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  1. Banzai

    Banzai One-time Mod, but on the road to recovery Contributor

    Mar 31, 2007
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    Reading, UK

    Weekly Poetry Contest (132) - Thanksgiving

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Nov 30, 2010.

    Poetry Contest
    One Hundred and Thirty Two

    Let's get our poetry on!

    The Rules
    • All entries must be on the set theme.
    • Only one entry per member.
    • No editing of entries once posted without my express permission (i.e. PM me and ask).
    • Poems must be titled
    • Poems must be a minimum of seven lines in length
    • Entries must not have previously posted on the forums, and are not permitted to be posted for critique until AFTER the contest is completed.
    • Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification of entries, and possibly infraction.

    The entry stage will last six days, meaning it will close on Monday 6th December.

    The voting stage will begin immediately, and will be open for three days, ending on Thursday 9th December 2010.

    And this week's theme is (a bit late, but still a good theme): Thanksgiving

    Any rhyme scheme will do, as long as the rhyme is discernible to the casual eye.

    The next (133rd) contest's theme will be: Quinzaines, and it will be opened on 6th December 2010. For information on this slightly obscure poetic form, take a look here

    Be imaginative, have fun, and get writing.


    PS: If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. I don't bite (much).
  2. Stix489

    Stix489 New Member

    Dec 6, 2009
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    This is random, I just came up with it on the spot. Oh well.

    I Thank Thee

    I wake each morn to a rising sun,
    Long day ahead, it should be fun.

    I jump on the couch and grab the remote,
    "What's for breakfast, mom?' - to no reposte.

    I press the power button and go to AV1,
    Past the loading screen, my game has begun.

    Owning noobs and and raising my rank,
    Oh Black Ops, whom shall I thank?

    For this Xbox, this game and this brutal shank,
    Oh Black Ops, whom shall I thank?

    For lazy mornings and sleeping at three,
    For my neighbours and their corroboree.

    For Ed Edd n Eddy and Johny's Plank,
    Oh Black Ops, whom shall I thank?

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. tnt007

    tnt007 New Member

    Dec 1, 2010
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    Thanks Giving

    Let the Merriment begin
    The Family is in
    The new babes cry
    As old daughters sigh
    I wanted to race the horses

    They smile
    I laugh
    No music
    No staff

    Those are obviously missing
    A phone call confirms the details
    I look about at confused faces
    I think of braided horse tails

    Time goes and I feel restless
    My age gives way to pain
    The fog is falling to cover the world
    Yet still, I see no rain

    Time brings exit
    To my stay
    And now I must take leave
    Move the toddler
    And take the cider
    Hey you, let go of my sleeve

    This my dear is life
    As I have been living
    So as I go, I wonder why
    Without thought to my
    third eye
    I am glad
    To be

  4. Evelyanin

    Evelyanin New Member

    Jun 17, 2009
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    True Thanksgiving

    The turkey was a little tough,
    and the stuffing a little soggy.
    Someone mixed up the juice and wine,
    Now Garrett Junior is looking groggy.

    Great Grandmother's gravy dish
    Is in pieces on the floor
    And after that strawberry jello,
    there's sticky handprints on the door.

    Uncle Shawn did not show up,
    Because of his broken down truck.
    Amy-lynn tried to catch a ride,
    But she ran out of luck.

    The cranberry sauce left bright red stains
    All over the mauve coloured rug.
    Aunt Lilly dropped mashed potatoes
    Into the iced tea jug.

    Mom is in tears, dad's looking grim,
    And the dishes are still not clean.
    Everyone unanimously agrees
    What a horrible thanksgiving it's been.

    Yet somewhere across the ocean,
    Out there in the barren lands,
    A man looks at his small bowl of rice
    And sends up a prayer of thanks.
  5. Banzai

    Banzai One-time Mod, but on the road to recovery Contributor

    Mar 31, 2007
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    Reading, UK
    I'm going to be closing the contest tonight, and setting up the voting then. I know it's late, but I have a little too much to do today to set it up until then. However, if anyone wants to enter before then, I'll still allow the entries.
  6. BonnieDouglas

    BonnieDouglas New Member

    Nov 24, 2010
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    Somewhere cosy
    Sorry if I ask a silly question - do I post my entry here for #133? I can't see a dedicated forum for that yet and it opened yesterday...

    I'm probably being blind. :confused:
  7. darthjim

    darthjim New Member

    Dec 5, 2010
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    Cumbria, England
    The Simplest Things.

    For all you are,
    for all we possess.
    For friends near and far,
    for rescue from loneliness.

    For sunshine and shadow,
    for fields of gold.
    For the ancient and callow,
    for the hot and the cold.

    For a stolen glance,
    for a final reprieve.
    For a first slow dance,
    for refusing to leave.

    For all that's gone,
    for the edge of the knife.
    For a chance, just one,
    to live this life.
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  8. PurpleCandle

    PurpleCandle New Member

    Dec 6, 2010
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    Bake the Alaskas,
    Cream the Bostons,
    Honey the baklavas,
    And lemon the chiffons!

    Short the Strawberries,
    Pineapple the upside down,
    Jubilee the cherries,
    And rum the pound!

    Velvet the Devil’s red,
    Lady the tiramisu,
    Spice the gingerbread,
    And pie the pumpkin too!

    Fluff the coconut,
    Banana the flambé,
    Maple the Bundt,
    And ganache the soufflé!

    Mousse the chocolate!
    New York the cheese!
    Eat, lick the plates,
    More dessert please!
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