the artificial
    Fill me up with a real feeling
    Bottle me up to keep them safe
    Fight back the black
    What is happening?..

    I came to this place
    In search of something
    I'm not sure what happened then
    Torn in two
    The opposing twins
    Set in a different place
    Significance lost in a power struggle
    Attempt to make me their pet
    But people are people
    And not a submissive slave
    Ready to kneel
    I left that place with a head filled anew
    With feelings I never thought real
    What happened that day
    I may never know...

    I all happened so fast
    Now I am home
    Feeling lost
    Feeling nothing
    How I wish to return
    And submit myself to a tug of war
    Two ethereal creations
    Dragging my soul in directions
    In two pieces dripping
    In light sinking deep
    In darkness corrosive to the touch
    A feeling
    I long to feel something again
    It was nice to feel...

  5. Lydia

    Lydia Contributor Contributor

    Jun 9, 2009
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    Somewhere out there.
    Black and white

    I was designed, with some small pencil
    on a big white sheet of paper
    I was not a flawless stencil
    some lines needed an eraser

    And some charcoal sketched the lines
    shaped the body that was you
    it was no perfect design
    but for now, it had to do

    Then somewhere in the world
    we were dropped to find our way
    a black guy and a white girl
    so we could blend to grey
  6. TrueShot

    TrueShot New Member

    Jun 9, 2010
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    Blank Page

    Blank page, I write
    On your pale smooth face.
    Can you scream?
    As you bleed black.
    Are you terribly afraid?
    To see these strange words
    Shape your short existence,
    Determining resolutely your purpose.
    Ending dreams of drawings
    Or quickly written notes
    That speak of greater writers
    And minds of living Gods
    Or even God himself.
    Perhaps these words itch,
    A foreign tattoo of mine
    That will fade as you yellow,
    And as I age, in the light,
    You will seem foreign,
    Reminder of when dreams ended.
    Maybe we will be old friends
    United by a common origin.
    But no, a grudge you hold
    For all your fellow pages
    I crumpled and tossed away.
    So fine, you’ve reminded me.
    Goodbye, go join your friends,
    Before you write your blacks
    On me.
  7. digtersvrou

    digtersvrou Member

    Aug 10, 2010
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    Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    Onward March

    They align themselves
    Row by row
    Of black then white
    Silent salient soldiers
    Carrying doves or
    Dated daggers
    Speak without breath
    Thoughts that should be left unsaid
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