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    Weekly Word-Match

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by PencilJockey, Nov 20, 2006.

    I get this weekly e-letter that always has 10 words and their descriptions mixed up. The goal is to match the correct definition with the correct word. If there's an interest I can cut and paste this information for all of us to practice our knowledge of word definitions. No looking up the answer before you try to match them.

    1. gauche A. Appetite, desire, stirring
    2. obtund B. Relieving anxiety
    3. religate C. Person who hates authority
    4. otosis D. To dull
    5. arcane E. Understood or known by only a few
    6. orexigenic F. Conflict
    7. misarchist G. To tie together
    8. noisome H. Noxious, harmful, unwholesome
    9. phrontifugic I. A hearing malfunction
    10. colluctation J. Lacking social polish

    If you want to get the newsletter emailed to you directly go to: www.gophercentral.com and pick the e-zine for Weekly Word Match. They also have a Word of the Day if you're interested.

    If you want me to continue posting this on a weekly basis, just respond and after a few responses I'll post the answers, or you can double check yourself - your choice.
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    Ouch, I don't know many. Arcane is E, only understood by a few. Misarchist is C, a person who hates authority. I think that otosis is I, a hearing malfunction. I know I should know religate, noisome and obtund, but I just can't remember them.

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