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  1. Banzai

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    Weekly Poetry Contest (210) - Police Cover Ups

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Sep 24, 2012.

    Poetry Contest
    Two Hundred and Ten

    Back on schedule this week!

    The Rules
    • All entries must be on the set theme.
    • Only one entry per member.
    • No editing of entries once posted without my express permission (i.e. PM me and ask).
    • Poems must be titled
    • Entries must not have previously posted on the forums, and are not permitted to be posted for critique until AFTER the contest is completed.
    • Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification of entries, and possibly infraction.

    The entry stage will be open for fourteen days, closing on Monday 8th October 2012.

    The voting stage will begin immediately, and will be open for three days, ending on Thursday 11th October 2012.

    And this week's theme is: (courtesy of Solar) Police Cover Ups

    The next (211th) contest's theme will be (courtesy of *Kate): Confusion, and it will be opened on Monday 8th October 2012.

    Be imaginative, have fun, and get writing.


    PS: If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. I don't bite (much).
  2. Agatha Christie

    Agatha Christie New Member

    Jan 19, 2012
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    We are blameless, perfection to the hilt.
    We do nothing wrong, we are without guilt.

    We uphold the law, we know right from wrong.
    We are the police; correct all along.

    We're the law of the land. We know what's best.
    We crush lawbreakers and those who protest.

    We apprehend hooligans, warn the youth
    But someone's discovered.... we don't tell the truth!

    When fans died at football, many years back
    We covered our tracks, so we'd get no flak

    Graves poignant and still, bedecked with flowers
    We now must admit, the lies were all ours.
  3. nomadpenguin

    nomadpenguin Member

    Jun 24, 2012
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    Cover Up

    She always liked a good
    conspiracy theory,
    a police cover up,
    a foreign assassination,
    and on particularly audacious days,
    even an alien abduction.

    Would she be delighted,
    or would she watch with
    the horrified attention that draws her
    to gruesome stories,
    if she found that I
    had conducted my own cover up,
    a private assassination,
    dragging my lifeless heart
    into the river after
    discovering that it had been
    abducted by her alien form?
  4. Wolfwig

    Wolfwig New Member

    Aug 24, 2012
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    Farmington Valley, CT
    Take Cover

    Quiet now;
    Fattened stories will tame the
    Shock wave sentiment rippling wide with backlash
    Anger, frustration – pleas for
    Prompt redress.

    Have no fear,
    As forceful action secures
    Peaceful safeguards that promote social order,
    Rule of law unimpeded
    By the truth.

    Not the code
    Are we, but only keepers
    Sworn to fight and protect, defend, preserve, and
    Bury tarnishing traces
    Best left lost.
  5. Darkkin

    Darkkin Reflection of a nobody Contributor

    Jun 21, 2012
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    Following the footprints in the sand...

    Why does it happen...Why is the truth hidden away?
    Those sworn to uphold the law,
    In life and fiction, too...Break, giving in.
    Hiding the truth, hoping it will never see the day.
    Details slipped into files and tucked up tight.
    A soft voice saying, "You know this isn't right..."

    Ways around...and hide it all away.
    Tough choices made, a veneer in place.
    But curiosity, that fateful human flaw...
    Tempts, teases...beckoning those who would give the truth its say.
    Out of the darkness into the light...
    The truth will find a way to win the fight.

    Why does it happen...Why do they hide the disgrace away?
    Debate and dissect the myriad of reasons.
    Dawn to dusk, until the cows have come and gone.
    The reason is simple, bare in its basic elemental way.
    Police, those sworn to uphold the truth are...human.
    Flawed, emotional, illogical...determined to protect their own come what may.
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