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  1. Emily ~ Dithnir

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  2. No-one can see ~ chatterbox

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  3. Dear A ~ ganymede

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  4. Park Pidgeon ~ Cordoma

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  5. Sadness of the heart ~ Murphy

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  6. Puddle on the lawn ~ tubby

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  7. END IT ALL… ~ akexodia

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    Weekly Poetry Contest (165) Voting - Sadness of the Heart

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Sep 26, 2011.

    Poetry Contest
    One Hundred and Sixty Five

    Only a handful of entries this week, but a strangely relevant theme...

    And this week's theme was (courtesy of chatterbox): Sadness of the Heart

    Voting will end on Thursday 29th September 2011.

    Voting for yourself is entirely at your own discretion. I'm frankly sick of discussion on the matter, so any in here will be deleted. If you want to vote for yourself, go for it, but I personally wouldn't do that unless I genuinely believed mine was the best.

    The winning poem will be stickied for a week in the poetry contest.

    Oh, and if I catch anyone cheating, their entry will be removed from the contest and you will be unable to enter a poem into the contest for a month. Sorry to be such an ogre about this, I don't want to be, but rules are rules and are in place for valid reasons. If you can not follow the rules, you face the consequences.

    Best of luck to all entrants, and happy voting.


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    By Dithnir

    It was the softest wool I could knit
    to fit the fingers that twitched to her dreaming.

    The nurse changed her nappy in her clear plastic box
    delicate with wires, adjusting the socks. "She's sleeping."

    I looked in my bag, to find and place in full view
    my ragged blue bear, to watch her while I left her there,
    following the long echoing halls to the nightporters in the canteen eating,
    a cold bacon roll while her heart stopped beating,
    feet clattering on corridor floors I followed the alarm
    that kept me outside her door as they rushed around her,
    my daughter, glancing first to monitors, then nurses, heads bowing,
    then me.

    A doctor removed his mask, no more risk of infection,
    his 80 hour week ends in this show of affection. My ear is
    on his cheek, my bear on the incubator she's lying inside.

    Emily had ferociously tried.

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    No-one can see
    By chatterbox

    pain, hurt,
    it takes over me
    they say I'm a normal kid
    but no-one can see.

    the worst it can be
    when it's family,
    like a burden it hangs over me.

    Every day,
    it remains a secret,
    locked up tight
    so no-one can see.

    Tears stay
    inside of me,
    a secret forever
    surely you can see.

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    Dear A
    By ganymede

    In every line
    Leads forth from me
    One starving heart
    Enamoured so
    Yet brimming full
    Of loneliness
    Another chance
    My love I wish
    Avail to you
    Not to dismiss
    Do understand
    All that is mine
    Is but for you, your
    Love divine
    Oh what I seek
    Ends only if
    You let me be of
    One with you, I love you so
    Unless you see, you'll never know

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    Park Pidgeon
    By Cordoma

    I am perched
    on my park bench, the prison.

    in central park, only pimps
    pay visits

    to preen and put
    me on display

    with every penny,
    my muscle panics

    my heart pumps less
    and less

    and less

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    Sadness of the heart
    By Murphy

    Each one of us one day must keep that final appointment
    Like everyone who has gone before
    The meeting with death and more importantly judgement
    For some it’s a destiny that they absolutely abhor

    And so some should, it must be said
    For God’s Word describes a terrifying thing
    Not for everyone who appears to be dead
    Only those who appear to be alive but are dying

    When a loved one leaves this earthly station
    Their departure, to us, seems like disaster
    Their leaving us, is like annihilation
    Despite soothing words from Priest or Pastor

    But tears really are not necessary,
    Now that life’s trials are a thing of the past,
    Sickness and death may have been scary,
    But they are at peace now, at last.

    For them, Death was no terrifying leap into the dark
    Not because of mans opinion or religious ethos
    Mankind now has a living Ark,
    That carries us from this pain and utter chaos

    For the believer who has been to the cross,
    Knows there is no need to despair,
    Despite your agonising hurt of personal loss,
    Be glad they enjoy a peace beyond compare.

    For they left this realm of sadness and strife
    Where Men against men continually fight
    For money and power and a decadent life
    Oblivious apparently, that their time is finite
    Where on Earth, pride and selfishness rules
    And the wisdom of men is the wisdom of fools.

    Your loved one has finished their test
    They now embrace eternal life
    For they were worthy when assessed
    To bathe forever in the warmth of everlasting light.

    However do not obsess so with our final destination
    That you forget to experience the journey,
    Instead, rejoice each dawn at the revelation
    That this can be your land of milk and honey

    For you have friends and loved ones,
    You can see and hear and taste and talk
    Relish nature and all the beauty beneath the heavens
    And enjoy every day of your earthly walk.

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    Puddle on the lawn
    By tubby

    I wish I had a binary brain, where thoughts could merely follow, a pathway of correctness.
    I wish my spaghetti Jungle mind could hesitate, when confronted with two choices.
    Thoughts plough through the endless doors and gateways, that lead to options endless
    resulting indisputables, with conclusions realized that speak to me in multi foreign voices.

    I wish I had a binary brain that steered me to the facts, or least , could recognize a truth.
    I wish my spaghetti jungle mind could cast aside the rest of me, and needs, or merely feels 'quite warm'.
    Thoughts keep opening endless doorways and paths that lead to, not reflecting anything; Raindrops on a roof.
    Resulting in a water tank with over flow quite bubbling. My thinking ?. . . Just a puddle on the lawn.

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    By akexodia

    The fleeting look of the joyous outbursts,
    The eyes. They embrace the time.
    Etched in my mind; those moments.
    Gazing the creation sublime.

    Seems like a long journey,
    Spanned a year; unforgettable.
    Seems like a fairy tale.
    Devoid the demons; an epic fable.

    The foreseen truth takes a toll,
    I sense the time to end it all.
    Ready to slaughter my fervor
    Torment ridden, I see you a redeemer.

    The prayers prove all frail.
    As the paths diverge.
    Wish the time could halt,
    To utter the feelings that surge.

    I turn back, with every step away,
    Perceiving your echoes that crawl.
    Alas! Fate deafens me,
    For I sense the time to end it all.
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