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  1. Banzai

    Banzai One-time Mod, but on the road to recovery Contributor

    Mar 31, 2007
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    Reading, UK

    Weekly Poetry Contest (211) - Confusion

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Oct 9, 2012.

    Poetry Contest
    Two Hundred and Eleven

    A little late, but it's still good!

    The Rules
    • All entries must be on the set theme.
    • Only one entry per member.
    • No editing of entries once posted without my express permission (i.e. PM me and ask).
    • Poems must be titled
    • Entries must not have previously posted on the forums, and are not permitted to be posted for critique until AFTER the contest is completed.
    • Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification of entries, and possibly infraction.

    The entry stage will be open for sixth, closing on Monday 15th October 2012 Monday 22nd October 2012.

    The voting stage will begin immediately, and will be open for three days, ending on Thursday 18th October 2012 Thursday 25th October 2012.

    And this week's theme is: (courtesy of *Kate) Confusion

    The next (212th) contest's theme will be (courtesy of nomdapenguin): Gatekeeper, and it will be opened on Monday 15th October 2012.

    Be imaginative, have fun, and get writing.


    PS: If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. I don't bite (much).
  2. Agatha Christie

    Agatha Christie New Member

    Jan 19, 2012
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    Scattered leaves, tossed about by a whistling gale
    Circling, falling, rising.
    Some brown, some red, some bright, some pale.

    They scurry, scuttle over wilting land
    Blown high and fast,
    They spiral and spin like a dancing band.

    Dry, stiffened leaves, wrenched by gusts
    From swaying trees. Taken
    With haste to spitting skies and gloomy eaves.

    Some leap jauntily, breezily on the ground.
    Crunchy, crumpled, curled, the
    dizzy foliage rushes, darts, dashes around.

    What confusion it brings, this autumn melee!
    Green profusion it changes, to cold winter's day.
  3. kyelena2

    kyelena2 New Member

    Jun 2, 2012
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    North Carolina
    Burning Life
    I sit staring at my life,
    The flames dance in the night.
    Coats are covered in soot,
    The men continue to fight.
    Pages of beauty are not spared,
    Heat destroys the path that I once took.
    A tarnished white sheet appears before me,
    I cannot bear to look.
    I sifted through the wreckage,
    But I could not find you.
    Cling to the past?
    Or find life anew?
  4. Banzai

    Banzai One-time Mod, but on the road to recovery Contributor

    Mar 31, 2007
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    Reading, UK
    Due to a disappointing lack of entries so far, I've taken the decision to extend entry a week for this week's contest. This means that you now have until Monday 22nd October 2012 to get your entries in.
  5. JJ_Maxx

    JJ_Maxx Banned

    Oct 8, 2012
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    "Morning Harvest"

    The morn with sun and bean and oil
    Loss of sickle long with toil
    Heights of heaven soaring high
    Riches gathered soon to die

    Hearts of black make hatred lies
    Blessings flight deprave the skies
    Hero hearts that beat no more
    Etched forever, legend, lore

    Peircing screams as master whips
    Humble cries from virgin lips
    Cloud of chaos, shattered peace
    Dust has settled, forever ceased​
  6. futureblind

    futureblind New Member

    Oct 17, 2012
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    maladaptive complacency
    binging unrealism
    perceived mystique
    doubting doubts
    doubting doubting doubts
    hedonistic isolation
    addictive pace changing
    nothing feels okay
    perpetual unfulfillment
    peace of mind
    foreign concept
    racing lazily
    internal screaming
    disillusioning reality
    delusional favoritism
    my lowest point ends on a high note
    overwhelmed by nothingness
    i am the pendulum
  7. Darkkin

    Darkkin Reflection of a nobody Contributor

    Jun 21, 2012
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    Following the footprints in the sand...
    Simple Confusion

    Skeletal, stately
    Branches reaching for the sky.
    Limed in dying light,
    Of the fading days.
    Stripped of life and colours,
    Their cloaks once so bright and gay.

    Howling down the bluffs,
    Chasing the river's course.
    There upon the windows a legend,
    Paints the first touches of winter's trace.
    Flowers of hoar frost blossom in the dark.
    Distorted by the pattern, peers a tiny face.

    Sleet, a heavy grey whisper against the roof.
    The frozen tears of a dying year, regrets...
    Unsaid, overlooked, but not forgotten.
    The story of countless mortal kin.
    Yet in the midst of this mournful fall...
    There is a small life hoping to begin.

    All other doors appear shut tight.
    Locked against the cold and the dark.
    But at one lone house from the door...
    There shines a muted golden light.
    A silhouette, small and thin steps out.
    An umbrella, coat, and boots...bundled up right.

    The wind, a feral symphony between the pines.
    Drives the sleet into the earth.
    Freezing, seeping, cloaking the vale in ice.
    Dreams of autumn gone, nothing but decay.
    Yet, this wayfarer small continues through storm.
    For she knows the secret of this type of day...

    Is it madness, simple confusion...
    Clouding this child's sight.
    Whirling and twirling in the twilight...
    A smile in the face of the dying year.
    Freedom from the judging eyes and saber tongues.
    The first snowflake of winter melts upon her check falling like a tear.
  8. Snyder80

    Snyder80 Member

    Oct 18, 2012
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    South Central Pennsylvania
    A Fatal Mistake

    A normal stop or so I thought
    A cooperative man, the disguise too well thought out.
    Politeness is ignored, I repeat simple commands.
    Agitated, his internal demons awaken,
    They come to life and his rage begins to glow.
    I radio for more help but he attacks me,
    Fighting back, I push him off and he races back to his car.
    I radio again, I need help now!
    He is still enraged, a different person now or not a person at all.
    I'm confused, lost in the process of decision making and uncertainty.
    He wrestles and struggles with something beneath his seat,
    While I continue to scream commands, I draw my gun.
    I call again, hesitating to point my weapon and shoot.
    He turns to me, weapon in hand and fear overtakes me.
    Frozen, confused and terrified, I fire a shot.
    Rifle shouldered he unleashes his buried rage of thirty years upon me,
    I try to duck, dodge, avoid, anything at all.
    Behind my car I reload, he's still firing and I'm frightened beyond belief.
    Standing up, I re-engage him but he's faster and more experienced.
    Bullets strike me like molten hatred ripping through my body,
    I scream and fall, the screaming continues, my breath falters and chokes.
    Laying there confused, shot and dying, he leans over me one more,
    I am consumed, gone.
  9. Selbbin

    Selbbin I hate you Contributor

    Oct 16, 2012
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    Flying Hippos and other such nonsense

    Hippos Hippos in the sky,
    No one knew that they could fly,
    But that do and they don't care,
    If little humans look and stare.

    Free they are to roam the skies,
    Flying next to apple pies,
    Sharing pleasant hippo hugs,
    What the hell was in these drugs?
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